Property Management Redding CA- (530) 229-1800 – Rentals in Redding CA
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Property Management Redding CA- (530) 229-1800 – Rentals in Redding CA

Hubbub Properties has been doing property
management here in Redding, California since 2003. Whether you’re an owner who’s looking
for property management or a tenant looking for a new rental in Redding, California, we’d
love to have your business. We’re able to offer the personalized service
that a lot of the bigger companies aren’t going to be able to give you. When you call
our office, we know what’s going on with your property. We know your tenants. We know
the issues that are happening. We can answer those questions for you right away.
The other thing is that while we’re not the biggest company we still have all of the
modern software where tenants can apply online. They can pay their rent online. We can pay
you as an owner online and it’s a streamlined thing so that we’re attracting all those
good tenants; and, we’re advertising all the same places that a bigger, larger property
management company would be but the service you’d get here is going to be so much more.
It’s a very different feel. So if you’re looking for a property manager or a new rental?
Give our office a call, the number is 530-229-1800. Or if you’re more comfortable you can hop
online and visit our website, it’s We have all of our vacancies listed there
and you can apply online there as well. We would love to hear from you. We really
want to help you find a house and somewhere to live!


  • Timothy Packard

    By far, the best property management company in the Redding, CA area. Whether you need someone to manage your income property or are looking for rental, give them a call. You'll be glad you did.

  • Done Local Video Marketing

    Are you looking for a property management company to manage your rental properties 👍Then contact Hubbub properties 😊

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