• piten larsson

    A introduction for some basic formulas would be appreciated, like V= F x Wavelength or maybe G =10 x lg(I/(E-12) aka decibel formula, (I=P/4πr^3)

  • Pedro Fischer

    Mr. Andersen, you deserve more views & subscribers !! I've been watching you for about three months, your videos are great. I'll do my best to spread your channel.

  • Kenneth Katona

    A wave is like a signal. Waves can change direction. They can have great volume and power. In order to create a wave, a disturbance needs to be created. We can change the disturbance to motion. Now motion can be used to cause an effect that will then change an outcome. I am studying telekinesis and trying to use its functionality to acquire certain things that will benefit me. What one must realize when doing this, is that when waves bounce back off a particle, it can cause a reverse reaction.

  • Nate Fanning

    Hi Paul, I want to point out a small correction you could make. At 1:45 you stated that a "low-density gas" would allow your voice to produce a low frequency wave, making a lower pitched sound. That is incorrect, as helium is an example of a low density gas, and is what allows our voice to make a higher pitched sound since it is unable to slow down the vibrations from our voice like air does. A high density gas, or medium, produces a lower frequency and lower pitched sound. Using sulfur hexaflouride instead of helium would work well to get a really low pitched sound!

  • Random Dudette

    Thank you for your hard work. I can't believe that only a few people are interested in these things, I feel like the next generations is going to fall real bad.

  • chris lomas

    You need to get into PDE (Pulse Detonating Engines) or Pulse Jet Engines.I just want to fully know how my RC PJ engine works so I can design a better one.Waves have so many New uses still to be invented.

  • Jarrod C

    How do you explain a surfer on a wave that is traveling forward because of the wave? Why do Tsunamis carry water onshore? I have a hard time visualizing how waves do not move the medium in the direction of the propagating sound or light.

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