Property Finder App – Swipe Move : The Tinder for Property

So then, I’ve been searching for an easy app to help me look for houses to buy and rent in the UK and by the time it takes me to bang on an espresso I can download Swipe Move to my mobile phone. The great thing about the Swipe Move App is the really cool way you can save and also discard discard houses and properties that you don’t like. The great thing for me is that I can easily find the properties I’m looking
for using the search function and then I can look through the photos and
descriptions and the floorplans of each property property and then with the simple swipe
to the right if I like or swipe to the left if I don’t like I can save them in
my database so have a look at them later on also if you’re looking to sell or
rent a property it’s easy to input that property’s details into the app on the
go and that will appear on the Swipe Move site. How about we have a quick look for a rented
property in London We pop in the city, the number of bedrooms we want; a minimum of one and a maximum of 2 because I don’t
want to have any kids yet. Click on the search button and bam we’ve got loads of properties and then any
ones I think are particularly like I just swipe right and that will be saved in my
properties so I can look at them later on. As you can see I can look through all the photos
and floorplans and I can even have a look on the map as well at the local area
to see if it’s near any train stations that I might use or how far it is from the job I might be doing. Right I’ve got to go out now. You’ve seen how easy it is to use. I’ve found the property I like All I’ve to do is swipe to the bottom where I can find
the contact details for the agent or the person that is renting it out. Remember guys… Swipe Move, Swipe Time, Swipe Place

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