Princess Isabella’s Mystery Box 🏰 Kiddyzuzaa Land Season 2: Episode 3 🏰 Malice Tries To Steal It!
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Princess Isabella’s Mystery Box 🏰 Kiddyzuzaa Land Season 2: Episode 3 🏰 Malice Tries To Steal It!

(air whooshing)
(balloon popping) – [Children] Kiddyzuzaa! (mischievous music) – This is going to be the
most powerful one yet. I can’t wait to
show the princesses. – Ooh, it must be
a crystal ball. I’ve been needing
a new one for ages. (glass shattering) But how do I get my hands on it? (clock beeping) – Oh, it’s time for yoga. Esme’s late again. – Sorry I’m late Isabella. Needed to make sure I had my grape smoothie. – Esme, you’re getting
mud everywhere. Felix, Esme’s here again. (vacuum whooshing) Thanks Felix. – Ooh! Is that
what I think it is? – Wait until the other
princesses are here. – Aw, okay. – Come on, let’s
get our yoga on. – I’ve got to get
that crystal ball. (peaceful music) – [Narrator] Start by
taking a deep breath. Then slowly exhale. Feeling all negative
energy leave your body. Now slowly transition into
downward facing surprise egg. (mischievous music) Now spread your arms wide and flap them like wings. You’re soaring above the clouds. (Malice yelping) (water splashing) Now soar back down to the ground and imagine you are at a beach with crashing waves. – Wow, I can really
hear the waves. (water splashing) (Malice yelping) – [Narrator] You are
sailing on the water. Bend your knees
and feel the water move beneath your feet. (Malice yelping) Now because you’re a star, do some star jumps. – Woo, it’s getting hot in here doing all these star jumps. – Yeah, you’re right. I’ll turn on the fan. – Uh-oh. Whoa! (water splashing) – [Narrator] And finally
take a deep breath and open your eyes. This has been yoga with Dave. – [Isabella] Oh, they’re here! – It’s mine! It’s finally mine! The crystal ball is mine! – Crystal ball? – Huh? – Wow, it’s incredible. – That has to be the
strongest bath bomb yet. – Bath bomb? (groaning) – You sure know how to
throw a party, Isabella. Water fight! (giggling) Keep your eyes peeled for
the zuzberry tree, Esme. It’s notoriously hard to find. (sniffs) – I think it’s (sniffs)
just around the corner. – That’s amazing! Well done Esme. And here it is. – Yuck! This is strange. – Very strange. – Right. Come on Esme. To the palace. Princesses, something bad
is happening to the forest. There’s slime everywhere. The fruits are all rotten and I think it’s spreading. – Um, guys, you might
wanna have a look at this. – (gasps) What is that thing? – It’s like a giant beanstalk. – Mm, giant beans. – Let’s get a closer look. – What is that thing? – This is CCTV Crow
Circuit Television. It can fly right up to
that weird plant thing and we can see what it
is through this screen. Fly, my pretty, fly. (laughing maniacally) – This potion is
working perfectly. Soon the whole forest will be doing my evil bidding. What a productive
day this has bean. – (gasps) Malice is trying
to take over the forest with some sort of
evil beanstalk. – Huh? Oh, nice try princesses. – It must be that green potion that she’s using to water it. – I think I’ve read about
this somewhere before. Ah-ha, here it is. The fiendish forest potion. With this potion
the forces of nature will soon be at your command. This spell can only be reversed using the purest Zuzaan water from the spring of Mount Zuzaa. – Ah!
– Ah! – Mr. Zuzaa! – What are you doing here? – The question is
not what but when. – Do you have any pure
Zuzaan water by any chance? – The question is not
do you have but when. Onions? The question is not
onions but (crying). – (giggles) There we are. Pure Zuzaan water. – Nice one Esme. Now let’s get to that beanstalk before it’s too late. – The question is not… Oh. – Right Princess, we
need to be stealthy. Follow my lead. (Esme yelling) – (giggles) I was wondering
when you lot would turn up. Well, you’re too
late I’m afraid. The potion is in full swing and soon the whole
of this forest will be under my command. – Not if we’ve got
anything to do with it. Right princesses? Princesses? – (laughing maniacally)
Prepare to be slimed Olivia! Huh? Ugh. – Quick, Esme,
chuck me the vile. – I can’t! (groaning) – There. Fly, my pretty, fly. – Nice one Lilliana. – Huh? (slime popping) – We did it! We saved the forest. – Um, not quite. There, that’s better. – Um, Isabella,
you missed a spot. – Ugh, I’ll get you princesses! – (sighs) Another snowless
winter in Kiddyzuzaa Land. – (scoffs) Snow’s overrated. Have you ever heard of cake? – Oh, Esme. You can’t go sledding in cake. You can’t make a
snowman out of cake. And you can’t have a
snowball fight with cake. – I beg to differ. – It’s just not the same. – Hmm. I can’t bear to
see Olivia upset. There must be someone who
could help make it snow. – Oh, I can make
it snow alright. – Who is that? – You need not know my name. – [Esme] Lilliana! – Oh, alright, it’s me. – What are you doing
lurking in the shadows? – I got locked out of my lab. – Where’s your screwdriver? – I left it inside. I’ve been trying
to short circuit the entrance codes for hours. – Leave this to me. (Esme yelling) So, anyway, about that snow. – Leave it to me. – (gasps) Snow! (twinkling) I can’t believe it! It’s actually snowing. Well, sort of. – We just thought that if it wasn’t
going to snow for real, we could make our own. – Oh, you guys. This is going to be
the best winter ever. (chattering) – A snow machine, eh? Well how about we
give those princesses a snowball fight
they’ll never forget? (laughing maniacally) – Oh, it’s a perfect
winter wonderland. What could possibly go wrong? Huh? – Anyone for a snowball fight? – Run! – Quick, in here! – I can wait here
all day princesses. – (gasping) Of course Malice
would have to ruin things. – What are we going to do? – Don’t worry guys,
I’ve got this. (yelling) (slamming) – That’s her answer
to everything. – Worth a shot. – Right, anyone else? – Well, if it’s a
snowball fight she wants, I say let’s give her one. (yawns) – Oh no. I seem to be out in the
open without protection. What am I going to do? – Huh? – Now! (princesses yelling) – You’ll have to do better
than that, princesses. – Right, we’re going to have
to think outside the box. – Have you got any ideas? – Hang on. The snow globe. That’s it! (twinkling) Oh, Malice! – (scoffs) You think you
can stop me with a bubble? Time to put this
thing into overdrive. Huh? (yelling) – (sighs) The
perfect snowy scene. A snowman, an igloo, and of course, a
giant snow globe! (gentle music)

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