Qualities to Look for in a Realtor FOR YOUR BEST RESULT!
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Qualities to Look for in a Realtor FOR YOUR BEST RESULT!

So is it time for you to find a realtor to
help you buy or sell your home, but you don’t really know what qualities to look for? In this video I share 5 essential attributes
to look for in a qualified agent. Stay tuned to the end of the video for your
free gift, which outlines these qualities in more detail. Hi, I’m Mary Anglin with United Real Estate
Los Angeles. And by the end of this video you’ll be more
confident to begin your search for the best realtor for you. I publish new videos every Thursday, so be
sure to subscribe and hit the bell to be notified when my new videos are released. Not all real estate professionals are the
same. And it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the options
and information about working with real estate professionals to buy or sell your home. To help you understand what makes top agents
and market experts stand apart from the competition, following are five key attributes of an amazing
agent: Number one is A Pricing Specialist Whether buying or selling a home, pricing
can be tricky. Market experts can help navigate best-possible
pricing scenarios, and also secure the home you want within your budget. For sellers, market experts have experience
pricing homes optimally for the market and creating price plans to minimize the time
spent selling your home. This will help you sell for your desired price
and avoid costs such as additional mortgage or utility payments. For buyers, amazing agents have a strong understanding
of market trends, competition, and how to make your offer attractive to sellers. They can help you identify and secure a deal
to ensure you get the home you want, within your desired budget. Number two You need An Effective Time Manager It’s common to underestimate the amount
of time it takes to buy or sell your home. Even a well-intentioned agent may not have
the skills, tools or technology to make the experience easy for you. Market experts have tools and strategies at
their disposal to minimize the amount of time you spend on the process. For sellers, market experts can make sure
you only deal with qualified buyers, not the “window shoppers” who can waste your time. We also utilize the latest marketing practices
to advertise and price your home effectively, ensuring it gets sold quickly. When looking to buy a home, inexperienced
agents may waste your time by showing you homes that are not a good fit for you. A market expert knows how to prioritize your
needs and wants to find you the ideal home within your budget. They also know how to spot “red flags”
and can steer you away from homes that are likely to turn up major issues in a real estate
inspection, saving you time and money. If you’d love to save time during the home sale process, comment “time” below! The third quality to look for is a Market Insider While most agents can pull market stats about
a neighborhood, community or city, they may not actually understand important trends or developments that would affect your transaction. Getting relevant and specific market knowledge can be difficult and time consuming, which is why many real estate agents can’t answer your local questions. Market experts live and breathe local real
estate and know the trigger points for buying and selling in this market. We also stay current on effective marketing
and negotiation practices, resulting in our track record of success. For sellers, we understand what features of
your home and neighborhood are assets in the selling process. And for buyers, we share a deep understanding
of market factors, including school and neighborhood quality, crime statistics, speed of sales
and more. The fourth quality to look for is a Strong Negotiator Amazing agents truly set themselves apart
in their ability to negotiate. Real estate negotiations take skill, experience
and a knowledge of how to fight for your client’s best interests. While any agent can enter negotiations to
buy or sell a home, experienced Realtors understand what to do before entering negotiations, as well as during the process in order to set up the best outcome. Many agents get stressed during the negotiation process, and may agree to terms that are not of the best benefit to their clients. Working with a market expert will help ensure that
you get the best deal on your terms, not just the fastest deal. The fifth quality to look for is An Effective Closer Closing a deal fast is often a good thing. For buyers, it means you found the home you
wanted quickly. For sellers, it often means you can avoid
the added expenses of mortgage and utility payments, and maximize the value of your home sale. However, an agent who is solely focused on speed can make decisions that aren’t in your best interests. Just like negotiations, the paperwork and
process of closing a real estate transaction are complicated. And they can be overwhelming for the average
or complacent agent. Sales contracts, property disclosures, occupancy
agreements and even such things as lead paint records need to be executed with precision. Your agent not only needs to be familiar with
these, but also to stay current on any changes in requirements or regulations. Market experts have a strong understanding
of real estate contracts, timelines, clauses and contingencies within the closing process. In fact, avoiding pitfalls during the closing
process is where many sellers find an experienced Realtor is a huge asset. Look for my next video in which I’ll share
questions to ask to determine the quality of agents as you’re interviewing them. So now that you know the 5 essential attributes to look for in a qualified agent, click on the link in the description box to access my FREE Amazing Agent Report. If You’re In The San Gabriel Valley Or The Inland Empire And Are In Need Of A Realtor, I’m Right Here In West Covina. Just give me a buzz. I look forward to connecting with you. If You Enjoyed This Video And Found It Helpful, please give it a Thumbs Up, and make Sure You Subscribe So You Don’t Miss My Upcoming Videos. And I’ll see you on the next video.


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