NextDoor for Getting Real Estate  Listing Leads [Audio Interview with Captions 2018] 32:46
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NextDoor for Getting Real Estate Listing Leads [Audio Interview with Captions 2018] 32:46

hello everybody thanks for joining us
today i’m Lori Ballen with Lori Ballen Team in las vegas your real estate agent
team here we serve henderson Las Vegas and north Las Vegas and have partners
even up in Reno and I also on a digital marketing company called Ballen Brands
where we built lead generation systems everything from real estate agent
websites to blog content to pay-per-click services to Infusionsoft
campaign funds Ballen Brands is your source for lead generation so I’m
bringing you this series to help real estate agents that are getting started
or that are experienced and possibly looking into other lead generation
sources as we always should kind of be looking for and what I find typically is
is top agents that are producing typically have about three lead sources
and one tends to be a primary and then we have a secondary in the third well my
guest today happen to have answered a chat in one of my Facebook groups about
her experience with next-door the social network and I’ve been exploring I’m actively kind of just joined the group kind of playing with it
a little bit looking at how what people are commenting what they like what they
don’t like how the sponsorship works and that type of thing and so I’m curious to
talk to somebody who’s actually working next door in getting business from it
and it was actually hard to find there’s not not a lot of real estate agents yet
figuring out how to work next door and get business from it so I’m excited
today to bring on Liz Abrams with Abram’s realty and liz is co-founder
of the of the company she’s mom to seven kids ranging from age
9 to 21 how she has time to work we should ask her that first and a handful
of her babies Abrams Realty is a smaller but growing brokerage in
Virginia Beach with about 30 agents who she also considers family and Liz’s
spare time she enjoys boating and camping with her family
thank you so much for coming on the call today absolutely all right so I got to
ask that so seven kids and your own brokerage what does that look like um
it’s a day-to-day thing it can be a little bit crazy but it keeps you on
your toes and reminds you have to take one day at a time there’s good days
there’s not-so-good days I wouldn’t say bad days but we juggle it and my agents
are very much a part of my family and I know them and they know us so that I
think helps too yeah because everybody’s kind of family focused then right
absolutely so you’re but now them being ages 9 to
21 are you starting to find some breathing room in there without having
the little babies at home oh I wouldn’t say breathing room it’s definitely
different because when I had three in diapers that had its own set of
headaches and you know trying to make sure they didn’t set the house on fire
hurt themselves somehow or whatever but now they all have their own lives and
wants and schedules so they’re so active and I guess busy that it’s a whole
nother world so I wouldn’t say it’s better so now you’re probably doing a
lot of chauffeuring and and war games and dance class and all that kind of
stuff yeah my goodness well my hats off to you that’s that’s a that’s a big
challenge you’re really running two businesses because your family’s a
business in itself so tell me about let’s talk about first tell everybody
the areas you serve just so they know where to send you referrals so we cover
all of Virginia Beach Chesapeake Portsmouth Suffolk Norfolk big navy base
area we do you know get out into like Hampton Newport News but not as much was
your um was he just gonna ask you all right well come back to it a second I
had that question I moved out of it so you’ve been there the whole time in that
area yeah you didn’t move there
okay a lot of people I talked to move from one area to another area and
repositioned and okay so you guys have your your 20 agent team does that mean
all 20 agents are on your team we have about 20 agents that are actually teen
agents and then about 10 agents that are independent agents with the brokerage
Wow 20 a lot of agents well I mean I’d like to get us to a little bit larger
but I mean you know how it goes there’s turnover and you know you try to keep
everyone you possibly can but we try to keep them busy and they range from you
know part-time to just hanging – absolutely full-time it just depends
gotcha how much of how much business are you
and your husband actually producing anymore like are you in the temple
working those clients no very much I mean I’ll handle like a family
transaction or you know something that’s close to us we also have a fairly large
property management division as well and I sometimes handle people that come back
out of that like maybe we were managing their property for the past four or five
years and now they’re ready to sell and I maybe sold them their house before so
there’s always that connection it’s not many just a few a year and my husband he
still works listings mostly and I’d say he probably brings in about 40% of the
listings for the farm okay gotcha that’s probably still good because that’s
that’s that’s a decent amount of profitability that still comes in
because he is working with the listing me yeah I know what I was gonna ask you
what is your average price range where you work research um we’re around about
300 thousand I guess okay about 300 thousand okay so how much how much did
you are you actually crediting in closings to next-door I probably see
some more between like six and ten a year from that and I mean I have
closings plus referrals that come from it and property management
okay so let’s break those down so how are you how are you getting business
through next door for a property through a property management company or
for-profit great basically we have a business page as well as a personal page
with next door and the business page there’s really not a lot you can do with
that profile it’s just really for tracking but we make sure that it’s seen
we tag it as often as we can when people say they’re you know gonna be moving out
of the area and they’re not really sure what they want to do with their house
you know we obviously jump on it just because next door is so much of a mini
Facebook hyperlocal and people are more open on it because it’s just your
neighbors so there’s like a level of trust and because we’re in that circle
we can definitely can adjust I guess get in there and just talk to those people
as much as we can so you’re looking you have a you have a business page on next
door did that cost anything to set up no it’s so easy basically I just went in
and typed in you know what my company was I think they must have used Google
or something because they knew where we were and everything and when I actually
went to do that I found that we already had reviews and recommendations so now
we have 29 recommendations which means that we can be seen in 491 neighborhoods
with a total of seven seventy three thousand nine hundred eighty six people
can actually see our profile Wow you you let me get back a second I actually have
next learn I have next door open on my screen right now and where did you type
this in I see a little search bar it was like claim a page or claim a company so
okay so you clicked on so you clicked on one of the options and then that got to
there okay I’ll have today create like a second email address for that so I just
used like my business email address for the business page I use my personal for
my personal there’s really nothing as a business that you can really do on
it except try to get people to recommend you and then they can tag your business
so there that’s not it’s not the same thing as Google my business this is a
separate next door Rainey thing with where you get reviews exactly wow that
is very interesting and why don’t I see that I just did a search for you in your
business and wonder what if you go to recommendations which is on the left
right under category I see that and that says on mine okay got it then on the
right hand side the third bottom one it says clean your business sure I’m numb
look at that just add that and I don’t know if on yours maybe it says at the
very top right under the word recommendations announcing the 2017
neighborhood favorites it does though my company shows up on that because we have
29 reviews and people are recommending I had no idea this is that’s pretty
incredible so all how how does somebody recommend
somebody else on here so they will basically when they’re writing a post in
the general area they can tag the company and say I recommend them or they
can go over to the recommendation sections which is the page you were just
on and recommend them from there so like right now I can click on restaurants
look at the restaurants that are available and click that oh yeah I
really like that one and write them a review wow so if I’m looking for a
dentist or a dog groomer or you go here and these are the what the locals have
actually recommended well this should be I would think this would be huge for a
real estate agent it’s fantastic okay so we shall and all of Virginia Beach we
are the favorite and then we also been out of the favorite for some other
smaller like neighborhoods throughout our area and it’s based on who
recommended you where their neighborhood is so you’re better fit to source
outside of the neighborhood so obviously someone in your neighborhood they see
activity on next door and they you know recommend you but your clients that you
sold the house to you know 20 minutes away
you want them to recommend you because when they do then that’s another
neighborhood that can see you and once you get to recommendations I believe it
is then their labor in neighborhoods can see you so that’s how we got to 491
neighborhoods that can see us that’s me I’m just my neighborhood that’s only 430
people well by getting spread out a little bit that’s 73,000 people the
casillas Wow and I would have to imagine me being a search engine optimization
girl that this would also be vent could be beneficial absolutely I’m curious
because I have to I’m gonna have to dig in and look and see if there’s live
links and how those work and if Google would be reading those I mean obviously
with 29 people recommending and mentioning Abram’s Realty that can’t
hurt yeah I was just I actually am I’m oh is that you that is
you so I just googled next door Abram’s Realty just to see if Google
can see the links on there you did come up number one so next door you’re
actually on there in several neighborhoods exactly what you just said
I can see them in the lip here wow this is pass any have you ever done any kind
of of the paid ads no and what’s interesting is they’re not even
available in my area yet so I’ve clicked on sponsorship many times and I guess
I’m on a wait list for my area but if I haven’t released for my area yet I also
have not done like the listings where apparently I can like list our services
and list like even our homes for sale on the air yeah section we don’t have ours
yet our segment in Vegas I was looking for this yesterday and in Vegas we have
something called we have for sale and then I saw a home
there’s the categories hold on there’s a home decor and there’s a housing but if
you click on housing there’s no listings it’s all tight and we honestly have not
taken advantage of yeah we will I think there’s something
that we’re missing out on but for me one of the biggest things of actually
getting in the community has been be active on the profile be as active as
you can possibly be comment even if you really don’t have much to say oh I’m
really sorry to hear that something so that people you because that’s your face
showing up over and over and over again so like for example my neighborhood park
there was a dog out there the other day it looked like somebody had it handled
but they didn’t know who the dog belong to so we went ahead and posted hey just
ran by the park there was a dog there had a red collar description of the dog
and even though that’s not getting me business directly I’m becoming that
expert of that neighborhood and that go-to person so when it comes up hey who
do I use to sell my house hey right here and there’s no lack of trust because I’m
already all over the page yeah so what you’re doing is you’re not going in
there and trying to sell or breaking any of the Terms of Service which next door
has a pretty strict Terms of Service I was reading you’re waiting for your
you’re communicating your you’re building brand awareness with your
thumbnail image and your name in the comments and and all and is it you’re
just listed as Liz Abrams and the yeah yep and it’s my personal picture
it’s the same profile picture I use elsewhere and does say in my profile
what I do and what not and in my profile as well I wanted to tell you guys this
is so important to be super honest and open because it’s really just your
neighbors that can see this so your neighbors probably already know how many
kids you have or what have you but I mean I went through and I put all
my kids their ages what they’re into everything and I like to be transparent
because that builds trust so it’s there and people oh who is that commenting on
my stuff let’s click on her page and like see what what she’s about so they
can see that so are you are you working then you’re working to comment engage
and then are you also working to add value wherever you have oh yeah when
people are talking about the schools or places to eat or all you know that
neighborhood really well all right exactly I mean we talk about
things you know hey just in case anyone didn’t know the park is having a
Halloween walk or what have you are you allowed to sometimes I’ll mention you
know hey we’re getting a cold spurt remember to like put a drip on for your
for your water because a lot of pipes are freezing in the area things like
that okay are you allowed to put a link to like if you were to create an article
on all that all the places to go see Christmas lights there it during the
holiday season are you allowed to put a link to that article anywhere yes you
could put it in directly into your post as long as they don’t consider it
advertising it should be okay there are some people on next-door that I feel get
a little bit I don’t know I like in a huff and they feel like it’s not good
information so a little comment you know what why are you posting this or
whatever I just try to got to be a really good info yeah yeah I would know
I would think a a you know hey everybody here’s a Google map I created of all of
the you know a of the dog trails or dove you know I don’t know anything of value
especially for a new you know I’m watching and I keep seeing all these
people I live in the vistas which actually has like 4,000 people in our
neighborhood area and so I that’s lucky for me cuz it’s a larger space so
there’s a lot of different parks and a lot of different things like that but I
see new people moving in all the time and they’ll say hey what’s a good
pediatrician well wouldn’t it be nice to be able to give them a list that says
here’s all the recommended pediatricians for Summerlin and and and go in there
and actually ask hey everybody who’s in what I’m making a list of pediatricians
in the area and I was wondering who do you recommend and you make the list yeah
I’ll be happy to give you this list back at the end and then just at the bottom
in the footer it could just have courtesy of Abram’s I mean I wonder
would that fly you think I think it would yeah that’s what I was doing with
my Facebook group that was and I say was only because I couldn’t continue that
do the other things I needed to do it was a lot of focus and I noticed in your
in my question where I asked you what what do you find the most challenging
you said it can be a time suck right is that that’s what yeah oh my gosh I was
spending so much time and it it really is Geographic farming but you’re doing
it online and it can be years to build up this trust in these relationships and
so somebody’s got to give it a whole lot of attention and it will work and I
would I think for somebody who’s got the time to at least check in on I mean
every day I get they send out the little for those listeners that don’t know when
you write when you sign up her next door you sign up with your address and you’re
only allowed to be in the group that you live in they’ve actually mapped this all
out which is incredibly smart and so you know these are all neighbors talking
when you’re in there but every day there’s like a journal
they get sent to my email it’s got kind of like a recap of the of the
conversations for the day and this is how I found out there were coyotes in my
neighborhoods I’m in Vegas for crying out loud we had five coyotes in my
neighborhood last week so I’d keep my cat in and anyway but I see the little
digest and I go okay which one of these conversations could I comment on and you
click through I log in with Facebook actually and then I can just comment on
it or you know interact with it but it is it it’s saying it does if I was gonna
do this with any kind of purpose right now I’m just kind of checking it out it
would require a lot more time right I can see Liz where that would be well
another thing that it doesn’t really take a lot of time but with next-door I
have found that becoming the neighborhood lead is super important
because again it adds that level of trust and it also allows me to see other
neighborhoods as well it also allows my post I can actually click it to make it
go out to additional neighborhoods as like a special alert Wow so right so I
post anything say that at the post car I’m sorry go ahead I was in postcards I
have 68 postcards of like accepted invite postcards I went ahead and just
check the stats and that’s what is that so when you’re in there it says invite
neighbors like let’s hope get this neighborhood larger well my neighborhood
is predominantly seniors and I was kind of skeptical if I would be able to get
this off the ground but they are getting on the computer and signing up because
we have four hundred and thirty of them of a 729 house neighborhood of those
that have joined that 68 that I’ve brought on that they came crept go down
one second because this is the first time I’m learning about this so okay see
it under the map on the right hand side where mine says the vistas and then it
says 691 neighbors but then underneath it says five thousand nine hundred and
ninety neighbors in fourteen they nearby neighborhoods that’s the six thousand I
was referring to so because I’m just in the North section so if I click on that
little invite button I’ve never seen this really cool okay so now it says
invite people you know to next door help the vistas get to a thousand members you
can also invite friends anywhere now how do you know it looks like it’s an email
address how do you have email address I don’t that part up on the right hand
side you can’t put other ways to date all my scars okay so that way don’t
toward you so once you click on it it takes you
like a super like local map of that neighborhood and you can click on the
property like it’s like an outline of the property and you click on it and you
can send them postcards and they allow you to send so many postcards a month
and then once someone is accept your invites you’ve earned quote-unquote to
be able to send five additional postcards that month okay I’ll keep
sending postcards and people will keep joining so does the post family what
does a postcard say does it have your name on it so once you actually get
through and you click on a few properties to send the postcard it does
have your name on it says Liz Abrams has invited you too
you know next door and they have to get that postcard that’s actually very
important because if they get that postcard they have a code to get on a
next door because remember it’s so private that is nuts okay so you believe
that this these postcard invites are creating the first the first touch the
first time they’re seeing your name and then joining which allows you to get
more postcard points it doesn’t cost you anything right okay and then and people
are getting on there seeing your name again and they’re seeing your name again
and then in your profile you have that you are real estate agent and if anybody
says hey I’m looking to buy a house or sell a house then you can answer and say
I’m right here and I’m a real estate agent
great Wow fantastic what else don’t we know that we need to know I know we’re
running out of time but this is really this is cool stuff as a marketer like
why I’m drooling and why mark I can’t believe how many
people in my neighborhood are not part of it I mean I don’t know what the
percentage rates are that actually sign up I mean I don’t know what the
demographics are what have you but I do feel like they’re like some of my agents
are using this as well and some of them are in neighborhoods that are I just
like a younger demographic and they have a higher percentage of neighbors signed
up and the wood is nothing – did you say it’s like the the Millennials or
whatever the younger demographic has more people than F is that what you said
absolutely absolutely or any kind of because they’re more on the social
networks or but I mean like Maya I guess it’s going to depend to on the
demographic of the neighborhood in general you know which I want to be
careful talking too much about age demographics anyway it when it comes up
smoothly I’m sure that has something to do with it as well in my image from my
experience so far what I see is a lot of like neighborhood watch kind of people
you know that there comedy and everyday I see somebody takes
a picture of somebody at their front door okay this person was knocking on my
door and they take a picture of him and then everybody sees that person’s
picture so that they can be aware that that person’s out knocking on doors I
see a lot of my car got broken into and I live in I mean that’s not like a super
common occurrence but it happens everywhere right I’ll see somebody
complain about the kids at the park being loud or rowdy I see a lot of lost
pets and Found pets you know is that kind of the same is that just kind of
how neighborhoods are yes good I do think that you can add to it and get a
little bit more positivity in there so like for example you know I was out I
saw the Girl Scouts are out selling cookies you know heads up guys you know
things like that or you know the local you know shopping center right in front
of our community is getting a new something like you know maybe it’s
getting a 7-eleven post that you know isn’t that gonna be wonderful anything
that you can do just kind of positive you don’t believe it associate negative
oh my gosh like my head the ideas in my head right now are spinning and going
crazy being somebody that as a real estate agent and being so hyper local
focus this is just one more place where you can take your expertise and knowing
the area and this is what Zillow can’t do this is what all of those brokerages
are trying to put us out of business this is what they can’t do because they
don’t know our backyards like we do and so in order to really keep our value
proposition you know we need to be seen and heard as the local specialist and
Gary Vaynerchuk somebody asked him one time hey if you were in real estate what
would be you what would you do and he goes I’d become the mayor of my
neighborhood I’d become the mayor of my not not the
actual mayor but I would I would know everything I knew what was going on I
know about the real estate values I know what new construction is coming in and
what things might affect home values and what schools are opening or closing and
businesses are opening and close you know I’m 100% of that mentality and this
is somewhere you really could go in there and add value well if you’re going
to do here then you turn around and create a
blog post about it on your website the same thing that talks about the new Park
that’s going in in Summerlin or the new dog walks or the new mall or the new
7-eleven like you just said depending you know depending and if it’s a small
place it’s already built up you wouldn’t have that but you could still have
things in the general area that are gonna affect you know that are gonna
affect every community in that general area so if you’re the one creating that
content whether it be videos or blog posts or so you know it’s just taking
out to another level but this gives you I mean if you live in a in an area that
you want to Geographic farm or what you did Liz to you start in the area where
you live but then if you can start getting your business page recommended
then you can start turning over to some other neighborhoods is what I yeah
that’s that’s what powerful stuff I love it love it one of my questions I always
ask is is this scalable what’s your opinion on that as a lead generation
source is it scalable well my agents have really started to use it as well
which has helped us kind of branch into other neighborhoods so the problem is
though because it requires you know a postcard to come and you to prove that
you’re really living in that neighborhood and I can understand that
for safety getting it out of the neighborhoods is very hard unless you
become that neighborhood lead now your brand can show up in other neighborhoods
because other people have recommended you so I see that part is very scale its
scalable now my assistant my you know other agents what have you joined this
get into those neighborhood to keep recommending us that part it can be done
but not just by one person unless I had more addresses gotcha yeah it’s
interesting it’s funny because as I’m as I’m listening and talking here I’m kind
of scrolling around this map and and it’s got three colors it’s got four
postcards needs invites as pink recently invited is yellow and greenest
members and like my map is all yellow so I know I know somebody in it was from my
company that that super super this is his farm this is where he like kills
works open houses everyday you know one of those kind of things so I’m not
surprised to see that but I bet I would bet that there are certain neighborhoods
that are more concentrated than others right because I totally yeah gosh yeah I
would I would I would if I had a I mean this is something to get our teams on
exactly is to get them working their neighborhood strategically and even have
a class and sit down with those team members and say this is how you do it
you know check in on it when you’re when you’re stopping stopping somewhere on
your cell phone waiting to pick your kid up from school or you’re popping it at
home or before we do that loosening contract or in the morning before
checking in on the next-door group and post something that’s valuable but
what’s happening in the neighborhood that day yeah that’s huge
well what advice would you give to somebody that wants to be like you on
next door don’t be a ghost to make sure you have a super filled out profile
and be transparent like if you’re worried about putting your kids names or
what-have-you on there you can just say you know I just have a few you know kids
and just put in you there’s a way to make it general but I look at it is
because I do have so many kids they can see it so I don’t want to be that little
you know bubble you know that there’s no picture there I want them to see you we
are because you have to create trust I think that in this business its
relationship business you have to focus on creating those relationships and it’s
right there in front of you when you log in the next story so to jump in yeah
that’s gold do you have any competing real estate agents in there in your
group um not in my group but I do have them in these like neighborhoods that
are neighboring like that I can see because I’m a lead but they’re clearly
not working it yeah I love that I would imagine that’s the same everywhere I
would imagine there’s probably two or three licensed aged in in in Vegas like
where we have whatever it is fifteen thousand real estate agents or twenty
thousand whatever it is now we’re all over the place you know so I’m sure
there’s two or three neighborhood two or three licensed agents in every
neighborhood whether or not they’re actually logging in and active and
working it I think they got the person that I know that Geograph
geographically farms this area I’ve never seen him on next door I’ve never
even seen him on there so if you’re working that area so strategically I
would think this would be an absolute place you’d want to be present and
seeing yeah green and it’s it I believe I believe next door is owned by a one of
the real estate portals I had it out yesterday and I forget I’ll have to look
at my article and so I think we’re gonna see a lot more advertisements coming
from them directly and I think real estate agents aren’t going to have maybe
have as much of an opportunity when it comes to advertising space where a
plumber will and a dog sitter will and things like that so I believe this is
owned by a real estate network so I’m curious to see where it goes I’m just
kind of watching and eyeballing and playing with it to see see where it’s
going but you gave us absolutely fantastic tips and insight things I had
no idea we’re on here so I will make sure that that article I just published
has this on there as well as well as your interview front and center so that
everybody can see how to use next door and huh I said well thanks
absolutely well thank you so much for your time I really appreciate it and you
know if anything else fantastic happens let us know I’d love to I’d love to find
out more information I’ll make sure to include a link back to you so that
everybody can send send Liz Abrams their referrals in Virginia Beach and
Abram’s Realty so thank you so much for your time Liz you go out and have a
great day you’re welcome thank you – okay bye bye bye


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