Palestinians: Are the Jews indigenous to this land?
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Palestinians: Are the Jews indigenous to this land?

Ramallah No, of course not Why not? The land has always been called Palestine We were born in this land and it was called Palestine since ages and years ago it has been called Palestine Did he know that the land
used to be called Judea? Judea? Did you know that long ago
it used to be called Judea? No If we are going to go back
to those real names then we are going to go back
to the real names in the 1948 areas Not just in the 1967 areas So if you want to call a land Judea then you also have to call the other
lands in 1948 (areas) their original names Philistine Rosana
Bethlehem No, they are not They are not from here? There were a few from here but they are not who own the land But are they the original people? No The Philistines were the original people Not Jews You are Christian?
– Yes In the Bible, it is all about the Jews being here Yes So the Jews were here No, I don’t believe in everything
written in the Bible You said what she said is incorrect Antonio
Bethlehem What she said is incorrect Because Abraham came here and he know the Jews lived here when Moses passed Moses didn’t enter, Joshua He entered to Jericho and they settled here and lived here and we believe Jesus was a Jew But there is a big difference between the Jews today and the Jews before What’s the difference? The difference is they are more political they are mixing religion with politics and in this, they are wrong But are they the same Jews from 2000 ago? No, no. I don’t think so There are some of them, I believe You know about the exile to Babylon they took them all and that’s why some of them came back When they got exiled, they killed them especially the men they left only the women and the old people In your opinion, are the Jews
indiginous to this land? Anas
Qalqilya As Jews, yes they are The Zionist movement was born through occupation is a colonial movement But are the Israeli Jews indigenous? Jews and Judaism the religion of Judaism is from here, yes The Jews he sees at a checkpoint (soldiers) No, they follow the Zionist movement which is a colonial movement But they themselves, are they
originally from here? Of course not Bethlehem If it is a political question
then I am not interested If it is about politics, no I am not answering you Is that a political question? Sorry Yusef
Qalqilya Yes, there were some here originally Yes, sure Yes we were raised with them Our grandfathers told us they lived together from a long time ago Do you think the Israelis are those Jews? No, no. They are not Not all of them A small part of them
that are originally from here So where are the Israelis from? They are from different parts of the world They bring them from all over the world They say, they are from here originally but were thrown out
– No No It’s not true It’s not true? That’s what I know To be honest, I cannot confirm this What did you say? As I know they were here They were a minority As we have Christians, we have Jews mainly these three religions But mainly it is a Palestinian land The Palestinian people are here
from a long long time ago Jews, they are here, for sure but the numbers, the statistics,
I don’t know how much but as far as I know, they were a minority A long time ago, before Islam they were the majority Yes, you could say that I am not an expert I don’t know exactly but as far as I know from research, in the 20th century they were a minority but they brought… they brought many people from abroad
from different origins from Europe, Arab countries other places Are the Jews indigenous to this land? Nidal
Nablus According to my historical knowledge they are not There is proof Historically, Jews have been living
in several nations and they have never been gathered or united in one nation they are not a national group So where did they come from? They came from serveral places If you go back in history
and even they say themselves To prove this, they have different cultures different languages The Jews originally according to what we have read
and seen online they believe they are the ones
who move the economy of the world The idea of a state is very recent, like 50 years ago only A lot of the names around Nablus are Jewish names meaning, there was Jewish history here No What do you think or know about this? This is something Look at the Arabs in Andalusia In Spain They were there hundreds of years ago can they say it is their land? Can we say that Andalusia or Spain is an Arab land? No it was conquered by
the Muslims and that’s it Doesn’t it say in the Quran
that the Children of Israel will return? I would just like to clarify
so it is not misunderstood According to what you said Israel is one of the prophets who was Jacob No, I mean it says the Children of Israel You interupted him
– Sorry
Don’t But he is talking about a different person Let’s get this straight You are talking about Israel the nation?
– Yes He is talking about Jacob,
also called Israel but this is different This is how I understand it That’s a different person In the Quran, it also talks about
the Children of Israel What was mentioned were the sons of Jacob who were also called “al-Asbat”
(twelve sons of Jacob) What does that translate to?
– I am not sure I will look it up
(twelve sons of Jacob) This is how it was mentioned
in the Quran since you mentioned it was in the Quran If you don’t mind
(adding something) Just to remind you
the biggest percentage of Jews exists in the USA and the biggest Jewish community
is in New York They know that this land here
is Palestine and the final proof the Neturei Karta Jews Yes, Neturei Karta are Jews
and they believe that Roa
Ramallah No Because of our history what we learned in school and college about Palestinian history I think they used to live here but not the original Jews
– Yes So the Jews of today are
not the Jews from the Quran? No Actually from Europe, Yemen from Russia from Germany Could they be the Jews from here that were forced
just like the Palestinians were forced to leave the Jews were forced to leave they went to Germany, Yemen
Could that be? Probably but I am not sure about their history About our history You don’t learn about their history?
– No, no But I think that I can’t say it in English but I think they are not a people
– Not a real people? No, they are… they are a minority they are a minority originally from here I think so Ismail
Nablus No Are they one of
the indigenous peoples Some of them are some used to live here as Palestinians and they still call themselves Palestinians He means the Samaritans The Samaritans and others Some of the Jews lived here and considered themselves
to be Palestinian Just like the Christians they were a minority just like the Christians What proportion of the population
is from that? How many Israelis? They are not the original people and I said “the ones before 1948?” No, they are not the original ones
like the Samaritans They were Jews that
called it Palestine because we had a lot of religions we had Muslims, we had Christians We had different religions that existed So part of the Palestinians
were of Jewish religion Let’s change… Are they the
same Jews from the Quran? I don’t think so because They are not part of the Quran they are changed They are not the same ones and they changed a lot of the religion


  • Sherry Azaniyah

    Stop the foolishness you know darn well the Jewish in Israel are converts from jaspeth (europe).the real Israelites are people of color Shem and ham . A Jew said it.. They left black and came back white u take all the forefathers of the Bible who was of color who married African women and say the Ashkenazi are the twelve tribes diffently Judah..noway look at the map of Africa in year 1750 were juda was living in west Africa the slave coast a map Europeans made lol..

  • Sherry Azaniyah

    Go ask the people of the African quarters in Israel that same question or the Bedouin in desert who was the original people of the land. U will get real history

  • Paige White

    WHATEVER it was called, THER IS #NOsuchThing as a WHITE JEW.😂😂
    THATS EXACTLY WHY they Call Themselves. JEW_ish.

  • Heldon_Tyrell

    Damn this is so stupid. With all the invasion, the wars, the immigration nobody can call himself to be the original people of a land. The jewish religion come from this area and thats a fact. It was there before Islam. And this guy talking about the 12 sons of Jacobs ( Israel ) in Quran is so much in deny. The 12 sons of jacobs are the 12 israelian tribes, so actualy the Quran talk about the return of the jewish diaspora into this land ! And i will at the end giving a big LOL to the muslim calling jewish colinisers. Muslim were the biggest enslavers, colonisers and forced many people to became muslim. In Asia, in Africa and they almost succeeded in Europe. Turkish tryed to convert Europe to islam but failed to conquer Vienna. They forced and enslaved african people. They still call them " Slave " on national TV in Maghreb. So don't play the victims when you were the executioners for centuries.

  • Carl Jamison

    The letter J didn't existed until the 15th century . the original king James bible don't have the words Jew jerusalem jesus john or James

  • Jip Wonders

    Any Jew educated in his own Tanakh should know that Jews are not indigenous to that land. The canaanites are. It was supposedly given to them by God, Abraham came from the Mesopotamian region so the story goes.

  • Danny Santiago

    The are not Jews/Hebrews! They are khazarians/khazars via Russia & Poland. They are the biggest identity thieves in the world. Smmfh


    According to history, there was a country called Palestine which belonged to the British afterwards the Muslims and the Jews came

  • Joseph Thaete

    The Ancient Israelis had the kingdoms of Judea and Israel from between 1050 to 950 BC when other empires expelled them out of their land. The Philistines are a non-Semitic people that lived from roughly between 1200 BC to 640 BC near Southern Canaan. In their homeland, the Jewish people were ransacked, oppressed, and expelled by Assyrians, Romans, and other groups of people. after over 1000 years of persecution and being a nation less ethnic group, the Jewish state was established in 1948.

  • TheLamp03

    Have you ever wondered why there are so many religions? If you read the Bible you will find out. I have discovered that the Hebrew Bible (Torah) speaks poorly of all nations of people who adversely affected the Israelites (the Most High’s children) and it talks of how they will be dealt with during the End-Times. “I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that ye shall soon utterly perish from off the land whereunto ye go over the Jordan to possess it; ye shall not prolong your days upon it, but shall utterly be destroyed. And Jehovah (Yahuah) will scatter you among the peoples, and ye shall be left few in number among the nations, whither Jehovah (Yahuah) shall lead you away. And there ye shall serve gods, the work of men’s hands, wood and stone, which neither see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell.”
    ‭Deuteronomy 4:26-28 ASV‬
    By the way, the Most High’s name could not have Jehovah because the letter ”J” is only 400-500 years created. Therefore, no words or names should begin with the letter ”J”, because the original manuscript was written in Paleo Hebrew and translated into Greek and then English. The goal of the Confederate nations was to confuse the teachings of the Torah and create gods for their nations to include all nation and eliminate the Hebrew nation or Israelites during the process. “O God, keep not thou silence: Hold not thy peace, and be not still, O God. For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult; And they that hate thee have lifted up the head. They take crafty counsel against thy people And consult together against thy hidden ones. They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; That the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent; Against thee do they make a covenant:
    Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre: Assyria also is joined with them; They have helped the children of Lot. [Selah”
    ‭Psalms 83:1-5, 7-8 ASV‬
    The Bible tells the Israelites these representatives of religion are like magicians. Their job is to convince anyone who buys into their tricks, the Torah is wrong although it’s the first book, and their book was derived from it (Torah). If you get a chance read some of there religious manuscripts and you will think of plagiarism. The Hebrew Torah or Old Testament was written between 1200 and 165 BC, Quran was written on December 22, 608 CE, the Catholic Bible was written in 1582 and the Babylonian Talmud was written about the South century. Oh by the way, the Jewish people are not the Israelites/children of the Most High (Yahuah), they are Israeli the children of Judaism. With all the information available on the earth and the other nations are stuck on European Jewish narrative confirms the Torah’s prophecy. Lastly, Israel is a people, not a land mass.

  • abdallaha92 Awwad

    The Jews have roots in Palestine & Israel. Historical roots. However I am not sure how long you can be away from a land and be indigenous. I also don't know how long a community has to be in an area to be indigenous. I think it might of been better to ask if Jews had roots or historical ties to the land. After all there are 7 million Israeli Jews in the area now, and aren't going anywhere.

  • Buck Rogers

    The question is how far back do we go, and is conquest a legitimate means if acquisition. And regardless the israelis are their now, and an infrastructure is established, perhaps establishing the first dual governing state with combinational democracy, or two elected officials representing main classes. Or several heads of state that can veto and negotiate together. I dont see why a new state absorbing both cant be established

  • hadem hashem

    israeel belong to kanaan land originaly not for jews or arabs but becous kanan was kaferi allah give first land for beni israeel then when jewish becam usless give land for ismaeel children and when arabs becam usless givit back for jewish abd after wil return for muslim arabs remain 50till seventy years the story of jews finish for ever

  • MyRealNameWontFi

    This is stupid.

    Ask any European American if Native American are indigenous to America.
    Now ask them if they are willing to give up everything that their ancestors built up and fought for to preserve because Native Americans are “InDegiNeOus” to this land.

  • Idioticthoughts

    5:26 wrong question. Origin people living there for long time . After they converted to muslims. They are the origin people of their.

  • Carlo Santana

    Truth is, this place is actually on the African tectonic plate and this is a part of Africa. The bani yisreal are actually what we would consider black. The Bible backs this up. Not to say ones that look mixed aren't true "Jews" but the white ones aren't for sure. They speak Yiddish an indo Germanic language. Hebrew which was a dead language and revived thru Arabic is an Afro Asiatic language

  • MkayBos 123

    Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from the historical Israelites of antiquity, but from Khazars, a Turkic people from the Black Sea.

  • MkayBos 123

    Jacob means Israel, so when the Bible is talking about the children of Israel it literally refers to the children of Jacob which includes all the 12 tribes of Israel.

  • Jongkon Favre Rod In

    Some of those are according to genetic studies. Their ancestors were compelled to convert when Islam stole that land. My recommendation is that they revert to the religion of theirs ancestors either Judaism or Messianic Judaism. The others have no right to the land.

  • Zamm Baker

    those russian and polish German Jews have history for almost 1thousand years… they are European DNA… just convertss .. just like asian converting to Christianity

  • Yameen Bin

    In Qur'an Palestine is not mentioned. It is mentioned that God told Moses to enter the holy land with his followers (from Children of Israel) but they refused to do so.

    But where is "the Holy land" [ for Moses and His followers ] this is not specified in Qur'an.

    Also according the Bible when they asked to go in holy land or God gave it to them there were people originally living there before Children of Israel.

    And we can not deal with political matters through religion. both are separate point.

    Some Researchers says that Original place whee Beni Israel lived was in Yemen, some says it was near Mecca & Medina, and some says it was in Afghanistan & Pakistan.

  • Izzaldeen Alkurdi

    The original Jews r from the Levant and iraq but the Jews nowadays who came from europe and other Arab countries are not original jews only original Jews who are from the Levant and iraq…. because prophet israel(Jacob) peace be upon him was from iraq and after that he went to Palestine after his father died after the prophet Isaac peace be upon him died ….

  • David Akin

    The origin of Yiddish, the millennium old language of Ashkenazic Jews, is something which linguists have questioned for decades.

    Now, a pioneering tool – the Geographic Population Structure (GPS) – which converts DNA data into its ancestral coordinates, has helped scientists pinpoint that the DNA of Yiddish speakers could have originated from four ancient villages in north-eastern Turkey. This confirms without a doubt that most Yiddish speaking European Jewish settlers originated from Turkey and not the land of Palestine.

  • Jasion Sail

    Most of the Israelis are more than likely not indigenous to Israel or the middle east at all most are simply europeans

  • James R

    Israel belongs to the Jews for ONE reason. It was given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, forever. The Land belongs to the children of Jacob forever for this ONE reason. That is why it is called the Promised Land, stupid. It makes no difference how long they were exiled by the assyrians, or the Babylonians or the Romans (135 AD). God's word overrides them all. He send them out because of his displeasure, and then is pleased to bring them back. Those who deny this, want fight with the ALMIGHTY GOD. That DAY OF THE LORD is coming.

    But the Israelites ARE, and have always been, their OWN worst enemies. God gave them the Land, they deny the Giver and yet want the land. So they appease their enemies, instead of kicking them out who defile the Temple Mount. And their enemies RIGHTLY oppress them. This the Israelis FULLY deserve. Lets face it. If not for the holocaust, they won't have bothered to come back from where they were. Least of all Germany, where they had it so good until Hitler showed up.

    God gave them the Land, and they deny him, even deny there is God – there are probably more secular and atheists jews than faithful ones today in Israel – and support the LGBTXYZ crowd in their Jerusalem Gay Pride parades, beginning with Natenyahu, the PM! He will answer for dishonouring the God of Israel.

  • James R

    Another question needs asking, why do the Jews wear the Kippa? It is written in the law that they should? Did Moses wear it? No? Then why do they? According to Paul, who was a top notch Pharisee, man should not cover the head because they represent the glory of God. And woman should cover the head because they are the glory of man. The Jews are insulting God by coving their heads? What gives?

  • Egyptian

    Palestinians aren’t trying to strive for global domination and subverting nations one by one. Palestinians want self determination. Jews want self determination only for Jews not for anyone else.

  • Ali Kanakonda

    How they can be indigenous to Israel? All of the Jews look different … some are white, some are black, some are middle eastern ….
    The most white jews are so mixed up that they have only one percent of Jewish blood in them …
    They are indigenous but very far-fetched … to a few percent

  • R. LoBianco

    It is staggering to see how common knowledge is failing on the historic development of Israël, Samaria, Galilea, Canäan, Nabatea or even Jerusalem (built by David, Salomo and other Jews).
    Ofcourse, the Jews are indigenous to that area!!! They are a semitic people!!!!
    Here is some basic knowledge on the history of the peoples of that area: Philistines (who settled on the coast of what is now Gaza) weren't a semitic people.
    Centuries later, Palestina was a roman administrative alocation for those areas after the first revolt. A term that was related to the adminsitrative conlocation of Philistinia. But Philistines already ceased to exist in the first century CE and they aren't either culturally or ethnically related to the modern day Palestines whatsoever.
    And although, many centuries BC, most of the jewish tribes didn't survive the raids and abductions from the Assyrians or Babylonians, there were many Jews that returned to Iudea. And after the second jewish revolt the great and last Diaspora started in 132 CE (Israel was then under roman governance).
    Those who did survive the war of 132 CE, were dispersed throughout the Roman Empire and they are the israeli forefathers of most Jews or Hebrews. Some Jews still remained after the great diaspora untill and beyond the byzantine rule.
    The Arabs (and thus the Palestines (a term that came into being after 1945), didn't settle in these areas before the eight century CE.
    So, YES, Jews are indigenous to that area….

  • TwoGun Tommy

    I like how this fucker asking questions censors the man at the end leaves out the captions of what he is saying lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Axxo Axxo

    For Nabi Muhammad sake (KAKA be upon him) Philistines and Palestinians are NOT the same. Ask a Palestinian where about their great grandparents originated from and you will be amazed.
    They are simply Bedouin, but Let us thank the English who gave them the Palestinian Title/Name.

  • Sleeze

    The logic Israelis make would be like native Americans coming into your home rn in America and saying get out and let me in

    Ok someone kicked you out along time ago but the people currently living in there house had nothing to do with that

    Also “Jewish” is a religion
    Abraham was a Canaanite
    Canaan judea and Israel are different kingdoms
    NOT countries
    There was never any statehood or definitive lines to determine 3000 years later today what “Israel” would be

    Also, most Palestinians have Jewish blood. More so than these white Europeans migrating there

    Who is a “Jew” to determine who gets what anyways ?

    Palestinians aren’t Arabs, they’re ARABIZED
    That’s like saying Mexicans are Spanish lol

    Palestinians are indigenous to that area
    They’re not settled Arabs
    Any genetic test would confirm that as Palestinians have more Jewish Greek Roman blood than they do pure Arab

    It’s just comical
    To think that after 3000 years these random Europeans are the direct descendants of ancient Israelites lollll

  • Couscous Guy

    Well if they believe they're arabs then they should go back to the gulf desert ! They seem to not understand what you wanted to mean by indigenous they can only refer to pre-zionist movement times.
    I'm muslim but those lands were originally jewish lands, these palestinians who claim to be arabs are nothing but arabized caanans and even jews.

  • Raskolnikov Samsa

    As if the Torah is a history book! All that's in the Torah is made up, actual history never comes from scripture for cryin' out loud!

  • Raskolnikov Samsa

    I love how people in the comment section are complaining about the interviewers being ignorant about history and then they start bringing up Abraham, Solomon and David as if they were historical figures. The Torah is a fictional book, period! Nothing in the bible is historically correct according to archeological evidence.

  • Raskolnikov Samsa

    On a side note: Muslims believe that the Jews have changed their religion so non of the Jews today or even back during Mohammad's days are real Jews because – according to Muslims – if they were real Jews they would have accepted the message of Islam because Mohammad is mentioned in the actual Torah. So asking a Muslim whether he or she believes that Jews today are real Jews is just pointless. Muslims believe that all Abrahamic prophets were Muslims and that Christians and Jews changed their scriptures so they are not real.

  • Avi

    Suppose there's house which belongs to person J and he's thrown out by R, now J has children then, their children have children and so on. In the meantime, after long time has past, P buys the house in good faith, he renovates it and moves in furniture, paintings etc. Suddenly, J's descendants come to P's house claiming it to be theirs. What law will recognise it? Even the law recognises adverse possession. If you live on a land for 10 years continuously and the owner acquiesces by not protesting, the ownership transfers to the possessor. The British were experts at keeping the world in conflict. World's three biggest conflicts(India/pakistan israel/palestine, and S. Korea/N.korea), two were made by British. Also, the whites simply didn't want jews in their countries, which is exactly why they had been kicking them out since the roman times.

  • Suzie Q

    We are at war with Estonia and we have always been at war with Estonia! Don’t you question big brother!!!! Big brother is always right! 2+2=5 😱🤯

  • samy701

    With the exception of a minuscule portion of today’s Jews, most Jewish people are most certainly not indigenous to Palestine or any part of it between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Forzion Know if you

    Thanks Baruch hashem some Palestine people realized that Israeli have a right claim to the land eretz yisrael belongs to Jews amen love best wishes from Pakistan Shahbaz gondal Pakistan

  • Francis Orih

    Jews were nomads. Had no state.ever.
    Yahwe' wanted to occupy land and used Jacob for his purposes.
    He gave Jacob the name Israel.
    It s just a single family name, not the name of a people.
    So not so many can claim to descend from Jacob/Israel.
    And they never stayed in any area for long.
    The bible/ torah is more a history book then a religious one.
    Full of rules to please Yahwe' , a blood-thirsty dictator. A Psychopath.
    Christianity was actually a "jewish" invention, planned to divide and rule the planet, so that the "jews" could rule while we keep on arguing about nothing real.
    Is it real to argue about black and white or Jews and non jews?
    It s a waste of energy leading to distrust and arrogance.

    Who cares how you or I pray?
    I care about respect and dignity for all living beings.
    Just plain common sense.

  • H. K!

    Jews being indigenous to the Holy Land is nothing but pure bullshit. It is indeed true that Judaism as a religion comes from the middle east, and that Hebrews/Israelite's are from the region but in no way are they native to the Holy land, the native people according to the bible are Canaanites. Where do the Jews come from? where does your patriarch Abraham come from?
    According to the Bible he was a stranger in the land of Canaan (modern day Israel/Palestine):
    New International Version- Genesis 17:8 "The whole land of Canaan, where you now reside as a foreigner, I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your descendants after you; and I will be their God." Guess what, Abraham´s descendants are the Israelite's and the Arabs.

    If you ask me, there shouldn't be any Israeli state nor a Palestinian state. They should rename the Holy Land to Canaan, as it was once called, the land of Canaan.

  • Walter Hernandez


  • Baruch Hashem

    Meet the whitest and most mixed arabs ever. The younger generation know nothing about their history. Who sponsors their education???? They actually believes Arabs are indigenous

  • Thrunabulax

    The Bible has the Jews originating from somewhere between the Tigris an euphrates rivers, modern Iraq or Turkey. They came to Palestine by way of Egypt. Who were the people in Jericho when they got there and who were the other tribes they were contantly at war with? Many seem to be offshoots of their own line. I know the US belonged to native Americans untill a few generations ago.

  • Nissar Nissar

    Before 1948 there had only a little arabian jews but, after 1948 America Britain France delivered them result of immorel trafic like thus isral became a baby of these three country so, they conserving that even now as a baby like. What ever happend that they will involved name of that dirty chiled.

  • Alessandra Norbedo

    wich was the religion of "palestinians, not chirstian, before became muslims? probably most of them were jews, but they converted for fear or whatelse, like jews in the romanian times, jews from spain with isabel the catholic…..italian jews with mussolini for the laws of the race…from haifa with love, to everyone….

  • Kevin Bergman

    Dose not matter if the Jews once lived there they were excited and the land became the Palistinians and that's that your Stupid Dead Gods can't run around stealing Land for you if you want it buy it period Jews can't just steal it because of some long lost time ago it's not acceptable to steal in the name of some dead God.

  • mychloebaby1

    If they are indigenous to the land, why are they leading the world in skin cancer? Those Jews are not the same people in the Bible.

  • Dani Al

    This guy again arguing with palestinians instead of letting them speak, DNA tests can seal for themselves. Most israelis are of khazar decent and are eastern european with not a single trace of simetic blood in them. Where as Palestinians are canaanites ehich hsve been there for thousands of years and have converted to christianity and islam throughout history aswell as mixing with arabs.

  • Dani Al

    The land was israel and judah, most of the 13 tribes were not even jewish though people say they are just because of the names. The jewish tribe of israel had jerusalem for o ly 100 years in history around 2700bc. Even though those jews are related to modern palestinians and not the fake european convert jews.

  • Ray A

    I recently asked an African eye doctor what does he and Africans he interacted with think about the diaspora scattered all over the world and what does he think about slavery and the slave trade? essentially told me that they didn't know much about it or basically cared about it, it was like a fairy tale and essentially the diaspora is not really their people…. very very strange and very very interesting

  • jaja

    Palestinians are the Ancient Hebrews plain and simple; the Israelis are mostly converts to Judaism; ancient hebrews were the Samaritans who most of them converted to Islam and became Palestinains; the story that all jews came back to their land is a hoax because most jews we see today are not real jews but a bunch of converts from europe

  • Sam Pence

    According to the Palestinian, the history of the world started in 1948 when the Zionist entity took everything from them including their brains. What a bunch of horseshit. These Palestinians are so brainwashed you wouldn't believe.

  • New Hampshire

    Before 1948 the four religions lived in peace in PALESTINE. About 4% Jewish 30% Christian 60% Muslim and some Druze. Zionism is a political movement that wants a theocracy.

  • Venture Wisdom

    The truth is in the 'Exodus, The Story of Moses (PBUH)'. Followers of Moses (PBUH) came from Egypt as the 'Exodus' tells us. They fled Egypt with Moses (PBUH) into the Desert, and thereon they lived out there 40 years. The followers of Moses (PBUH) invaded Palestine (Arab land) and killed the indigenous people of the land. There were people before Judaism in Philistine (The Natives). So how is it that people turn a blind eye? Their claim to the land is false according to the 'Exodus, the story of Abraham (PBUH) and Jacob (PBUH). It belongs to the indigenous people of Philistine (Native Arabs). Palestine is also identified in the Bible, The Old Testament as 'Philistine'. So much lies, even the most intelligent academic clerics are deluded and spread their lies to filter the truth.
    It's simple truth:
    Where did Moses come from with his people? It wasn't Jerusalem. God placed them in Philistine with conditions but they committed mischiefs, and for that, they were expelled twice. And now, for the third time; we are all watching, I am not sure what God will do for all that killings and misery. Abraham (PBUH) Jacob (PBUH) belongs to all as prophets, they were there way before and were not Jewish, and never claimed it as. So, for the love of these greate Prophets, everyone has a claim to Jerusalem. The City of Prophets.📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿📿

  • Abdul K Khan

    The Palestinians are wrong , Jews are human beings like everybody else. They have right to live on this earth just like all other human beings. Stop persecuting the people of the old Testament. Leave them alone. According to God , they can live anywhere on this earth. Be kind to them

  • Jacob Ya'acubov

    WHO Are those Palestinians , who was their president , what exactly is unique in their culture from other arabs ? the jews prior to 148 that lived here were called Palestinians too , how are they related to this land, does it is mentioned in the Quran ??
    why by all writing this was an empty land in the 19th century, might be that many of them came after the jews in 20th century ?

  • G3NOLLA -

    Being the temple of David was unearthed there it has to be the land the Jews originated from. Have to remember the Jews were enslaved and taken to the four corners of the world, so of coarse they don't have the same original features and are mixed of all the nation's they came back from.

  • zaxx19

    Lol at dark brown Arabians from Yemen talking about being indigenous to the southern Lebanon. Islam colonized the land….period. Who actually denies this?

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