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Rapid Fire Questions 🔥 w/ the Cast of Younger | TV Land

Who was your first
celebrity crush? My first celebrity crush
was The Who. The whole band. It was a tie
between them and Barry Manilow. What does that say about me? My first celebrity crush was Maureen McCormick,
from The Brady Bunch. John Travolta. I wrote John Travolta fan mail
when I was eight, and I didn’t know
how to write J, so I wrote, “To Sohn Travolta.” JTT. Ricky Ricardo. Jason Priestly. Hmm. Lindsay Lohan.
Slash Ty Pennington. Oh my god, my favorite movie
growing up was The Birdcage. Young Frankenstein. Mighty Ducks 2. The original Disney Fantasia. My favorite movie growing up
was Revenge of the Nerds. I think because
I’m a total nerd, and I loved that the nerds win. Drop Dead Gorgeous. Basic Instinct. My favorite movie growing up,
I think was Mary Poppins. But it was in German,
so it was Mary Poppins. My favorite childhood TV show,
before I moved here, was Pippi Longstocking, and then after I moved here,
was Mighty Mouse. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I Love Lucy. Doug Funnie. Oh, The Muppet Show.
Muppet Show. I still love it. Full House. I love … well growing up
as a kid kid kid, I loved Sesame Street,
and Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. And then as I was getting older,
I grew up in the age where it was
Saturday morning cartoons, so it would have to be
The Smurfs, and Looney Tunes. I never owned a car
until I was in my 30s, but the first car
I was allowed to drive was a 1978 Volvo station wagon. That handles like a tank
from the ’40s. You’d turn a corner like
a bus driver, you were like, “All right, we’re moving.
I’m going around, guys.” And one day I had
to put it in reverse and the entire transmission
just fell out. It was not my fault, Dad, okay?
It was not my fault. I didn’t ever have a car.
I still don’t have a car, but I have a license,
I can drive. I think it was a Nissan Sentra. Oh, my first car
was a Volkswagen Rabbit. My first car was a Chevy Impala
Super Sport, 1961. A Range Rover. A Range Rover. My dad used to work for
Chevrolet, so it was a Chevy. I think it was a Cavalier,
I think it was gray. I drove my date to the prom
in junior year in it. My first kiss was in
the basement of a boy’s home, after we made up a dance
to Cold Hearted Snake. And now he’s married.
To a man. At Camp Longhorn
with Wyatt Remi. On a school bus. In the back of a theater. That’s how we say theater
in Chicago. Thee-ter. My first kiss was in Queens,
in Hollis, in the front of my house,
with my neighbor. Jimmy Winger.
I have a picture of it. It was probably
a friend’s backyard, probably playing
spin the bottle. Here’s the thing
about a first kiss. There’s a lot of first kisses.
There’s spin the bottle kiss, then there’s your first kiss
where you’re like, “I mean this,”
and then there’s your first kiss where you’re like,
“I’ve tingled.” I don’t mean peeing myself,
I mean felt good. And then there’s your first kiss
where you pee yourself. Which hasn’t happened yet,
something to look forward to! I had so many nicknames
growing up. My parents called me Henry. Hildebrand, because
that was a street near us. And Juicy. I had a nickname
when I got to high school. My coach would
call me Chuck. Chatter Box. Neeks. I always wanted a nickname,
but because my name is Sutton, it was already
unique enough. But I fought for it,
I always wanted a nickname. I guess the only thing, for a while people
woiuld call be Sutt Butt. My first serious job
was in a Subway commercial. Working at a auto body shop. Selling suits in a men’s store. Dental assistant. Scooping ice cream
at Ben & Jerry’s. I worked at a K-mart. I’m a weirdo because I was
working professionally when I was younger,
but I’d say my first job job was on a national tour
of the Will Rogers Follies, when I was 17.
As a dancer. Hometown is Las Vegas. Heidelberg. Houston, Texas. Glenview, Illinois. Dayton, Ohio.
New York. I don’t really have a hometown.
My dad, I guess because he worked for Chevrolet,
we moved around a lot. I was born in Georgia,
so if I say Georgia, it would be Augusta.
Or Martinez. But then I went to
high school in Michigan, so then I would say
Troy, Michigan, because that’s where
I graduated high school from? I’m sort of like
a Southern Midwesterner? Oh yeah.
Yes. I was always in detention. I don’t know. I was a very goody two shoes,
I don’t think I … maybe once? Maybe once for doing something
almost naughty. Did I ever get detention
in school? No. I almost got suspended, but that was because
I was late all the time. Still late all the time. Joke’s on them,
haven’t corrected my behavior. I don’t ever remember
getting detention. I was pretty goody-goody. I did get caught once,
my senior year, trying to sneak out
to go to lunch, but we didn’t get in trouble. I didn’t get detention,
I was a good kid. I feel like I kind of fooled
everyone in school. I was honor roll,
all As kind of student. But I mean,
I was fooling everyone. I had a laminated hall pass. I could just walk out
of class any time, and show my pass,
and be like, “Laminated.” Because I convinced them
to give me one. I was a con artist,
is what I was. So, yeah.
Don’t show this to my kids. Revisit? I think I would
like to revisit 30. I would revisit 11,
so that I could just have a little pep talk
with my teenager. Be like, “It’s cool, calm down, everything’s going to be great,
stop stressing. Stop caring what everybody
thinks about you.” I’d want to go nowhere
near middle school, but I suppose I’d want
to revisit high school. I had a lot of fun
in high school. I went to a really
special magnet high school. Which age would I want
to revisit? I like the age I am,
but if I could revisit an age, I’d like to revisit
those sort of moments in my life when my kids were first born, so I could see them
as little babies again, just for a little bit. Maybe three. To see the world with just
those eyes, would be incredible. That’s hard, man. I kind of don’t really
want to go backwards. I had a friend, he would ask
his mother different ages, if she would go back
to each decade, and she goes, “No, I already did that, I think
I learned what I needed to, and the next decade
was even better.” So I’m optimistic. I think my next decade’s
going to be better. Yes. I don’t know, but maybe forever,
but with breaks. Maybe you just get
a long break, and then you can
sort of touch down again and see how things are going, and then maybe take
another long break. So yes, but with breaks. If it was just me living
forever, I don’t think I would. But if everybody
could live forever, together, that would be fun. When I’m 70, I’ll be working.
And happy. When I’m 70,
I will be in my home, in Florence, Italy, and you should
all come visit me, and we’ll have Chianti
and I’ll cook for you. At 70 I will be … Levitating. Having the best time. Working, and maybe teaching? 70. That’s your answer?


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