Q&A with Mike and Hannah | Remodelers, Real Estate Agents and Delta® How-To Experts
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Q&A with Mike and Hannah | Remodelers, Real Estate Agents and Delta® How-To Experts

Ready? I’m Mike and I’m Hannah! [MIKE] How we got our experience
in DIY and remodeling really came from a bunch
of different sources. I grew up, kind of, in the construction industry. My dad had worked in it for
thirty years. We started doing some home improvement projects
that kind of started small and grew bigger and bigger over time. [HANNAH] Yeah, you learn a ton just by experience and then there’s a vast amount of resources out there and every day we learn new stuff, we’ll always be learning. [MIKE] Hannah and I are both
REALTORS®, and this has been great because we get to buy and sell our own homes and
we get to stay involved in every step of the process. [HANNAH] When we make decisions about the houses that we remodel, the number one thing that we’re thinking about is
the family that’s gonna live here, and that’s why it’s so important to us
that we do quality work and that we choose quality products. We’ve used Delta® products
for years and years, actually, years before we ever had a personal
relationship with the brand. And we use them because they’re high quality, they’re well-made and they offer
tons of styles and finishes that match whatever
project we’re working on. [MIKE] So on a scale of 1-10 of difficulty, I would say installing a new faucet
is probably around a 3 but uninstalling an old one could be up to a 7. I think anybody with the basic knowledge of some
tools, how to use a screwdriver and can follow along with some instructions or an installation video, you know should be able to install it pretty easy. [HANNAH] Got it. [MIKE] I think something we found to
NOT be true in remodels, that most people assume is
true is that it’s easy. I think, uh, you know you see or watch television and a lot of
these shows, they kind of fly through a lot of steps and it seems like, “oh, they’re
having a great time, it’s no problem at all!” But everything tends to take a lot
longer than you expect. [HANNAH] If you’re thinking about a home remodel you should add on
to your budget, 25% because you’re gonna want to change things,
things will pop up and I don’t think a lot of people actually realize that. The best piece of advice that I have for somebody who’s considering a home
remodel, is to know your contractor and know them well! Make sure you’re
comfortable asking questions and that there’s a free exchange of information
between the two of you. [MIKE] and to build off that point a little bit more, also, I would tell people to anticipate these little hiccups that are gonna arise.
I mean, there’s no way to avoid them, so just kind of going in with the mindset
that you’re gonna come up and be prepared for them,
makes things go a little bit smoother— just so you’re not caught by surprise. [HANNAH] So our favorite room in a home to remodel is the kitchen, [MIKE] and I would say a close runner-up to the kitchen, for me at least, is the master bathroom. You know it’s gonna get used a lot, so again, we try to think through the form
and function of that room and how it’s all going to come together in
the finished home. We’ve both kind of realized what our
strengths and weaknesses are, and so, we see what we want to accomplish for the day or whatever project we’re working on and we’ll be both working in that same
direction, but might be doing slightly different things within
that same project. [HANNAH] Yeah, we try to be as efficient as possible.

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