N. Korea wants to settle property issues, not removal of S. Korean facilities: Expert
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N. Korea wants to settle property issues, not removal of S. Korean facilities: Expert

Pyongyang ultimatum puts South Korean
tours to Mount Kumgang in jeopardy while it was first believed that the North’s
intention was to press how to work harder to resume the tours some experts
believe that may not be the case conn-young who provides a deeper
analysis Pyongyang first notified Seoul late last month that it should come and
demolish its facilities and that the details could be decided through written
exchanges in turn South Korea suggested holding working-level talks and sending
a team north to inspect the facilities both of which were rejected Seoul has
been looking to create an opportunity for the two sides to meet and talk
face-to-face and as much as the tours began as a joint project and in view of
their historical significance but with Friday’s report in the north state media
the regime has completely rejected that possibility a North Korea expert says
Pyongyang never intended to discuss and mutually agree to the tearing down of
South Korean facilities it had already made up its mind what North Korean
leader Kim jong-un meant by discussing with South Korea was not in terms of
whether or not to remove the facilities but to settle issues of property rights
this reflects Pyongyang’s ambition to develop its economy through tourism the
North aims to finish building the ones on Karma tourist area on its eastern
coast by next April and Mount Kumgang is included in this zone it’s believed
North Korea would want to work on Mount Kumgang as well and put an end to ten
years of neglect the north wants to develop and run the tours independently
and would let South Koreans come later in the meantime Seoul is looking for a
breakthrough unification Minister Kim hunter met
Thursday with hyundai group chairwoman hyun jeong-eun with other business
operators on friday but with the fate of the symbolic inter-korean project now
unclear the key for Seoul will be to ensure that South Korean property is
secure conn-young Arirang news


  • Craig Winstanley

    Fair enough. The buildings do look like they have had ten tears of neglect. If the RoK wants unification negotiations with the PDRK to progress in a meaningful way then the US military presence/occupation in the RoK needs to come to an end. It’s almost 2020 and the RoK is a very strong nation. The Korean Peninsula is like a large extended family that needs to solve it’s disagreements without the continual interference of ‘outsiders’. Time for the two Korea’s to grow up.

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