Rammstein – Mein Land (Official Making Of)
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Rammstein – Mein Land (Official Making Of)

We’re recording a video of one of
the extra songs on the “Best Of” disc as we and the director are already here,
here’s where we’ll do it. It was practically an act of fate. He lives here and
we just happen to be here. As we’ve got time between Vegas
and Mexico City, we’ll shoot it here because we always wanted to do
a beach video, it’s all just perfect. We always dreamt of doing a video
on the beach with a bunch of girls. Just like the rappers.
Now I know why they do it. Because it’s more fun doing it. We wanted to do
the video in ’50s style. Back then,
the colors weren’t so gaudy and bright as they are now.
In some cases, the colors are pastel But it’s nice this bright. When you try to create something
on film from another era you notice … and you even feel,
how it must have been, when you dance on the beach happily
and everyone wears so many cute things. People were probably different
to each other back then. Olli, move your ass! It’s the perfect situation. In the fresh air, looking at the sea. A load of pretty people, the director is good,
the making-of team is super. That makes it all 100% here! With the girls, it’s like back at school,
when you had sport with the girls. It makes an embarrassing situation
even more embarrassing. It was worse working out on the bars
when the girls were watching you. They’re good, very good! I would have preferred shooting
separately: we ours and the girls theirs. We’re doing the video in a style,
that is quite pretentious. TV productions back then
were like that … larger than life. Everyone smiling
to the camera the whole time, really happy people
having a good time together And that’s what makes a video
so much fun. I’m sure every band
dreams of doing that. A beach video with 40 girls.
Everyone’s happy, dancing and having a ball. Actually, that’s not really us,
but in the meantime we enjoy stuff like this. We were sprayed in paint
the whole day, to look like we had a California tan. The sun couldn’t get
to my gentle skin, my pallid Berlin complexion,
so nothing happened. But I think I did get sunstroke – I’m not sure quite yet though. I’ll never forget this day!
The best video shoot that I’ve ever had. We grew up with stuff like this,
like Hasselhoff’s “Baywatch”. This image is reflected here. The intense, luminous colors… I’m not quite sure about the lifestyle.
the pop culture maybe. It feels like 500 people are working
on a 3-minute video. A lot of fun. Incredible! Our Hollywood film was never released
because of some hitch with the rights. Same amount of people then too.
You even had someone to hold your towel. Of course.
It breaks up our image somewhat, but we’ve done that in many
of our videos, especially with Jonas. Just think of “Pussy” or
“Mann gegen Mann”, for example. It gives it a kind of level,
that I personally find really good. What I really like with him is that
you don’t have to worry about anything. Everything works well,
it is well organized and very expensive. I think they have
some kind of curfew here. This means, for those
who can’t speak English, that there are time limits,
how long the parking lot is rented. we have to leave by 3, otherwise the police will chase us off
with truncheons. We trust in him totally. No one else could have
stuck us in Hawaii shirts and these ugly bathing trunks. We’d have blocked anyone else and told them it’s too goofy,
too nice and too stupid. We trust him.
He knows how to package it. It was hilarious.
The funniest video shoot ever. We were always so serious
and a bit martial, this industrial-gothic-stuff. This is a totally different number, in Hawaii outfits and surfer stuff I’ve never done anything like that.
With dance routines, and funny performances,
smiling all the time. It’s not my thing! But I think it’ll be good.
He knows how to do it. I don’t need to see
a treatment from Jonas. It’s ok with me when
he says he’ll do the video. For me, he’s a guarantee
that the video will be cool. I like him. He is fun to be with,
a nice guy and Swedish. It’s fun doing it. We definitely have 100% faith in him. With Jonas, he has an idea and
formulates it for us in one sentence and we hardly ever know
what he means. But we trust him
and arrive at the set, knowing that it’s all
going to work again. It’s hard to make a video with lyrics
like “Mein Land”, because you always think about
something political, flags and stuff. If you transfer the lyrics one to one,
it’s really boring. Which is why
we tried to do a video, that has a new level. This surfing stuff is fun
and somehow liberating … as opposed to the lyrics and
makes everything more interesting. We are aware that
the lyrics are provocative. We spent a lot of time
discussing the lyrics. We wanted to have the number
on our last album And there were continuous discussions,
whether it could be misunderstood or not, because it’s open
to misinterpretation. That was a different train of thought
and just now, it has developed into what it now is. I’m not sure about the original idea.
It was a development process. Over five or six years,
it was constantly on ice, and we kept taking it out
of the drawer. In fact, he has actually returned to
the place where Till wrote the lyrics He wrote the lyrics
because he once surfed here and presumably had problems
with the local top dogs. Till writes the lyrics
and we go through them together, whether we identify with them,
which I think is good. Then this mood:
“Where are you going to?” evolves. I get these images in my head,
like some eternal wanderer. I think that’s a good picture. I think that people will confront it
and deal with it and have their own thoughts
about it. How it will be accepted,
we can never tell beforehand. It’s primarily our language,
which is supposed… to get people to think. I see it abstractly: A guy without a passport.
I’m sure it’s feasible. And he lands on earth,
maybe he could be an alien, someone who has lost his passport
or wants to enter a new country. Whatever, he has no passport
and tries to enter our world … and no one lets him in. He tries every country and they all say:
“This is my land.” It’s what the song is saying. Sure, when Rammstein
sings “My Country”, everyone thinks it’s about Germany because all Germans think
it’s about Germany and foreigners are not allowed in. People make up their own minds,
how they see it. We decided to choose
the first version. Over the course of the years,
we noticed, it depends upon how
you sing something or who says what. When we sing “saucy fruit”, people tend
to perceive something negative. But with “saucy fruit” …
it’s how you say it. When we sing “My Country”,
some people think it’s too much we can live with that,
as we like trouble. Jonas’s idea was, we start out friendly
in the day and then, end up not quite as friendly at night. Now we have to play again and
the party is meant to end in excesses. Every record is a special phase for us.
A new door opens. We go through a lot of different
emotions in our band. I believe that every record we do
has a special value for us. It’s the same with every album. And at the moment,
the mood is really good. And now,
we’re all really happy somehow. Fingers crossed. A “Best Of” always signifies
a break, a phase, where we feel,
it’s the right time for it. Especially
after such a long live phase, we usually take a longer break again, in order to recuperate and allow new ideas to develop. We’ve made 6 studio albums
and have been together for a long time and the songs are all
from very different decades. I’m quite looking forward to it. I think it’s going to be good.
And pretty comprehensive. I hope people don’t think we’re
breaking up because of this “Best Of”. Breaking up? Sure, we’re breaking up. This should have been released
2 or 3 years ago, we’ve only managed
to delay it somewhat, because … I’m sure that the fans always think
you’re breaking up, or you want to cheat them
or something. It’s simply just
a potpourri of good songs, which is nice to have on one disc. I like it. We did the same thing
with the videos. Right. At one time or another
you release a “Best Of” and this was in planning
for a few years and signed for in a contract too. We just kept on delaying it, because we weren’t
really terribly interested. But now the moment arrived,
in which we said: Now is the right time. We enjoy playing live
and want to change the show a little. A “Best Of” fits in well. And this is the first single:
“Mein Land”. We will definitely
go on a “Best Of” tour and naturally, we’ll accept good offers,
until we’ve had enough and then probably end up
in the studio again. Then, practically we will only play
the band’s best numbers and many of them
include certain show effects. And some we haven’t performed
for some time, which we will reactivate,
so to speak. We’ll just open our box of tricks:
old effects, old songs. And we have to assemble everything well. Plus a new stage, a new stage outfit. And play a best of “Best Of”, so to speak. Then use the old effects:
the burning coat and “Bück dich” and fountains and slippers,
stuff like that. I think the fans will be in
for a really fantastic tour! We’ll start in Europe
in November or December. Then we take a break some
time around Christmas and go back on tour
for February and March, also Europe. After a small break,
we’ll be back in America. We played here in halls ten years ago, with major bands like Limp Bizkit,
Ice Cube and System Of A Down, but now we’ll do
the same venues on our own. I’m looking forward to it. Or when the guys from Tool say: Your concert was cool yesterday! We’re pleased to hear that of course,
when we play a packed show and giant arenas are sold out. That is … a real highlight in our careers,
for all of us. One can say, we’ve reached
an identical level around the world. It’s unbelievable when
we consider that we can still add things to our career. At last, or oddly enough,
we now have the success in America, that most people in Germany
think we have always had. The Americans just go crazy. They are so enthralled. Then there’s the shuttle chauffeur,
an old guy: He says, I’ve been doing this
for 20 years. I’ve even driven
Jimi Hendrix to a concert, but I’ve never seen anything like this! Of course, we try
to keep both feet on the ground. Apparently, it’s not so common here,
doing stuff with fire. In Germany, fans think:
nice, cool, I really like it a lot. But the guys here
just totally freak out. You would think that they’ve seen
everything here, show-wise. But they haven’t. We’ve written a piece of German
music history here in America. And we can certainly
be quite proud of that. In fact, we’re really happy about it. We play all over the world. And we’re always sold out.
We really enjoy it. I don’t know
how we couldn’t enjoy that. I know nothing better.
I’m sure the other guys feel the same. I have often thought: Rammstein?
We’ve achieved everything here. We come from Germany’s east. As kids, we grew up
behind the communist wall. But we never imagined
that our country would disappear. Even when we became musicians,
we never expected, that we would be able to play
anywhere other than in our villages. Then the wall came down
and we founded this band and have achieved
so much success with it. And we often reached a point
where I said: That’s about it. We won’t be able to achieve any more.
But it just continued. Many of the guys in the band said:
What we have achieved is enough. And then it just carried on. I think, you don’t have to clip
the possibilities in your mind, but just say:
Yes, it just keeps on keeping on!

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