My Favorite Real Estate Deal Ever
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My Favorite Real Estate Deal Ever

What’s up real estate mavericks? Kris
Krohn here. Today, I’m going to share with you my favorite real estate deal that i
have ever done before. It’s my event center. So, check it out. I’ve been in the
game of real estate. As many of you know for many years, if you’re a subscriber
you know I’ve done thousands of deals. From time to time, I do a commercial deal
what it feels like it makes sense. This deal is where I get to combine maximum
passion with maximum profitability. I want you to actually understand what
this place is for. I got my YouTubers, my fans and my friends and my partners that
actually meet me here and then come like from all over the world to actually put
on events here and actually learn and grow their real estate knowledge. I use
this place a handful of times a year but the reality is this: This is a place that
I rent out and used to produce other profitability. So, let me show you around.
Guy,s I got director of business development. Marianne right here. With us
to my team. Guys, can you say hi to all of our all of our YouTube friends? Guys,
these are some of the brilliant geniuses that make everything that we do here
actually work and fly. So, these are some of the brilliant people. This is our
creation room and are you guys creating something epic? Is it going to be epic for
them? Okay, awesome. Did we get municipal permission from the city to do that one
thing? Okay, good. Come on guys. Marianne, let’s do this. So,
right now, it looks like… I’m just showing you a building. But the reality is this
space rents out. Come check this out. This is awesome. We’ve got fireplace, we got
like little sitting area thingies. This real estate can rent out for up to 10
plus thousand dollars a day. Sometimes 15 or 20 thousand dollars. Yet
bathrooms here. Little sitting areas. And when you put on events, one of the things
that you need to do is when you get in the game of commercial real estate, you
need to know the business because commercial means it’s no longer just a
building. It’s a building combined with a business.
These are holding tank. So, last week at our grand opening, we had hundreds of
people join us from all around the nation. We had people from also Saudi
Arabia and Mexico and Ireland. And came here to basically have an
experience. This is one of our smallest rooms. We call this our hipster room.
Technically it’s called the serenity room. I don’t know who named these things.
But this room is designed for 50/ 80/100 people. We were doing our
VIP meals and breakout sessions and some really cool stuff here. But the room that
I really want to show you before we make it into the studio… What this is all
about. It took me 18 months to find a piece of real estate that had a 7,000
square foot space without pillars, unadulterated, 2 stories. And as you
look around the space, you’re going to see that the ceilings filled with lighting,
430 square feet of video walls. We’ve got stages, we got AV tables. Pretty much
almost 3/4 million dollars worth of gear to put on an experience. That’s basically
why it’s called the Experience Center. Now, check this out. I want to show you
this. People will actually pay 100 to 200 thousand dollars to a
company to bring in this kind of gear. So, part of making this real estate business
deal fly as we said we want to create more value. There’s only 3 venues in
the entire county that are able to put on a venue for up to 500 people. Here, we
have permits up to 600 people. We’ve got catering kitchens in the back.
I won’t take you there right now. We’re going to go into my corporate space. I want
to show you the studio. But in this place, in this deal, instead of people paying 100 to 200 grand for this equipment, we can actually say, “Hey, we’re
going tO make it available for less than half the cost than anyone will.” In fact,
you want to put on a 3-day event, you’ll just rent this for 5,6,7
grand a day. You can actually rent all of this equipment and we can basically tack
on an extra 5, 7, 8 thousand dollars and guess what? They’re getting
it at a bargain and we’re going to put people out of business. I don’t take joy
in that. But what I am saying is that in business, you have to become savvy enough
to know how to be the best in the business. So, in the event space, we’re
going to… We’re going tO edge out all of our competitors and we’re going to show people
that we can drive and create more value. And at the same time, my investors that
are in on this deal because I didn’t put a penny in this. I definitely put some…
Marianne and I put on what like a thousand events. I mean crazy amounts of
events over the years. Come come this back way. This is for my… My little
BMW car toy. Then we got the private entrance. And then we come into the kind
of the employee side. We pride ourselves on having like a small core team of
incredibly passionate individuals that are all about furthering financial
freedom, financial independence, taking things to the next level. In a moment, I
want to show you some footage of what that room looked like last week so you
get a feel for what the events are like or what the center can do. Because here’s
what I want you thinking. This one deal will make me over a million dollars a
year. One deal. One deal an extra million dollars a year. Think about that for just
a second. I’m not buying thousands of homes to do that. I’m doing a single
transaction. And how much money did it take me? None. i leveraged my track record.
By the way welcome to the studio. So, this is going to be the home where you’re
going to see a lot of our YouTube videos shot here in the future. But let’s do
this right now. Team, I want you to go ahead and just real quick, I want you to
cut to some of the footage from that event that we held just last week so you
can actually see this place rip-roaring come to live. By the way, also what it’s
like to actually come to one of the Kris Krohn events. To all of your organs and no doctor on
this planet can tell you why it’s doing it or how long it’s going to do it. But
I’ve learned this: If it’s beating, you’re supposed to be here. I will show up! I will be the change! I
will make the difference! Who’s with me!? ♪ This is what we came for ♫
♫ We couldn’t wanted anymore. ♪ Never turn back now. ♫ There is no circumstance on this planet bigger than you.
If you’re suffering from toxic or negative energy on any level, find out
where your responsible for it. There’s nothing that ever face that’s
bigger than you. You’re 100% in charge of your emotions.
You’re 100% in charge of your life. So, show up! I’m going to share with you what you need
to bring to the table so that you can demand success. Everything you want is
founded outside of your comfort zone. That is where you’re going to find what you
are looking for. I think the breakthrough process and the
teaching about that is absolutely amazing. -The mindset training is
amazing and it’s changed our lives. ♫ Follow me ♪ So, pretty cool, right? Like, crazy energy.
You saw this woman. She was like freaking queen and boss on that stage. We invite everyone else come chill out in our new space. This is custom-design event center. And recently, we put every square inch of thought into this. So people would come. We want
people that come to our events to have an experience unlike anything else. For any other purpose. –Business convention, or wedding. Whatever event maybe. This is the place where we want you to you’re at home. -So, come in here real quick. I want to just show
you one thing real quick. I’m going to put this up here on the screen for you. And I
want to help you understand this one piece right now. This transaction right
now. This is a 16,000 square foot building. It required a few million
dollars to get this up and going. I created an opportunity for my investors
to come in and give them a handsome ROI. The reality is I basically did this deal
where it didn’t take any money out of my pocket. This is designed to produce
somewhere around on the low side, 2 million dollars a year of revenue and
income. This goes back to my partners and my investors and at the end of the day.
Here’s the goal: To have a million dollars left over. Now, think about that
for a moment. A single transaction, it took zero money to actually make this
deal go down but it actually produces a million dollars in revenue. Once it
really fully matures and gets up and going and does its thing,
but here’s the fun part where I say it’s my favorite. Like, I got a studio. My
office that’s being built out has a mezzanine level with like extra bedroom.
Place where I can entertain my guests that come in town. Some of you that are
going to be coming and participating more with us. Last week it was the home of
transformation our events as you saw… Dude, we just light people’s lives on
fire. That lights me up. Dude, we don’t… We got the money. We don’t have to do this
for any other reason other than purpose. You’ve got to have a bigger why. You
gotta have a reason for why you do any of this stuff. And so you can’t just be
in it for the game of making money. Instead, I really want you to contemplate.
What’s your purpose? What’s your mission? What excites you? And Real Estate’s just
a vehicle goal that can help you make a lot of money. So, I hope today’s video was
information. I hope it was useful. I hope that kind of opened your mind. I hope you
got to actually share some of my passion and see that hey we got a
home for our people and our team and we’re doing all sorts of good fun just
crazy stuff. This is joyful. And by the way, strange
that in this situation, lots more joy produces a lot more money, a lot more
profit. Everything just makes sense. It’s coming together and it should in your
life as well. So by the way, if you haven’t come out to one of my events, I
want you to click the link below. And for those of you that are like. “Wait a second
here. Kris, you can help me do deals like this? You can let me figure this out?” I
want you to know there’s another link below in the description, it would give
you all the information to talk to incredible men and women on my team that
will show you how you get in the game when you don’t have money or credit like
me. Or, if you’re like, “Kris, actually I’ve got some money.” Then we’re just going to
accelerate and help you do a whole lot faster. So, Marianne, next event.
You guys got to actually check below. But those details are… They going to see Marianne
there, me. You’re going to see the rest of my team and you’re going to be meeting people
from all over the world saying, “Hey, Kris. We found you on YouTube. Now, we’re ready
to take our transformation to the next level.” I hope to see you there.


  • tte

    making over 6 figures annually because of you thanks man. you was the first person i watched, you got me into real estate
    love you <3

  • solo kishore

    I've been watching your videos more than a year, but sadly I am from india so just enjoying your success. Wish I could but

  • Aysha Chaudhry

    Wow this is inspiring, thank you! I definitely believe experiential/event spaces are a growing niche that I want to eventually get into.

  • Jason Mendoza

    One thing that seems to happen regularly with your videos is that the sound is very minimal EXCEPT for the intro song (which blasts due to low sound for voice). Just an observation. Love the content and just thought I would give some feedback that frustrates me a bit each time. 🙂

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