My First Year as a  REALTOR® #STORYTIME
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My First Year as a REALTOR® #STORYTIME

Hey friends! Welcome to Leigh Brown
story time! I was asked to share with y’all, about my experience as a new REALTOR® when I got into the business 19 years ago. Now, what you should know is
that when I first got in,I felt lost, and out of dead-end in my professional life at the ripe young age of 21. When that happened because I was coming out of a job in corporate sales for Husqvarna, where I sold premium chainsaws, lawn
mowers, and weed trimmers. And no, they are not surpassed by any other brand truly the best. And before that I had worked as a stock broker for Prudential securities, and y’all remember Prudential securities? Yeah they’re gone now. And before that, I had worked as a bartender and bar manager at Chili’s Grill and Bar. And if you are from the Charlotte and Huntersville area. You should know I was working at the one off exit 25 there at Samford Road in 77. When that was the first thing on that exit before Birkdale even existed. Now, if you’re not from this area, you just totally have no reference point for what I said. But people from around here, y’all remember this area has changed a lot. Inside of 2 decades, and frankly so has real estate. And when I first got in, I didn’t know what I was doing, I had a license because my daddy had asked me to get my license previously, so that I would have it in my back pocket. And I was glad that he did. So, the first thing I’ll tell y’all is. Take away from my story, get a license even if you think you never want one. Because one day you may need to fall back on it. And I have just moved back to Charlotte from living in Texas. And so, I was gonna have to do whatever I had to do to survive. Now, it was just me at the time I wasn’t providing for anybody and that was a blessing from a timing standpoint. But as somebody who doesn’t like to live a “debt full life”, is that a word? I want to be a “debt-free life”, so I guess “debt full” would be the opposite of that. And so, I had to figure this out right quick. And so, for me to survive in real estate, I followed exactly what my daddy said. To do now you should know he got his real estate license in 1978. And so, as a very established REALTOR® and actually almost the first realtor in the Charlotte area to have his own website. My daddy was cutting-edge. He also was one of the very first to have a team in the Charlotte market. That’s how crazy things have changed. Well I joined him as a buyer agent on
his team. But my daddy had a very interesting
philosophy about this, and it’s opposite of how many REALTORS® act. Which is that, I should not be allowed to advise or consult anyone until I had lived in his hip pocket for at least 90 days. Now, what that means is I went with him on every appointment, every listing appointment, every buyer showing I sat beside him in the office and in negotiations. I learned how to deliver a contract behind the dumpster at the Hardee’s on Church St. on Concord. Learned all these things, because my Dad believes that real estate should involve an apprenticeship period and a strict mentor relationship. So, that we are not putting green
REALTORS® out there into the public to mess up somebody’s transaction. It’s very critical to think about. So, was it financially challenging for me to not make any money for 90 days? Yes, but what I learned allowed me to scale my business pretty quickly. And so, soon after that he allowed me to work with my first buyer client. They’re are still friends of mine today and my first seller ever. Which that house is now investment property for Mama and Daddy. And it has nothing to do with the fact that it was my first listing it’s just how things happen to work out. But I look back into my career, and I don’t know that I would have been an effective REALTOR® for those first clients if I had not had an amazing mentor in my dad. Now, you may not have a dad in real estate or a mom in real estate, where do you find that person? who will put you in their hip pocket for 90 days? Go to a team leader that has a heart for education and a heart for sharing their own skills. Because the best leaders in real estate
will tell you everything they know, knowing that you’re gonna take it and
put it into action. And then add your own tweaks to make it even better. Which means your job at that point becomes to do what I do now, and take what daddy gave me and that I made better and make it where I can give it to y’all and then when y’all make it better and bring it back to me . Well that just makes my heart glad. Because then I can learn from you, just as you’re learning from me today. So, I’ll tell you that in that first year I became rather successful and I did make some decent money. In fact what happened at the end of that first year was I had to pay the IRS $19 ,000 in taxes. ‘Cause I didn’t pay my quarterlies as a new REALTOR®. My parents also believed that I should learn some lessons the hard way and I love how they parented me and I’d do my best to emulate them. Because when I took that bill to my daddy I was probably as white as a sheet. (Let me pick up a piece of paper) I was just as white as that, and I said “Daddy IRS is $19,000, what am I going to do? And he said “Congratulations, that means you had a good year in real estate. Because frankly that’s how we celebrate things like that real estate. “Oh you did so well you a money good job!” Well, I had to call the IRS and do what most honorable people do. Who are not elected officials who hide their tax returns and don’t pay their taxes or even certain commentators on certain mainstream media channels. But I created a payment plan with the IRS
and I paid it off, and was it hard? Yes! And was it painful? Yes! and was it a
lesson I’ve had to learn twice? No! Because some lessons you learned at one time and you’re done with it. And so that was how my first year went. If there’s anything I can do to help you make your first year better that’s what I do over here with training and I’ve also got my Online University called Leigh Brown University. Which will tell you all the things that most brokerage training programs intend to tell you but forget. Sign up and get some support, ’cause you don’t have to do real estate alone. I’m here, others are here, and let’s all get
better together.

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