New Disney Park ~ Pixar Pier, Cars Land, & Monster Coasters!

oh yeah good afternoon my YouTube peeps
from Southern California a pool all to myself some palm trees just a baby there
but lots and lots of palm trees around here coming to you from LA Los Angeles
Anaheim to be exact actually half a mile on the other side
of the highway is Disneyland parks that’s right I am celebrating 200,000
subscribers on YouTube for the next three days and I’d love it if you guys
want to come along with me because we’re gonna start this off with a brand new
park for me a park I have never been to in my entire life a Disney park Disney’s
California Adventure Park all decked out for Halloween that’s right I picked the
perfect time of year all the kiddos are back in school the park here is
completely empty so I’m gonna join my pool I’ll get back to you later no
seriously guys stop watching this is my me time oh yeah I’m so refreshed I may
hit that spot a hot tub later tonight but Skeletor is back ladies and
gentlemen just in time for Halloween and yes he will be riding on the back of the
RV bungeed to the bike just like this with that same awesome expression of you
know what I mean yeah there’s my big boy I know look what I can do to help look
what I can do dad yeah we’re so impressed that’s amazing
Jack’s so we’ll hang out tonight and then I’m gonna go to the park tomorrow
but I’m gonna shuttle back around lunchtime to see you okay
and magically it’s morning right come to Disneyland everybody we got a
Disneyland right behind me but like I said first we’re gonna do Disney’s
California Adventure all decked out for Halloween with eggy-baby greeting us
there at the entrance then look too busy either I think I
timed this just right for getting here now it’s muggy here right now it’s not
hot yet the sun’s not even out yet but go get checked in and we’re in even
though I’ve never been to this park before I can tell the subtle little dip
differences the decorations for Halloween all the purple purple facades
and looking down Main Street I guess you got the bat and more purple
Julius cats here we working on there while you’re fixing
a watch okay get a load of these crowds I’m used to Disney maybe not this Park
particular but these crowds they’re not bad at all
it’s the headless horseman here uh-huh yes empty here where’s everybody okay
Halloween Mickey over there signing autographs all right so I’m gonna turn
right and we’re gonna see Grizzly Peak land of scenic wonders that’s awesome it
looks like a national park sign of sorts I like that look at the gas station
welcome campers astok but the old family truckster
loaded up with camping gear and I see a guitar in there uh-huh
Wow a picnic basket in the map they got it covered
and I just found my first ride guys my second favorite ride in Disney World is
Soren and they have a Soren here in California Park also so we’ll get in
line to check it out it was a really good ride but somehow I
was expecting a little more California in it and they actually played the exact
same exact same one from Disney World except the very end scene was Disneyland
Main Street instead of Magic Kingdom otherwise it was exactly the same as
Disneyland but still a great ride really short waits and it pays to be single
they asked if there’s any single riders I raised my hand and walked past
everybody in five minutes I was on the ride so score definitely a great ride to
start the day now where’s that sunshine I don’t really care I like it right now
it’s really comfortable I like this park it is not busy at all
okay what’s next why do I hear water here water at least
we’re on the scenic route here in California found out what the water is
it’s kind of like Kelly River Rapids this is Disneyland version 5-minute wait
got to do it so funny thing is every other one that
goes see it always stops when it gets there everyone I saw that big thing of
water stop not for me I got as wet as you can possibly get on this ride I
should have saved that for later in the day but I didn’t eat breakfast today and
I did make one lunch reservation so I’m gonna eat really good for lunch I’m
gonna go around this park and we’ll find our lunch reservations checking out old
Grizzlies decked out for Halloween – come on guys come on get away but first
this is the Grizzly Peak store it’s all like wild nature themed and everything
just looking for magnets oh you can get your your grizzly bear right here look
at that mural is it Bear Creek but I got a trail through here but you can see
they are decorating for Halloween everywhere little hidden candles this
place would look really cool at night tonight but California Adventure is only
open eight eighths I don’t even know if we will see any real dark tonight a
Disneyland is open till midnight I simply cannot believe how empty this
park is I’m just comparing it to any Disney park everything is just wide open
ders look at this place definitely not complaining you know me
everywhere I go people just seem to just scatter and get everything to myself it
does say the pass is open you wouldn’t think it is looking through here though
huh you know everybody like just walks by this and doesn’t even look but the
detail at Disney is just amazing they didn’t have to do this they got some
coal trucks here it says Eureka mine shaft right there they got their Park
Service truck here with the Grizzly Peak and some old rusty artwork their yard
art the magic of Disney man I love it I’m 20 minutes early for a reservation
so let’s check out this bakery tour that bowden Oh
bakery tour smells good in here got some bread snack pretty cool they’re actually
making bread in here I guess right yep there’s the dough being dropped it’s too
busy in here though there’s uh there’s nowhere to sit there every single table
in here is taken yeah Hey whoo look at those breads
wait Reds I just do it so I’ll get corrected there’s the finish bread up
there well I found where my lunch reservations are at the car through a
circle here and it looks like they’re ready for Halloween all the commotion
over here unexpected in a street show I like that
all the Halloween stuff I walked right past this really neat statue Walt Disney
and Mickey Mouse with his suitcase ready to go says boss Angela’s fun Mickey
suitcase they’re pretty cool thanks Walt for building the parks well I am the first person in this
restaurant but you know what who cares really pretty love my crown apple and they have a
Halloween special drink it’s foolishly delicious oh it’s
delicious you probably wouldn’t like it that was really super good food the
meatball air was delicious the portions are a little small but it’s all fancy I
guess so give it 15 I’m gonna go find a ride that
has a 15 minute wait so I can settle and go on some big rides now also I’m gonna
give away my secret because I generally naturally don’t do too well on coasters
and looky-loos but I take chewable bo9 and just take two of these at least an
hour before you start and I don’t get seasick
Oh get sick at all but still its ease up on the alcohol today okay there we go
happy Halloween here in Cars Land let’s go check out Cars Land Radiator Springs
route 66 look a bit cones up there you can go tractor Tippin here I’m not gonna
ride all the kiddie rides but that’s pretty cool only a five-minute wait should I do the
tractors you got lots of treats and snacks here but I I need to stay away
from the sugar the tow mater with the bat wings
Sarge’s supply Hut Oh pumpkins out of gas cans yeah they got a lot of cars
related stuff in here for the show my favorite thing in the whole store is the
oil can coffee cup mug I got to stop collecting these
though they break in the RV on the rear holy cow they got the cozy cone just
like route 66 almost how cool is this with the distributor cap spiders oh man
I wonder how long it takes to decorate this Park for Halloween looks like they
put a lot of effort into it oh they got the cones and they’re all food like pop
cone concoctions there’s chili con queso ice cream cones churro
I may have to come back for some pop Cola later there’s the line to see tow
mater I’ll get down for Halloween I’m gonna wait in line yeah I had to get my
picture taken with Halloween mater tow mater awesome yeah route 66 and Luigi’s tires over there the happy
Halloween shop and Ramones house of bodywork here pretty cool you can dine
in here with the gas pumps and there’s air condition inside here
it’s got that that 50s feel you know and Stan Lee the founder loved it
Radiator Springs really makes me miss route 66 guys being
here just saying all right well we got Radiator Springs racers they do have a
single person a single rider line don’t know if you can tell how massive this
track really is this is was a huge addition to this park I’m gonna grab the
GoPro get in line and go see what we can do I’ll give them some credit that is my
all-time favorite Disney attraction right there that had everything if a
dark it’s coaster goes kind of fast and it’s colorful animatronics that was by
far my favorite ride and Disney or so far well we’ve come to that part of the
park its Pixar pier out here with a big coaster some of the ferris wheel look
another movie they go in and out strange right that coaster oh my gosh it looks
like fun I may have to find a place for my backpack I’m gonna try to bring the
GoPro though Skov err and it picks up here together guys but this looks cool at night too there are a lot of rides here fixed harp
here I found where I want to get a snack the adorable snowman frosted trees the
lines a little long but that’s okay Wally and that’s awesome oh my goodness it’s
already melting it’s so warm here but the Pixar Pier blueberry raspberry
parfait with a cherry on top it’s delicious you wouldn’t like it actually
buddy would like it all you know how goes that really hits the spot
on a hot day Oh Eric people are staring yes please that was an epic coaster the biggest
coaster I’ve ever been on and that’s a good ride that single ride weight single
person you know wait like five minutes and there they go going on the big
coaster right after about 2,000 calories where the ice cream though maybe not my
wisest maybe not it’s all good that bo9 really helps my motion sickness yeah did my GoPro stuff work I hope it
did they’ve got a Toy Story carousel over there but I must skip that one yeah
I’m gonna head out a Pixar appeared that’s right
I got me a pin celebrating 200k subscribers on YouTube fancy and
everybody with these pins with different stuff written on them didn’t know you
could just check into guest services and have them write whatever they want so
now I’m officially celebrating 200,000 subscribers on YouTube and thank you
guys for helping me get there like I mentioned this is kind of my vacation a
little celebration and I’m happy to share it with those that might care if
not stick around a couple days we’re gonna get back on the road real soon
I’m gonna do dinner alert a little early here Flo’s v-eight so for dinner here in
flows and doing something a little different it would be a quick service
instead you can eat for under 15 bucks they do the counters in this so and even
the coke is all Halloween themed beloved let’s go I got my chicken tenders drives
because the air conditioning is very very nice in here right it’s Hollywood
Boulevard down here first they have a couple indoor
air-conditioned shows they got one for like little kids I think they got
Mickey’s fill harm a took over here Disney World also has that one it’s a
it’s a 3d glasses but hey award-winning wieners the best
wieners good thing I already ate cuz all of
those look really good and here’s the Mickey’s Philharmonic marquee here there
we go okay I gotta be quiet start really good show by the way it’s a 4d
show that’s why it probably looked blurry to you but they’re they have like
blowing wind going on and they spray water and their sense that come out so
you can smell what they’re cooking and everything in the show it’s a pretty
cool show it’s a good place to be when the talk yeah and also nothing for
magnets I did not see a single magnet that would capture anything from this
park so I mean they’re gonna grab something and at Downtown Disney and
actually I filmed Downtown Disney yesterday for a nappy tree on exclusive
video it’s all of my patreon supporters make sure you checked it’s it’s there
it’s live yeah and it was it was fun it’s different kind of familiarize
myself with the two parks and everything but maybe I’ll get a rubber magnet over
there for this instead of one in the park one last thing to go on and that is
the guardians of galaxy ride at the end here it’s a lot like Tower of Terror but
guardians of the galaxy theme so it’s a dark ride not gonna film it just
probably wouldn’t see anything it was good it was really good really good
really enjoyed this park it’s got a lot to offer I’m glad I finally tried it out
cuz I’ve been meaning to for awhile but I’m gonna cut it short and beat the
crowds get on back check in on Jax and spend the rest of the evening there at
the resort gear up for the next day I did a lot of walking today a lot of
walking would be a lot of walking tomorrow too
I do want to do Disneyland because it’s a new attraction Star Wars Galaxies
edges open we’re doing it tomorrow no matter what I’m doing hey
head on back what a day oh don’t even start mister hey we saw how you treated
Mickey Mouse’s little little baby brother last month here in the RV
yeah we saw that you and Mickey don’t get along huh hey don’t you guys do not
get along Plus no kitties allowed okay I’m gonna
go in the pool okay I’m gonna go in the pool
it’s like were you talking to me dude I ain’t the cat
I ain’t that cat all right listen kibbles ya hungry
you’re okay cool right now oh I thought you meant tomorrow okay all right but 85
degrees at 5:00 p.m. I’m probably gonna have a hard time finding the spot in the
pool Oh scratch that pool to myself yeah hot tub
to myself no no you wouldn’t like it wonderful fantastic glorious oh yeah hey
thanks for watching my vids you guys I appreciate it and if you liked this
video I think you’re gonna like my Disneyland video just as much because
like I said galaxy’s edge and some new stuff and to reward you for sticking
around for this video because I know Disney’s not for everybody but I wanna
like let you know a little bit of what’s going on I did say I was going to get
some new some new batteries added to my system and so to do that in Los Angeles
Flagstaff from Los Angeles to Flagstaff route 66 its historic route 66 and when
I did route 66 in 66 days a few years ago I mentioned all the different
alignments of route 66 from decade to decade you could do route 66 for five
different times and find all new stuff and I’m super excited to film new all
new stuff on route 66 as we trek east I’ll make my official
announcement in a couple days after Disney but you heard it here first
thanks guys see you in two days from Disneyland Star Wars thanks

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