Polterabend “Extrem” auf dem Land
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Polterabend “Extrem” auf dem Land

Just a normal village in the countryside on a Saturday evening. You are meeting for having fun and go crash to the honor of Maria and Stefan. But something is happening here… It starts harmless with the smallest of them… Uh, confetti. – how sweet… A calf? – Why not?
This is something a farmer has always use for. But we remember something else… Sawdust. okay….
Brings some coziness And Water.
Whatever you need:) Uh a heart. How romantic What? Only balloons?
Come on, there is more!? Ah, grass. Nice. And some staw. Sure.
Whatever you need. A sweeper? … nah… I like those packs of newspapers better. Wait…Whats that?
A corn shredder? … fuXX… It’s over…
Already 🙁 What a mess!
Have fun while cleaning 🙂 Here’re the guilty ones.
Supposedly good next to each over. ALL THE BEST, GOOD LUCK AND HEALTHINESS
to the newlyweds Maria & Stefan


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