People Laughed at His House, Until They Went Inside…
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People Laughed at His House, Until They Went Inside…

Some houses look expensive on the outside. But for others behind closed doors, some owners
have gone to ridiculous lengths, and spared no expense to create their outrageous secret
hidden homes. Ok, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. From hidden hideaways to floating houses,
today we’ll explore some very unique and hidden houses that are way more than they seem from
the outside. Make sure you stick around to the end; you’ll
never guess what’s hidden deep inside the last house! MISSILE SILO HOUSE
Believe it or not but some time ago ballistic missiles were actually launched from here
and now someone lives in this place. The house and former missile silo located
in upstate New York claims the position of the safest and most unusual underground house
in the world. In this 52 feet in diameter silo, there’s
a living quarters, bedroom, kitchen, as well as all the other basic facilities one would
need in order to survive 40 feet underground. In order to get this house for personal use,
its owner spent $160,000 dollars to purchase it as well as an additional $140,000 restoring
it… not too bad considering it will protect you from a nuclear attack or even worse, a
zombie apocalypse. If you thought that buying a silo isn’t the
most profitable investment, you’re probably wrong. This concrete cylinder in which the house
is located in, can last for several centuries. But unfortunately for us, it’s off the market
and I doubt it will be anytime soon. CASA BRUTALE
Back in 2015, design images for Casa Brutale went viral and set the internet in flames. Now, this mesmerizingly unique concept may
just be just moments away from becoming reality. Now I have to remind you, what you see here
are rendered images, basically a computer-generated walkthrough of the design. But despite that, its currently in the works
with an un-canny resemblance to a villain lair and practically anyone’s dream home. The 270sqm, six-bedroom design is set around
three large slabs of concrete with an underground garage for three and a rooftop pool made of
reinforced glass that sits above the main entrance. Swimmers can look down at the main living
space that is encased in glass and concrete yet accessed via the main staircase. In 2016, architecture firm OPA announced that
the internet’s favourite architecture project had found a client and would be built as a
home at an altitude of 1600m on Faqra Mount just outside Beirut. The whole project will reportedly cost an
estimated $2.5 million and we’re currently waiting for the project to finish as we speak. KNIGHTSBRIDGE HIDDEN HOUSE
You could be forgiven for walking right on past this unremarkable white wall and tiny
door in Knightsbridge London. But what if I told you that over $2.3 million
was spent on renovations back in 2016, would you consider it money well spent? Well, you might change your mind once we take
a look inside. What used to be two workshops and a retail
space was redeveloped and reimagined into what’s known today as the Hidden House. Spanning over 2100 square feet, this three-story,
three-bedroom family home is a perfect example of cutting-edge and innovative architecture. LTS Architects took just under 16 months to
complete the design and build at a cost of $2.3 million. Their biggest challenge was the constraints
given by the local council and neighbours. The owner of the building next door demanded
that any renovation couldn’t include a second floor. So, if you can’t build up, build down! Down below this un-assuming white wall hides
an open-plan kitchen, living and dining space, a mezzanine-level study tucked within the
roof pitch, while in the basement beholds three luxury bedroom pads. Looking at this white hidden house in Knightsbridge
at first may be laughable, but this is why you should never judge a book by its cover! FREEDOME COVE
Twenty-five years ago, Canadian-born artists Catherine King and Wayne Adams made the realization
that they would never have enough income to afford real estate, so they made a fairly
radical decision – they decided to build an island. The result was a unique island house surrounded
by a garden, today known as Freedom Cove. It’s located on a lake in the Canadian Province
of British Colombia and overall it consists of 12 interconnected floating platforms which
hold the different rooms along with the garden, workshop, sculptures, art gallery and even
a dance floor. Adams estimates the entire structure weighs
in at around 500 tons and says everything was constructed with a handsaw and hammer
without the aid of power tools. While the first two houses on our list had
all the creature comforts, Freedom Cove, on the other hand, is no luxury experience. Wayne fishes for dinner, while Catherine oversees
the extensive garden operations. Off grid, there is no connected electricity,
running water or refrigeration on the island. The structure used to be powered by 14 solar
panels, but Adams and King recently had to convert to a small Honda generator when the
panels broke down. Rain and a nearby waterfall are the source
of hydration for the couple and their two children. The abode is completely off-grid, off-land,
and according to its owners, definitely off the market. There goes my hopes of living in peace and
In another case of inconspicuous frontage, blink and you may just miss this cleverly
hidden house hidden between two scruffy hillsides. What, from the outside looks like a split
hill, is actually a contemporary re-interpretation of an old Native American Pit House. Like the traditional pit house, the Edgeland
House is sunk two metres into the ground, achieving a comfortable thermal stability
as well as looking pretty darn cool.. Inside the house you’ll see a glass-surfaced
rift forming between two peak-roofed swells in the terrain. These two volumes house the interior rooms
(divided into living and sleeping areas) on either side of the outdoor walkway, which
steps down from the approach path and leads to a wedge-shaped swimming pool. The Edgeland House is located in an abandoned
industrial area where measures are being made to heal the local ecosystem. Maybe this is a sign of eco-friendly future
solutions that could help the planet? Or maybe just some property owners that don’t
want to be bothered at all times. SECRET UNDERGROUND HOUSE
Typically associated with doomsday survivors or remote mining towns, underground houses
appear to be the latest trend in prestige real estate. One mansion in England’s north-west, shows
just how far the underground luxury market has come. “Perdu” or “Lost” in French as it’s named
is quite small and unimpressive from outside. The entrance to Perdu lies above the ground,
in the form of a small garden folly lined with perfectly trimmed hedges. Entering through the above ground porch, you’ll
be rather surprised to know what lies beneath. The living room spirals around this atrium
allowing natural light to brighten up the living areas, including a kitchen and reception
area on the ground floor as well as a master suite. The rest of the house includes two more bedrooms,
a jacuzzi, a gym and even an underground pool that remains even further downstairs and underground. In-fact there’s even a slide that takes you
from the master bedroom down to the jacuzzi. The house also contains environmentally-friendly
features including rainwater harvesting, a heat exchange system, and hot water that’s
warmed with the help of solar tubes. Eco-friendly and luxurious? That’s a 10/10 from me! The price tag today is a staggering $6 Million,
but for this kind of luxury, you can see why!


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