Our Home On Native Land

[Music] Sarathy: Okay, well,
this is a quiet coach car thing, on our way from Vancouver to Jasper, and it’s a beautiful day. The fan’s really loud. – David: We’ve got a real big fan in here.
– Sarathy: Yeah. Sarathy: Should we tune to the fan again? [Both humming] [Music] Sarathy: We had this at the back of our head
that we’d want to “busk”. David: We had to play outside
at some point. Sarathy: Yeah. To play outside somewhere, basically. And we saw this one small island,
just in the lake, that we thought would be amazing. David: It would have been perfect,
but it was occupied by a bear. And it happened to be
an eagle habitat, as well. So, we just kind of left that one alone. But the original lake
that we had passed was golden. And the sun was at the perfect level, it was the golden moment,
for all the lighting and everything, and… You know, we just took action.
We just jumped on there. Sarathy: Took action, man.
That’s it. David: Let’s go down there
and give it a shot, and see what happens. – And it was the first time
that we’d ever played together.
– Sarathy: Yeah. David: And didn’t really know
what to expect. Because we were both using
effects and looping, and… It can often turn into a train wreck, but I think with the blessing
of your open style and everything like that, they don’t need to match up
necessarily, right? So, it was really fun for me. It was very free-form. [Music]

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