PETER ROSEN | Realtor in Southern California | Buy or sell a house

Hey this is Chris the mortgage pro today
I’m gonna introduce you to Peter Rosen top-notch realtor serving all of
Southern California Hi, my name is Peter Rosen and I’ve been
in real estate for over 20 years. I used to be a lender, I flipped homes, I built
houses and right now I really have a passion to help people just like you to
buy and sell their own homes in Southern California.
unfortunately, I seen a lot of good people lose their homes to the recession
including myself so I understand where you are, I’ve been there done that. I
still get a lot of calls right now people are kind of on the fence, we want
to buy a house but do we have enough for down payment is our credit good enough
our score is high enough you know what forget about all that. Just give me a
call I help you figure out your options. Worst case scenario it was about 15 20
minutes of your time but I will tell you exactly every step, what you need to do
to buy a house maybe a little bit down the line, that’s simple.
So why not give me a call and I’ll help you figure out your options thank you
together we got fire your landlord

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