Pocket Real Estate Master Amortization How To
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Pocket Real Estate Master Amortization How To

Now let me show you how we calculate
simple amortization on the calculator. We’ll look at a two hundred fifty thousand
dollar loan amount. Put that in the loan amount.
We’ll look at a thirty year term at six percent interest. Go ahead and press payment. So to look at your amortization you just
press [Amort]. This is for the total life of the loan. Press [Amort] again. Here’s our total interest Press [Amort] one more time. Here’s our total principal. Press [Amort] again and that’s your
total principal and interest. Press [Amort] one more time. You should have a
remaining balance of zero at the end of the loan. If you forget or you want to walk through
the amortization schedule again just continue to hit [Amort] and we use a round
robin so you can go through and see all the outputs
again. So that’s a quick overview on
amortization. For more details you can download our
user’s guide at www.calculated.com/support

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