Oshawa Homes For Sale from Realtor with Dan Plowman Team

[Nimal] Hi! It’s Nimal Williams live for DPTV
here in downtown Oshawa with Glenn Kho. So Glenn can you tell me about anything
new happening in the area? [Glenn] Well Nimal, I have a great new listing just around the corner at a really fantastic price. [Nimal] Great! Can we take a look? [Glenn] Absolutely let’s go! So here we are at 66 Barrie Avenue it’s a beautiful two-story
home situated on a quiet street with no neighbors behind with too many upgrades
to mention. [Nimal] Glenn, can we take a look inside? [Glenn] Yes. I’ll race you! [Music Playing] [Nimal] Thanks for stopping by.
Hope to see you soon! [Music Playing]

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