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NUVOBARCELONA | Barcelona Real Estate Investment Advisory

The main idea behind the creation of NuvoBarcelona brand was to give a solution or an end-to-end solution to our international clients. We identified that there is a need of a one-stop shop services coming from the legal to the tax to open the companies, finding the right opportunities and actually tailor-made solution for our clients, investors or end-user customers. We come from a long tradition of Catalan architects and now we have the chance of working with old buildings and convert them into comfortable homes again. What we try is to put value in all of the pre-existing elements like the masonry wall, the wood beams with the floorings, always trying to find the authentic personality of Barcelona and its architecture. We know that the success of a real estate project depends on the execution. We control every technical aspect and put special attention to the detail.
We bring more contemporary, modern, clean, yet warm approach to the projects in order to satisfy our international clients. We provide legal advice to our clients, we help them to obtain financing from local banks and we create the companies to invest in Barcelona. NuvoBarcelona’s methodology is to offer comprehensive solutions to its clients. you

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