Oldenburg New Construction Luxury Homes – Waxhaw NC 28173

Wow now that is some pretty land, woods,
lots on the ground. I’m in the Weddington Waxhaw Marvin corridor – 28173 and it’s
amazing how tracts of land like this lay undiscovered to folks like myself and
all of a sudden a builder like this Shea Homes finds and unearths acres of land
for luxury homes and they are building all brick product like this one right
here and that is pretty product. That is good-looking, woods in the back. Now the
location right off of Crane Road near New Town Road. Now New Town is where The Gates at Ansley is and they’ve put a few houses in there where Pulte is as well
as Ladera is right there, right around the corner from Providence Downs South –
and here in Oldenburg, Shea Homes is just already – before their grand opening –
they are laying the foundation and the framework for some amazing homes and
really an amazing community and that’s what it’s all about – putting together enough homeowners who purchase – in this case, luxury homes we’re
talking in the 800’s that want to live together – people of like mind and want to
be out from Charlotte a bit, look at these wooded Lots in Oldenburg my, my, my.
Reference lot 106 right there coming back on this cul-de-sac. These are very
desirable, this is a basement lot right here 107 is the reference for that one.
This was already sold, 108 and you’d be surprised how people see videos and they
buy things based on that video without even seeing it, that is amazing to me how
people are able to conceptualize and to build a house even buy a house again
with my services because I use video to explain, to demonstrate, and to showcase
and people know that, hey a lot of these Lots get picked off and get bought and
if you want to play, you got to pay – that’s home site 112 Oldenburg. Again do not call Shea – they represent, that agent on the other line, that Zillow
whoever – they represent the seller. What you want to do is call me – I want to
represent you as your Buyer’s Agent and you’re here and you’ve just discovered
me, please subscribe to my channel. And go to my website down in the description
so that we can stay in touch, do searches right from the MLS. It’s lot 114,
sitting up high but people are discovering me from all over the nation
and actually outside of the nation as well. I get views all over and people are
buying houses sometimes without even seeing them. I’m not suggesting that you
do that but if I’ve if you’re watching this video I’ve obviously intrigued you
and piqued your interest. I’ve got my Goldendoodle in the back seat here
helping me with this video – what’s up, Jack? So here’s what I’ll tell you – I love new
construction, I love relocation buyers, I really love being an ambassador to the
Charlotte area – we’re in South Charlotte Weddington Waxhaw Marvin corridor, 28173 and I would love to help you so let’s get together. Go to our website in
the description and let’s connect with a phone call – it’s on the screen – and when
you’re coming into town or if you’re a move-up buyer here in town – love to help
you sell your home. I use digital media and professional video doing that as
well and let me make it happen for you. I’m a Buyer’s Agent, new home
construction specialist and I will offer you expert buyer representation at
no cost to you. Look at all these woods and the sun shining in. Guys, it’s just a
couple of days before Christmas and it’s 63 degrees – why the heck haven’t you moved
to the Greater Charlotte area yet? I know I’m not playing fair with that sun shining
through those woods but come on people, move down here. Sell your snow plow and
get into some of these great schools that are down here in the Union County
area and let me make it happen for you. This is Roger, I’m on location at
Oldenburg from Shea Homes – I can’t wait to help you soon.

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