Property Investment – 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing In Real Estate | Education
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Property Investment – 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing In Real Estate | Education

Hello, in this video, I’ll give you 5 reasons
why you should consider investing in property. Hi, I’m Andy Walker from,
where I blog online about my journey as a property investor and landlord, sharing what
works for me and what doesn’t, to help you start or expand your property portfolio. Ok, so let’s look at 5 main reasons why
people start to get actively involved with property investing, and why you should too. Number 1 Secure Your Financial Future or Even Your
Financial Freedom I would say this is the main reason why people
start to actively look at property investing. It’s not the only asset class but it’s
one of many methods to help provide a nest egg for the future. It’s no secret that taxes are rising and
state pensions are shrinking and the qualifying age to claim those pensions are on the up,
because people are living longer. And private pensions are not much better either.
And your financial future is way to important to be left with an investment banker or a
politician. That said, property is not a get rich quick
scheme, and it should always be considered as a long term investment, in my opinion. It requires some planning and some due diligence,
but it’s something that anyone can do, at any age, provided their over 18. Some people have also achieved financial freedom
through the passive income their properties generate. And that doesn’t mean that they drive fancy
cars and own luxurious homes, but it means that their passive income has exceeded the
amount of money they need to pay their bills and enjoy life. Number 2 Your Providing A Home For Someone. You are providing people with a basic need,
shelter. The private rented sector is needed, and that’s a fact. And landlords are providing decent and secure
accommodation for families and single people. If your a good landlord and fair, then you
should be proud of what you are doing. Just like business owner can be proud when
they provide people with jobs and a product or service. And property is a business! If you don’t run
it well, you won’t have many customers, that’s for sure. Number 3 Make Your Money Work You can get a far better return if you put
your cash in to bricks and mortar than you can with the high street banks.
And this mainly due to leverage which is a whole other topic and one that I will cover
in another video. Number 4 Education and Personal Development You will be surprised what you’ll learn
and it can change your whole look on life for the better. When I started to actively invest, my learning
shot through the roof. Not only will you learn the basic principles of running a business,
but you’ll be in a position where you’ll meet interesting people, successful people
that take calculated risks and have positive energy and are very generous with sharing
their knowledge. Property investing can be daunting when you
first start out, but with some education and by taking the time to connect with the right
people, you will soon discover that it’s easy to get support along the way. and Number 5! I’ve saved the best till last… Leaving A Legacy And this is what really motivates me! Because
everything I’m working on today and in the future, will eventually be handed over to
my children. I’ll need to educate them when they grow
up, so that they can maintain the properties, but that’s part of the fun. and they’ll also have the option to expand
the portfolio if they want to. I worked for 22 years in my previous career.
It was challenging, rewarding, exciting, it had it’s frustrations like any other job,
and I climbed the ranks. But I can’t hand that rank down to my children.
I can’t even hand my pension down to them, because it will go when I go. but everything I am working towards now, my
children will inherit. And there you have it. So which reason is
most likely to get you actively involved with property investing? Or if you’ve already started, what reason
is gonna make you consider expanding your portfolio? Please leave a comment in the box below, or
head over to Thank you for watching this video to the end.
Please remember to subscribe if you haven’t already done so. Keep up the good work, and
I’ll see you in the next one.


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