Moving Water Shapes the Land
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Moving Water Shapes the Land

Hi, I am Jared, welcome to Fun Science
Demos. I have in my hand a tray of dirt and leaves and sticks and
rocks. And I have this spoon and I have the
power to change the shape of that dirt and
land and rocks. Well, we are out here in the woods surrounded with dirt and rocks and sticks. I look
around and think to myself, Well what changed the shape of this land? What had the power to change the shape
for this land? Well it certainly was not a spoon. It is water. I am standing in water, moving water and
that is the big idea today. Moving water has the power to change the
shape of land. So take a look at this water.
What do you notice? Well, I notice that it is moving. Why is it
moving? Water always flows downhill. And most of the time that water moving downhill meets up with other water moving downhill. And most of the time when that water meets up with other
water moving downhill, that water usually ends up in the ocean. Think about it, the water I am standing in
will actually reach the ocean. This little stream will run into a bigger stream which will
meet into a bigger stream yet and then that will turn into a bigger
river, which eventually makes its way to the ocean. This water
does not seem to be moving too quickly and it does not seem too powerful. I am not getting carried downstream.
But it is working all the time on the rocks that it is running over and the dirt and everything else. When it rains really
hard, more water comes into this stream and it moves faster and becomes more
powerful to really do a lot of work. What kind of work can this moving water
do? Well, it can shape the land. Look at the curve of this stream. The water had the power to make that curve. It can
shape rocks. Take a look at this rock. It has some really
sharp edges on the bottom, but if I spin it, it has some smoother
edges. Why? Well, the water was rolling over top
of this rock and it actually smoothed those sharp edges out. Take a look and you can see piles of trees, whole trees, that were
moved by the force and the power of this water. Look over there, take a look at all those
dead trees that this little stream has moved. Water has the power to shape the land. The really cool thing is that moving
water has so much power, scientists have discovered they can use moving water to create
electricity. But that is for a different video. If you
want to learn more about how moving water shapes the land, check out our links in the video
description. Science is so cool and water is really cool. Thanks for


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