Professional iPhone Videos For Realtors
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Professional iPhone Videos For Realtors

– Dude, am I excited to see you. Today I’m gonna show you
how to make your videos look way more pro using nothing
more than your iPhone. (upbeat house music) If this is your first time
here my name is Trevor Jones. I’m the guy that left Hollywood to become a full-time real estate agent. On this channel I teach real estate agents to create better videos so
they can sell more houses. Oh, before I forget, right down there there’s a subscribe button to
make sure you don’t miss out on future videos, so you can
make your videos suck less, go ahead and hit that subscribe button. The other day I was talking
to my friend, Shannon Moore. And she was like, Trevor, your videos are a little bit intimidating,
people see your videos, and they think I could never do that. Well, I wanted to make this video today to give you some hope. One of the first questions
other real estate agents ask him when they first see my videos is, Trevor, what camera do you use? Here’s the thing, your
camera doesn’t matter. Current phones, the iPhone,
Google Pixel, Androids, they all have incredible built-in cameras. You can make very
professional-looking videos using nothing more than your phone. And the thing that matters even more than how you look on
camera, the presentation, is what you actually say in your content. I’ve got a video about that right here. And I’ll have more videos
talking about the things you can say in your videos
to make them more engaging. But today we’re gonna talk about how to make your videos look
better using the iPhone, or whatever phone you already have. Tip number one, comb your hair man. I mean, it seems kind of
obvious probably to most of you. But some people will jump on camera, and they won’t jump in the mirror first, and make sure that, like,
ear hairs, nose hairs. You want to wear clothing that’s appropriate for your market. Don’t wear, like, a Van Halen
shirt that’s all wrinkled that you just pulled
out of your sock drawer. ♪ Panama ♪ Just take a few minutes to look in the mirror to make sure you look good. Number two, clean up the background guys. I mean, you throw the camera on. And then you’ve got laundry, and papers, and dishes in the background. I’ve got my actual desk
where I work right there. And here I’ve just got a little
desk for recording stuff. So, I’ve taken the time to
make a little shoot space. You don’t have to do that, you can just make sure your office is picked up. By the way, if you’re interested in making a permanent shoot space
to make it way easier to make your videos I’ve got
a video about that right here. My wife helped me make this little setup. Super simple, doesn’t have
to cost anything at all. You can use the stuff in your house. And it’s going to make a huge difference. But whatever you do just make sure you clean up the background beforehand. Tip number three, I’ve said this many times before, but marginal video can be forgiven, bad
audio is unforgivable. If they can’t understand
you they’re gonna click off. There are several things you
can do to create better audio that don’t cost you anything at all. The first thing is you want to shoot in a room that has good acoustics. I don’t mean a professional sound studio. I just mean don’t shoot in the bathroom. I’m sure your bathroom
is a beautiful place. But for audio it’s just
not great man, don’t do it. Don’t shoot in the kitchen, don’t shoot in a place that has lots of hard surfaces. You want to be in a room that
has, you know, carpet, drapes, furniture, so that the sound
is absorbed and isn’t echoey. The next thing with audio is you want to be in a quiet space. Turn off the fan, close
the door, close the window. Give the dogs to your kids,
and maybe leave them there. (dogs barking) You also want to project your
voice, use your outside voice. Be just a little bit louder than you think you need to be when you’re on camera. And my final tip for better free audio is get close to the mic. Like, right now, okay,
I’m not using my iPhone to shoot this yet, we’ll
do that in a second. But right now I’ve got a mic that’s probably 10 inches away from my mouth. And that’s why the audio sounds good. This is what it sounds like
when you record across the room. Not really good, can you hear me? The mic on your iPhone, whatever phone you have is really not bad at all, as long as you’re close to the mic. In fact, you want to be,
probably, no farther than about this from your phone
when you’re recording. Because then it’s gonna sound pretty good if you follow the other tips
that I told you about earlier. My fourth tip is about framing. Again, this might seem
obvious to some of you, but apparently it’s not
obvious because most of the videos I see realtors put out, and most everybody put out,
are not framed properly. We can talk, you know,
a lot about what goes into making it artistic or whatever. But just very simple, you
want to get your head close to the top of the frame,
like I am right here, so you’re filling the frame with yourself. You want to be either centered,
or it’s also acceptable, and a little more artistic, and more fun to be off to one side like I am here, as long as there’s
something offsetting you on the other side so
it feels more balanced. But most importantly you want to get your head toward the top of the frame. Because, here, I see this a lot. Hey, this must be right
because my face is right in the middle of the frame,
how stupid does this look? I can see this, I literally
had a video sent to me once, and their head was like in the bottom of the frame like they’re falling out. I mean, that’s fine if you’re trying to be funny, but just fill the frame. One of the most important
things in creating beautiful professional-looking
video is lighting. Yeah, right now I’ve got a couple of LED lights to make it simple for me. These are actually really inexpensive. I’ve got a link down here if you’re interested in seeing the lights I use. One big mistake people make
is this, hold on one sec. This is the mistake, I mean,
right now this isn’t bad. We’re in a set, and
everything’s framed right, so it doesn’t look as bad as normal. But often I’ll see people
just use the overhead lights, and generally they look terrible. In this case, it’s not
too bad, but usually when you use the overhead
lights it looks awful. Don’t use the overhead lights. I’m gonna show you what looks
way better than even this. What could possibly look better
than a couple of LED lights? How about (snaps fingers) window light? Right now I’m just sitting
in front of my window. This is the most beautiful light you can find on the planet,
and it’s totally free. The only catch is your
background has to be what’s, you know, right in front of the window, which reminds me this is not right. What did I say, this stuff’s got to be picked up, clean, nice. It’s messy back there, let’s
rectify that. (snaps fingers) There, that looks a lot better, right? So far I have been
shooting this video using my bigger camera, and
a nice mic, and lights. But I want to show you how to make this look good with an iPhone, so the rest of this video’s gonna
be shot with the iPhone. Before we do that there is one thing that you need to buy, and that’s it. You need to buy, if you don’t have one already, a little tripod like this. This one doesn’t matter they’re
all the same, like 10 bucks. Link for this particular one down below. (garage door humming) This is the disadvantage to having your office right above the garage. The one thing you should do pretty much every time you shoot with
your iPhone to make it look more professional is lock
the exposure and focus. The way you do that,
you frame your subject, which isn’t framed very well
here, but for our purposes. And you press and hold
on the subject until that little box there shows
up, which says AE/AF lock. That’s autoexposure autofocus lock. Now, with the exposure
and the focus locked, the color, the lighting, the exposure, the focus isn’t going to
be drifting when you shoot. And this is me using nothing
more than the iPhone X. It’s not even the most recent iPhone. It looks pretty decent, right? I’m using beautiful window lighting. I’m speaking clearly, so the
mic is picking up the sound. I’m using the front-facing camera. That’s not even the HD back camera, it’s just the front camera, which is 720p. My background is clean, my framing is good, so it looks pretty dialed in. If your videos looked and sounded exactly like this iPhone video completely untweaked
you’re gonna stand out. And, sure, this iPhone video
doesn’t look quite as good and doesn’t sound quite as great as the other video with my other gear. But it’s pretty dang close
and didn’t cost me anything, other than the price of this phone. Oh, one final tip, a lot of people do this when they’re recording their videos. They stare at themselves in that camera. And it’s like, oh,
you’re not talking to me. Make sure you figure out where the camera is on your phone, and look
at the camera instead. It’s gonna make a big difference. The most important thing
is that you just start. As soon as you’re done watching
this video make a video. Start now, the most important
thing is consistency. I have a video about just
getting started right here. It might be right here because this is flipped around, I don’t know. But I’ve got a video
about just getting started you might want to check out as well. But just start, and go
create something awesome. (rhythmic hip-hop music)


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