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Pass Your Home Inspection | Dwight Streu, Edmonton Real Estate Agent / REALTOR®

Hey everyone, it’s Dwight Streu from The Dwight Streu Real Estate Team. I’m recording short video this morning to address one
of the questions I get asked a lot by home sellers and that revolves around
the home inspection. What are they going to be looking for? What do we need to do
to prepare for the home inspection? What if my home fails to pass the home
inspection? Seems to be a lot of anxiety around the home inspection. So to help we have a free report we’d like to offer you. It’s called 11 things you need to know to pass your home inspection. What it
does is it outlines 11 critical home inspection traps that really everybody
should know about before even putting their home up for sale. So if you’re
thinking of selling your home or you know somebody who is, just pass along my name and my number 780-462-5002. We’ll be happy to send them this free report. There’s no cost, and no obligation. I think you’ll find it very helpful. So what kind of things can you find in this
report? Well one of the things we run into a lot in home inspections is unsafe
water. Now this could be anything from not having GFCI plugs in
bathrooms and kitchens. It could be having extension cords running
appliances or sometimes we see home handyman develop a bedroom in the basement and rather than install another breaker,
they’ll just tie the circuit into an existing breaker and that’s called
double tapping. That’s a no go. So those are just a couple things on the
electrical side. They’re even going to look outside the home at the
landscaping because the landscaping can affect the operation of the home in the
function of the home. For example if you don’t have proper grading away from
the foundation you can have some water problems and same with if you don’t have
your downspouts properly installed and they’re running into the foundation
instead of away from the home. Also if you have trees too close to your
foundation you’re going to find that those tree roots will grow and it can
cause foundation problems down the road. Those are just a couple things that
you’ll be able to find about in this report. Again just give me a call 780-462-5002 We’ll be happy to pass along this
report to you or anybody you know was thinking of selling a home. Or you can just go to our website and you can download it there. I think you’ll find
it helpful! Thanks for listening hope you have a great day!

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