Only One Property Brother is Single!
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Only One Property Brother is Single!

– Welcome to the show. – It always feels good
to come hang out with ya. – [Steve Harvey] Always good man. Good to see you again. Drew? – [Drew] Yep, yup. – Got married since
the last time I saw ya. – Yeah you know what no big deal. – [Steve] Congratulations,
how was the wedding? – It was amazing, it was beautiful. You were missed because if you do remember I asked you to be one of my groomsmen but you didn’t return my calls, it hurts. But anyway we had a blast it
was in Italy south of Puglia or in Puglia south region, yeah. – [Jonathan] Probably one of the most fantastic weddings I have ever been to. I made it like three seconds into my best man speech, lost it. – The bachelor party was
awesome too, being a suit guy… – I know it was cool man, it was cool. – You saw the pictures? – I saw, I was there. – You were not there! You were invited we asked you to come. – Oh you didn’t, you didn’t see me? Black dude in Italy. (laughter) – [Drew] Bone white dude in Italy. I mean. – Well let me show you something
cause I’ve got the photos. Here I am at your bachelor party. (laughter) – [Drew] Wait that’s right. – Everybody wore colorful suits. – [Drew] That’s right. Yeah yeah I must have
missed ya in that one. – I got a colorful suit. – [Jonathan] You were our inspiration for all the colorful suits. – [Steve] Bro, I got way more than that. Then again I was at ceremony. (laughter) yeah that was good. And then I even gave a
speech at your reception. – [Drew] Haha, during my first dance. Oh that was you! Now I remember. Oh my god that’s hilarious – They said Steve. – [Jonathan] The only reason
you couldn’t actually be there is the only person who has more shows on TV than you do, or than
we do, would be you. You’re like I don’t know how many shows you have, 5,000 shows. – Yeah. Going pretty good. Now Jonathan now that your brothers married, man I mean are you having some
issues with separation? – Haha, no we were separated
years and years ago the conjoined thing wasn’t working for us. But no we’ve lived apart for awhile and we have in the past as well but we still work together all the time so – [Drew] No he’s lonely. – The only thing is. – He’s really lonely, yeah – I hated when I hit the bunk bed up top he’s not there anymore, its weird. – Wow does he, does he
have anybody on the hook? – You know he says he’s not
looking to date right now and he hates being hooked up or set up. So you we’ve tried he thirds wheels a lot. He third wheels a lot. – We’re not going, we’re
not going down there. If I remember what happened
last time chief love officer decided to have this
conversation a wall opened up and you had three eligible
bachelorettes there. I have never been more
uncomfortable in my life. – I thought it was amazing,
I thought it was awesome. – [Steve] And you guy have been working together your wholes lives man. Was there a time when you
didn’t want to work together? – Uh well we – When I was four years
old there was this one time – I can tell you one time I
wanted him just outta my way is when we were in the womb
he was sitting on my head and it was, I still have the butt print. – [Drew] We actually we
love working together and we have our wholes
lives and that’s a part of even what is about when
we were working together try and solve problems and
build dog house and stuff. But as adults do we compliment
each other perfectly. – [Jonathan] The real divergent path is when we were teenagers I started getting into magic, I’m a magician. – [Drew] I enjoyed
sports, I figured he would never get a date in his
life becoming a magician. He heard women loved musician but he actually heard magician
so he started doing it. So I thought sports, better option. – [Jonathan] Is that? – Oh yeah that’s us. That was our grade seven prom
or whatever you call it, yeah. – [Jonathan] Yeah
graduation ceremony, yeah. A couple of handsome
young businessman there. – [Drew] Studs! – Aye, fellas lets talk
about your new book, man. Because why was it important for you guys to write a children’s book? – [Jonathan] You know we have so many families that watch our shows. You know mom, dad, kids there is something for everybody
with Property Brothers. and we’ll even get parents that post in their kids are dressing
up as us for Halloween. – Kids walking down the street four, five, and six years old come up us and are like Jonathan, Drew Property
Brothers we love your show! So we wanted to do a little
something for those kids to try and inspire them to dream
big they way we did as kids – Why is that adult are
always the ones who say lets be realistic, no you can’t do that. Kids anything is possible and I think that mentality actually
helps build more creativity. (applause) – Now let me ask you this
question, man. What do you when you and your spouse
disagree on home design? – Um, well… – [Steve] Well just hold
on because Jonathan, Drew got the answer so you gonna find out what to do if you
disagree with your spouse. And we’ll be right back!


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