Princess Sleepover GOES WRONG! 🏰 Kiddyzuzaa Land: Episode 1 🏰 Midnight Feast, Scary Stories & More
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Princess Sleepover GOES WRONG! 🏰 Kiddyzuzaa Land: Episode 1 🏰 Midnight Feast, Scary Stories & More

(bells tinkling) – [Child] Kiddyzuzaa. (dynamic music) – They should be here any second. Now. – Olivia! – Huh? – Oh, Esme, you’re late. – Sorry (lips smacking). I was just adding the finishing touches to our midnight feast. – You mean you were
eating our midnight feast. – A good chef always tastes
what they cook, Olivia. – (sighs) Well, where are the others? Uh! – (sighs) Sorry I’m late, Olivia. My jet pack broke down and I had to wait for Cloudside Assistance. You know how it is. – Since when did you have a jet pack? – Oh, I just picked it up this morning! Still needs a bit of work. – Well, at least you’re here now. That just leaves Isabella. She’s not very good at
travelling by herself. I hope she’s all right. – Uh, uh, uh! Come on, Isabella. You can do this. Three, two, one. Oh, whew!
(celebratory music) – [Olivia] Ah hum. – What? These are brand new shoes. – Right, now we’re all here, the sleepover can finally commence. – Yay!
– All right! – Item number one on the
agenda, pillow fight. – Okay, but first, let’s
lay down the ground rules. No, uh! (upbeat music) – Game on, princesses. (all gulp) – Ah, ha, ha, ha! – Oh. – Oh. – Oh. – Ha ha, this palace ain’t
big enough for the four of us. (dynamic music) – Right. Item number two, midnight feast. Wow, you really didn’t eat
all the midnight feast, Esme. – Oh no, this pile was
at least twice the size before I had my snack. – Well, I can’t wait to dig in. (Esme crunching) – (belching) Oops, still hungry, I guess. – Huh, right. Item number three, ghost stories. – Ooo!
(scary music) Ooo! (giggles) – [Olivia] Uh hum. – Huh, sorry. – Right Isabella, you go first. – Me? Um, okay, this is the story of the, um, muffins. – Muffin? – Muffin. – Uh, monster, yes, that’s
right the Muffin Monster. Once upon a time there
was a Muffin Monster and it ate everyone. The end. – Well, that wasn’t very good. – (sighs) Let’s just go to bed. (ominous music) – Muffin Monster, eh? Hmm, this gives me an idea. (laughs evilly)
(thunder cracking) – [Monster] Muffins. (girls snoring) (loud thudding) – Oh, huh? (ominous music) Huh? (Muffin Monster roaring)
(Olivia screaming) (girls screaming) – [Monster] Muffin. – (laughing evilly) Now,
this is a ghost story. (dramatic music) – Help! Someone help! – Muffin Monster (laughs).
– Help! (girls whimpering)
(Monster laughing evilly) (loud chomping) – Huh?
(Esme smacking lips) – Now, that’s what I
call a midnight feast. (comical music) – Oh, spoil sports. (upbeat music)
(Esme giggles) – Um, are either of you
actually gonna make a move? – Oh, Esme, dear Esme. Chess isn’t about making moves. – I’m pretty sure it is. – Olivia’s right. It’s about the space between the moves. I once saw Mr. Snuggles playing chess. He didn’t make a single
move the entire game. Won within 15 minutes. – It’s all about focus. If you really focus on each piece, become one with the chess
board, breathe in the aroma of– (slime plopping) Slime? – Uh, Olivia, I told you I
didn’t wanna play slime chess. – That wasn’t me. – Guys, it’s not about the slime, it’s about the space
between the slime (laughs). – Oh ha ha, Esme. Where did this slime come from? – Uh, I think I have an idea. (dramatic music) – Malice, of course it was you. – Huh? – You pelted us with slime. – Me? I wish. I’ve been trying to perfect
my slime cannon of weeks. Can’t get it to work. – Hmm, oh!
(slime plopping) – See? Oh, are you playing chess? A word of advice. Don’t play against Mr. Snuggles. ‘Cause that bear really knows
his way around a chess board. Or rather the spaces– – Oh, enough about chess already! We’ve got to find out where
this slime is coming from. – Hmm, where’s Lilliana? – You’re right, I
haven’t seen her all day. – Boo! – Wa, wa, wah! – The name’s Lilliana, Princess Lilliana. – Lilliana, you completely
ruined our game of chess. – Oh, chess is boring. – Thank you! – I’ve got a much better game. – As long as it doesn’t
involve a slime gun. – It doesn’t. – It involves four slime guns. The rules of the game are simple. Get hit and you’re out. Last princess standing wins. – Awesome! – That does actually sound pretty fun. – I just have one question. I don’t wanna play. – Three, two, one, go! Uh, let’s just get this over with. – Right, if you want
to capture a princess, you have to think like a princess. Given I am a princess, I just
have to think like myself. (lips smacking) On second thought, so maybe
that wasn’t the best idea. Uh oh. – Hee hee, one down. – Uh, (slurping) tastes
quite nice actually. (jazzy music) – I bet Lilliana thinks
she’s got this in the bag. But, I’ll show her. Speak of the devil. Reach for the sky, Lilliana! Very good, Lilliana, very good. Fool me once shame on me,
but fool me twice, ah ha! Blast. Very good again, Lilliana. Fool me twice shame on me. Ah ha, again. Okay, no more. I’m not falling for it again. – [Lilliana] Wise choice, Olivia. – Thanks, cutout. Wait! (blaster firing) Rats. – Ew, stupid muddy forest. Right, time for a sit down I think. Hmm. Ah ha!
(footsteps squishing) This should do the trick. (grunts) – Ha ha ha, this is far too easy. Just Isabella to catch now. (Malice clears throat) – [Malice] I think you’re
forgetting someone. – Malice? You’re playing now, are you? – I sure am. And, guess what I just finished. (dramatic music) – Whoa! – Prepare, dear Lilliana,
to feel the wrath of my slime cannon
ultra mega, super-great, ultra mega, ultra 3000! (pants) – Huh! Good name. – Oh quiet. (machine rumbles) (slime plops) Huh? – Ha ha, better luck next time, Malice. (Isabella grunting) (barrel crackling) – Uh oh. – Time to finish this
game off once and for– (loud thudding) (slime whooshing) (eyes popping) (upbeat music) – Oh, I guess that makes me the winner. Anyone for a game of chess? (lively music) – And, once it’s ready,
you should have something that looks a little like this. (slime sloshing) Right, that’s all we’ve got time for. Tune in next week for
another slime tutorial. Bye! – Esme, what are you doing? – Oh hey, Lilliana. I’m just finishing off another slime vlog. 100,000 viewers and counting. – 100,000? That’s okay, I guess. – Okay? I suppose you have more
views on your slime video. Do you? – I don’t have a slime video, but I bet I could get more views than you overnight. – Oh yeah? Prove it. – I will. – Nuh, good luck. (comical music) – How hard can this be? Let’s see. (liquid plopping)
(magical music) (spoon whooshing) Right, that should be it. Esme’s gonna be so jealous. (water splashing) (comical music) Uh. Oh well, this’ll have to do. This is how you make probably
the coolest slime ever. Huh, yeah, pretty cool, isn’t it? Well, don’t forget to like and subscribe. Let’s get this uploaded then. Right, uploaded. Now, time to wait for
the views to roll in. (dramatic music) Oh, this is hopeless! (bell ringing) Ah ha. – And, that’s how you can
make slime that flies! Tune in next week for another
video where you can find out how to make time travelling
slime and slime that cooks you a three-course meal. Bye! (Lilliana clapping) Oh, hey Lilliana. – Very good, Esme, very good. – How’s your slime video going? – Very good, Esme, very good. – Right, did you– – Very good, Esme– – Stop saying that. – Sorry, I just thought
I’d show you the views on my slime video. (congratulatory music) – Whoa! That, how, what? – Pretty impressive, huh? – Yes, suspiciously impressive. (tense music) – Well, I’d love to stay and chat, but I have views to revel in. – I don’t believe for a second
Lilliana got all those views. Something fishy is going on around here. (comical music) – Come on, Mr. Snuggles, those
views won’t fake themselves. I want another billion by morning. (keyboard beeping) – She’s just getting Mr.
Snuggles to watch her video over and over again. – (yawning) I’m going to bed. Keep up the good work, Mr. Snuggles. – Right! Well, we’re going to have
to do something about this. (crickets chirping)
(rooster crowing) (Mr. Snuggles snoring) – Mr. Snuggles! Slacking on the job, are we? (Mr. Snuggles shaking comically) (keyboard beeping) Right, let’s see how many views you got before you selfishly
decided to go to sleep. What? (dramatic music) My video’s been removed? Uh! Mr. Snuggles, how could
you let this happen? (comical horn music) This is a disaster. This is a disaster. (computer beeping) (gasps) Don’t mess with the slime queen? (arms creaking) Esme! – Hello, everyone and welcome
to another slime video! (congratulatory music) (bell ringing) (lively music)

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