Project Tour A Chic and Badass Realtor’s Office
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Project Tour A Chic and Badass Realtor’s Office

Good to go! Hey everyone, Lesley Myrick here. I’m an interior stylist and owner of Lesley
Myrick Art + Design where we create interiors with an offbeat edge. So at Lesley Myrick Art + Design we mainly
do residential design projects. I love doing people’s houses. It’s been my goal since I was five years old
to “make people’s houses pretty.” But every once in a while a commercial project
comes our way and they’re usually so much fun there’s no way I can say no. We recently wrapped a project with a Realtor’s
office here in Waco, Texas, and I want to walk you through the whole design from start
to finish. So you can see the space was a pretty big
corporate snooze-fest. Bad ceilings, ugly carpet – the saving grace was the phenomenal walls of windows that this office had. This Realtor loves turquoise, and white, and
feminine, and brass, and just this fresh, pretty vibe and it was so much fun to get
to translate her wishes into this space. So, here’s a look at the Pinterest board where
we started pulling together our ideas and selections And here’s the moodboard to give you an idea
of how all those pieces were going to work together in the space. Doing these moodboards is one of my favorite
things for clients because it really starts to give them a sense of proportion. How colors are going to fit together; the
scale of furniture pieces; how all these sort of random items are actually going to flow
in a room. And what I love the most is seeing the moodboard
and then – aaah! The final space. Even though this is what I do, it is still
so cool to me to see when my vision comes to life and looks how I planned it. I think this office is so chic, and if I were
a client of hers I would be so impressed working in this Realtor’s office. It’s fresh, it’s pretty, it’s professional,
it’s sleek, it shows she has style and pizzazz – and that’s exactly what we were going for. Plus – there’s a bar. You can’t argue with having a bar in an office. This is just one of many design projects that
we’ve been working on. I love what I do and I’d love to do it for
you too. If you’ve been needing an expert eye to guide
you through a design project or if you’re just feeling stuck, I would love to talk to
you. You can book your complimentary Design Discovery
Call on my website at, where we’ll get to know each other and start the
process of making something awesome together.

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