Preparing to sell your home: Best tips from a realtor
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Preparing to sell your home: Best tips from a realtor

Welcome to Homebuyer’s School brought to you by Brookfield Residential. Hi everyone and welcome to another
edition of Homebuyer’s School. Today I’m joined by Kevin French with
Remax Realty, and the question we’re gonna answer
today is: “What is the best way to sell my home?” So Kevin, what is the process or the steps
required to sell my house? The steps required vary on who
you decide to work with but I’m gonna go over my steps because
I think that they’re pretty good. Step one for listing the property is I have my designer go into the home. She meets with the homeowners and she goes through and preps the property for sale with them, so might be there for an hour and a half, sometimes three and a half hours and then she goes through and says, you know, get rid of this, change that, that art is too bright, make it more neutral, repaint that wall, potentially change that furniture out. She tries to work with what they have so that we’re not increasing the cost for the seller, but then they can make small changes around the property to make it show on its best light. Essentially, try and make it look like a show home. So that’s one. Then, after the property is prepped and the sellers have taken their time to do whatever they need to do, then we have it professionally measured so that it’s being appropriately marketed and not deceiving, and it’s being marketed its largest square footage and we’re not under marketing it to some extent. That also, at the same time, we do the photography – so the photographer goes through (it’s all professional photography) depending on the type of the property, if it’s a darker home, we will shoot it during the day. If it’s a lighter home, then we have the option, depending on time of of year we’ll shoot twilight. So that ranges when sun’s going down; sometimes it’s 11 o’clock at night and we’re in the summer but then the property shows and stands out from all its competition in the area. Then, once the property is on the market, it gets listed on MLS, then we have online marketing of course, boosted social media and includes Instagram and Facebook and then we have retargeted marketing as well so the property will create a little ad that will show up on Global News,, whatever it may be. Various sites that when you Google “properties Calgary”, “Auburn Bay properties Calgary”, “Citadel”, whatever area it may be, then houses within that area, it’ll just continuously pop up on there. So then, just for people who don’t know,
retargeting is: people who go to a specific website, if you retarget off them,
people who go to the website, they’ll see the ad on various other different
platforms for things you’ve seen. So you’ve probably seen it on Amazon:
so if you have bought, if you were looking at, say, a new pair of shoes,
that pair of shoes you might see that on different platforms whether it’s
on Facebook or whether you’re navigating through the web too. Any other steps?
Well now, the property is live and it’s being appropriately marketed, now we go to, of course, there’s a sign, a for sale sale sign up in front of the property, open houses are up to the seller, obviously we encourage one or two, but not one every weekend, and then we obtain the feedback which is one of the most important things for the selling process and monitor the competition so what you listed when you review the competition and you listed at “X” price on day one,
day 14, four more properties may be the exact same they’re just listed for
significantly less, so you have to monitor that and adjust, but also work
with the feedback. What is the client doing while this is
happening? What are some of the things that they can do to help?
Everything our designer says. So, keep the house in show ready condition. We
often have buyers come through and ask if the property is vacant. “No it’s not,
the sellers actually live there, we’ve just we’ve just prepared, we’ve made it look
like this so that you’re not getting caught up, you’re not walking through the
home and looking at personal photos, which is number one that always comes
up. You know, looking at someone’s trip to Cuba, you’re not looking at their
extremely bright and potentially aggressive art that is taking your
attention away. We want to keep it neutral, we want people to walk through
the home and look at the home, that’s what they’re there to look at,
not personal things. So how is that for the person currently
living in the home? That’s a little tough right? Because you know they still have to
use the house. So it’s a little tough tough to, you know, keep the house in that
condition, while at the same time living in the house, right?
Yeah, it’s it’s a lot of work but, you know, I tell my clients when they’re struggling
with that, we have two options: We can do that and sell sooner for more
money, or we can just reduce the price and you don’t have to take care of
anything. Which, it’s just, it’s very blunt but it’s a
stark reality that if I just do this, I might make ten thousand more dollars,
maybe I should just do that. It is work though, there’s no doubt about it. Is it always a recommendation, maybe
to have the the person selling the house live somewhere else? Does that help?
Maybe for other people it won’t be – it might not be an option. No, that might be extreme but I had a
case recently which every property that’s listed is unique to itself, so the the selling
process is also molded, so what I’ve just explained isn’t necessarily what
everybody would get. So this property was a slightly older home, older furniture,
parts of the home were vacant because the children had moved out, so I decided to; and they had the option and they were intending on moving out, so I said, “Well,
just move everything out and then we virtually staged the property so the
photographer still shoots it but then they add the furniture in every single room so
that someone can see how the space can be utilized, because that’s something
that a lot of people have a hard time getting past. They walk through the home
and they can’t imagine where their TV is gonna go, or how their sofa is gonna fit in
here, how the dining room table is going to work. By virtually staging it, it shows
incredibly well online, but then when they get there and the furniture’s not
there, the seller didn’t incur the cost of 2, 2500, 3000 dollars a month of physically but yet the buyer still has the photos and they can see
how it’s gonna look. Yes. Any other steps?
It varies. When something needs to be done, we do it. So if someone is out of
the country, for example, we go by and we clean the floors
after there’s a showing. We hire cleaners for properties that may need it because
the person has a busy lifestyle, a couple children or whatever it may be.
Whatever needs to be done, we’ll just do that.
Great. Anything else to add? No, that’s good. Great, well thank you very much for
joining us and we’ll see you next time. That’s another edition of Homebuyer’s School. Tune in next time for more expert tips and tricks and visit to bring you one step closer to finding your dream home. As with everything, it would be great if you like and share our videos. Also, please let us know if you have any home buying questions you want us to answer.

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