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what is going on Sharer’s welcome through
the vlog oh welcome to another awesome day if you can’t tell we’re not home
anymore yeah we’re in Malibu California oh yeah
yeah check it out we got all this land behind us and then check this out we got
the boom straight ocean right there how cool is that and sure it’s just even in
the coolest part we’re not at the house yet we’re walking on the driveway about
to enter the front gate oh yeah you gotta check out our new house it’s so
awesome come on let’s go see this we got a show up check it out shares this is
the front gate of the new share the love house and you gotta enter a passcode
over here to open up oh yeah it’s opening oh yeah that’s how you get into the
house is that so cool shirt it’s so awesome okay we got two giant like my
dragon statues they’re like half lions half dragons look at these things
they’re crazy they’re so crazy they’re super strong oh they’re kind of scary
too yeah these things are huge these lines are super cool shares we got to go
over the awesome name for them we got two of them yep
what should we name this one shares and then what should we name this one and
once you pass these Lions we now have an awesome waterfall here check this out we
got two mermaids on it the dolphin and if you look closely Carter out of the
fish out today I don’t see him right now at this point fish in here it’s so cool
yeah this koi fish they’re super bright orange oh
Sharra’s I see when there’s some cool over here oh there is oh it’s so cool we
have a little clip on and coming along up here you gotta follow all the pricks
these are so cool so many bricks and stepping stones and step on oh check out
this flower chair is how cool is this flower that’s cool cuz it’s orange but
then there’s also like a little blue piece in there oh it looks almost like
an animal yeah that’s then we have this awesome
pink tree here how cool is that yeah it’s got pink flowers on it look at
the trunk it’s like twisty and tangling whoa and over here we got a little
picnic area oh and this is the best part oh I love this part when lunch is ready
you ring the bell snack time loud whoa and shares not only do we have
all the space we have so many animals check this out we have a zebra would be
a zebra zebra oh yeah we got zebras no way those are so cool
they’re like real life-size to do it yeah they’re pretty big it’s a big zebra
yeah and oh look at this thing staring at you it’s like a cheetah I think it’s
a leopard Leopard whoa it almost looks real yeah
wow this thing is cool oh and check it out we also got a tiger oh this is a
statue oh that’s so cool you’re doing the same pose it’s like the same size to
you this is life-size statue right there oh cool
whoa Steve look there’s even two more I’ve never even seen these yet baby
cheetah these are like are these cheetahs or these lepers Cher’s coming
right now what are these things these are so cool oh and Cher’s check it out
here is the swimming pool at the top whoa that’s a pretty big swimming pool
and there’s a hot tub in the end right there oh it’s like an infinity pool it
goes to the edge and then the water spills off the edge into a waterfall
down in there and then the ocean is right up over that way that pool is
super cool or definitely go swimming in that one tomorrow and then going up this
we got even more garden area this way whoa there’s even more than just Tigers
no way who and what is this is like a little one in here Steve I think it’s a
baby elephant and the nose broke off oh whoa look at this thing let me get a
better look at this it looks like there is no there’s nothing pointy on it
they’re just big cactus whoa look at that one
Hey look at this one and look at this one these are so cool oh yeah it does
they’re so sharp you don’t want to run into this plant whoa that is definitely
really sharp oh and we got even another picnic area over this way this house has
so many different areas for like benching and seating and picnic areas
it’s awesome and check out the view from this picnic area we have
an awesome table right here and it looks out to the ocean over there oh the
stress of this picnic area these are so awesome whoa look at that I feel like at
night they’re all gonna come alive like Night at the Museum
oh yeah sure is what do you think right now the Sun is right up there in the sky
but once it goes behind those trees I have a feeling that all of these statues
gonna come to life at night I wonder what’s over this way I haven’t looked
over this way yet yeah that is really steep and there’s a lot of cacti down
there Oh out of it definitely don’t we’re gonna fall down that no good thing
there’s a fence right here whoa Steve whoa do you see that Sharon
check this out it’s huge I didn’t see this yesterday when we got here this is
so crazy it’s a bull I thought it was real for a second whoa Sharra’s look at
this thing whoa whoa that is a cool statue I’m afraid he’s gonna like wake
up and come along yeah I don’t want to be outside when the animals wake up at
night because this one looks angry oh it looks like there’s a blue bowl all
the way hiding up there and shir these up all these animals were just statues
check this out come on over here yeah we got really animals to check this out
chairs we got turkeys all sorts of crazy
animals here it’s so cool and shares the coolest part if you make like a big
noise though coffee you’re ready check this out just like Simon Says you say
something and they say something it’s so cool oh sure look at these things the
head is all colorful and iMix they’re so noisy whoa that one is
crazy-looking oh and we also got little ones over here we got little chickens a
little big so cute they’re like little baby otter
those animals are so cool huh Steve oh it’s so awesome you hear every morning
like I’m gonna keep walking up the hill there’s a lot of land at this new house
it’s so awesome and check it out all this land up here
is like farmland and he’s got all these different trees that grow different
fruits oh this is like a lemon or a lime oh that’s so cool wonder what tree that
came from oh yeah look we got some limes in it yes a lime growing right there oh
and here’s the blue bowl that we were looking at well this was even bigger I
figure this one’s huge hello well it’s got a hump on its back oh this tree is
growing a lot of fruit it’s like an orange but like a tomato looking one
yeah what kind of fruit is that maybe it’s a tangerine what is this sure is
you know what kind of fruit this is oh here’s the one they bought on the ground
sure is what is this kind of fruit color right now whoa looks does this gate open
yeah whoa okay it’s open I don’t know what’s down here yeah let’s go see look
see there’s a shed all the way down in here oh this is crazy
oh ho this is so cool yeah and you don’t want to fall over cuz that is so steep
down in there what he thinks inside I don’t know should we go in yeah I’m
super curious let’s open it up ooh it’s open let’s see what’s inside there’s a
lot of cool stuff in here that’s cool that’s an awesome shed right there you
know feel so much more direct yeah there’s so much of the tunnel in here so
let’s climb all the way to the top of the property it’ll be an awesome view to
look down over the oceans can be so cool to get to the top we have a very steep
climb you got to be careful because at any moment you can just flip it’s so
steep yeah yeah this is really steep there’s so many fruit trees of all
different kinds all over the place that’s awesome and shares we get back
down the hill there’s even more fruits that we can actually pick and eat look
at how high above the water we are whoa that’s crazy you can see so far all is a
beach over there that’s so cool oh my gosh Steven look at this year look at
this one oh look how thing is whoa this can’t be a long
that’s like don’t world’s biggest lime I think it’s something else sure is what
is this is another one right there just you it’s like a tiny tree but huge fruit
on it maybe it’s like a grapefruit sure is if you know what kind of fruit that
is make sure you comment below because I want to know what that is cuz I kind of
want to eat it it’s a huge fruit but it could be something good to snack on oh
yeah check it out see we made to the tub wow that was a long hike more statues up
here wow it was incredible woah wow this is crazy up here yeah whoa you can see
the whole yard from here you can see the pool down there
oh yeah that’s so cool that’s the Red Bull all the way over there
and the house is down there we haven’t showed you the house yet but it’s behind
those trees over there and you can see the ocean you can see
that awesome beach down there yeah whoa you can see really far from here just so
cool sure is this view is whoa check out this little statue thing this thing is
awesome whoa look how many all like one two three four five six seven eight arms
two legs and look at all the heads goes all the way up this thing out
whoa it sure is look what’s inside whoa is that even a real plan I don’t know
what this thing is I’m scared to touch that I’m not gonna touch that yeah this
thing is huge but looks like there’s fruit or something inside I don’t know
what that is what grab a stick Oh Cher’s look there’s a bird stuck inside
this greenhouse look oh he’s actually stuck in there shares can you see him
we’re get the bird out he’s hiding behind that white pitcher oh he’s stuck
Oh see buddy hit the door quick open the door to get this little guy out he’s
probably been stuck in here all day yeah okay come on little bird you can do it
there he is he’s right there on the ground
you got a move CD scared you run around this way okay fly right out okay now the
doors are wide open where is he I don’t see him oh I see him he’s under there
he’s right there Stephen come my way well scare him out you made it he was so
close he is oh he’s out he made it yeah we
save the little bird good then he came up here to let him out he was stuck
inside I don’t know how he got in there must have been a little hole in here
somewhere that he climbed through then he got stuck let’s pull this back up
before any other birds get stuck in here now that we made it all the way to the
top let’s go all the way back down to the bottom and show you the house but
careful going down the hill because it’s even steeper going down you can split at
literally any moment yeah when we get back to the house we have a giveaway
announcement to make for last month’s swag store winner oh yeah that’s right
we’re giving away an awesome drone and we gotta announce who won so stay tuned
once we got back to the house we’re gonna announce the winner oh the picnic
area right here oh yeah sure Liz this one she’s gonna love it with all these
flowers oh these are like pink flowers with a little mini white flowers on the
inside oh my gosh I know what these are good all right it says right there it
says it’s a guava look what the inside of this one is it’s pink
whoa we got a crack on these open yeah bring one of these with us
whoa Carter before we go back to the house what are these whoa I don’t know
what that is a coconut weight it’s got a name tag right here I think let’s see
what it says oh it’s a papaya fruit papaya whoa that’s what that is
come on see must make it back to the house whoa there’s just a big door right
here let’s walk through it whoa oh that scared me there yeah me too those things
are scary and before we head in let’s pick a couple more fruits for Liz whoa
awesome is that an orange I think it’s an orange oh it smells so
good let me smell it it smells so fresh mmm yes was like an
orange that’s so fresh there’s more here they’re so cool this looks like the
rapist one ever here whoa it’s so Orange oh let’s look through the
window and see we can see Liz hey Liz oh let’s go say hi come on if we gotta give
you the house tour come on let’s go inside let’s go let’s go let’s go
give the Grand Tour well here it is inside to share the love house oh and
the view is amazing you look out of the house you can see all of this and the
ocean is all the way in the back it’s so awesome
yes we’re gonna be here all week we got fresh fruits we’re just hanging out
making awesome epic vlogs and here’s the kitchen table it’s like outside but
inside at the same time it’s so cool so you go into this room and has windows
everywhere who wouldn’t even got more statues and here we have the family room
and the kitchen all these from just the yard I know well that was a quite like
that you have to cut it open first what is it it’s a guava oh yeah I’m gonna
kind of open see what the inside looks like yeah I think he’s other two or
oranges yeah fresh oranges let’s cut them over yeah I’m so excited to see
what’s inside the Guam hey let’s try some and is it fruit is it real oh
really good really I want to try a piece mm-hmm whoa it’s so good mmm
that’s really good I also found this mystery fruit oh it’s like purple open
it up what does it look like whoa what is this are you trying it you don’t
eat it it’s so good it’s good yeah it looks like crime no way so good so good
mmm hmm Cera’s this tastes so good mmm weed the jackpot on this fruit Oh
jackpot we got announce the winner of last
month’s giveaway we as a drone and the winner of last month’s giveaway was
Pierre and from Connecticut oh yeah you want to awesome drone
oh yeah Peter check your mailbox cuz it’s on its way
oh yeah shares in this month we’re giving away even more epic and awesome
stuff so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out oh hey Liz where you goin oh yeah sure it’s to get out of this
house we don’t have the key so liz has to reach through the gate to enter the
passcode it’s so cool do you get it cool wait quick come on run bakery throw it
locks you in okay there we go alright Cheryl’s there you have it that is the
chef’s love house for the week here in Malibu California oh we’re gonna have so
much fun this week in this house we’re gonna go the pool tomorrow we’re gonna
be doing awesome stuff for the rest of the week I don’t even know but
definitely come in awesome ideas so we know what to do in this house yeah
shares and we’re even gonna go to the beach and do some epic wave surfing
awesome stuff in the water oh yeah I forgot about the beach we definitely got
to do that we’re also gonna meet up with other youtubers and subscribers while
we’re out here oh it’s gonna be so much fun shares if you live in California
comment right now and until next time you don’t have to do stay awesome and
share the love you


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