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Make sure I’m recording now, October 31st 2019 Wilmington North Carolina that has been 11 now. It’s been 10 – The Beginning of 2019 it has been wild It has been a crazy ten months thus far so I wanted to catch up catch you guys up a little bit. What’s the past? if you’re just if you’re new to the channel, and you’re just Popping in for the first time you see something that you liked or I posted something about this video and you clicked on it Thank you. Thank you for your spin Thank you for having some genuine interest in my life What I have to say what I have going on there’s times where I really don’t know when to make these videos just because Approximation kicks in Just I Really don’t feel like picking the camera. I struggle with that a lot Taking the time to devote to something that I really want. For example, I Really want a YouTube channel? I really want to do job, but I struggle with picking the camera and recording myself And I’m not not too sure why why I struggle with that, but I do sometimes I bring the camera with me It’s SL. Give you guys a little bit of a little bit of how my my brain and my thinking works I’ll wake up in the morning and I’ll think to myself man. I’m gonna vlog all day today I’m going to go to the store wanna vlog it. I’m gonna get some some some boxes of cereal I’m gonna get those on camera and I’m gonna do like some funny skits and then I’ll wake up in the morning and I do my routine and Take a little bit of photos and I start recording and then halfway through the day. I Stop recording I lose interest or I don’t want to pick the camera. I just This may seem kind of ridiculous But we if you’re anything like me you want to do something and you feel like procrastination Sets in and it just sits there and you get stuck Have you ever been stuck before I? Hate that feeling I I hate the feeling of being stuck But look at me now have the camera I have it up right now I’m talking to you guys Just want to say thank you for taking the time to join us this morning Over the past 10 months. I started the year off in Akron, Ohio living in a two-bedroom one-bath Tate home in Akron Ohio the downtown area I’ve been not so good parts over about Lake Street different if you’re familiar with that Area About three four months later packed everything up moved to Wilmington, North Carolina Probably about two weeks prior to us moving to Wilmington I went out to Baton Rouge with my brother and did a little bit of work out there and Baton Rouge just put a bad taste in my mouth. I said, you know, I need a change a chain a change of scenery I need a change of environment I need you know the Sun and so I packed myself my girlfriend and my dog and we cooked it to Wilmington, North Carolina I love it here. I Come from Charlotte. I’m from Charlotte Monroe which is like if you’re looking at a map, I think it’s like South-southwest headed to think real quick, so it’s Southwest and so since moving here Been really focused on getting my real-estate license now, I started my real estate journey, meaning I would have been wanting to get my real estate license since 2017 2017 I took my first exam in November of 2017 didn’t pass We got out of the military May of 2018 move to Ohio Get some real estate up there real estate investing up there moved back to North Carolina and I think March April of 2020 19 I Took the exam. I took the class again took the exam Twice so far. So right now I’m taking the exam four times and I’ve passed the National That’s where I’m at It’s not easy it is not easy and I struggle with procrastination when it comes to sitting down and like really focusing on the words and reading every word and really understanding what I’m reading I struggle with that and so where I’m at now is two days ago I went and I took my exam Failed in the state portion of the exam from our real estate license didn’t pass it. You can all take it again And I’ve been studying. I’ve been studying some of the some of the questions that I There were some questions on this past exam that I’ve never studied in my book before so I Remember some of the questions and I’ll go back and I’ll review those sections and retake it again. I’m at four times Full worth I’ve taken the exam four times and I still haven’t touched the state portion and a national portion I passed the national percent portion on the third time and I’m on the fourth time taking my my staple in the state part And I’m going to keep going after it I’m just going to keep going after it I’m going to keep pushing so that I can reach and I can obtain That’s what I’m looking to do. I’m looking to reach and obtain Growing up in and Waxhaw, North Carolina There was just a lot of a lot of not so good influences around me at the time I’m a skateboarder So naturally, you know, we just skateboarders do what they do sometimes you just not good people you find good people, but sometimes you find those people that just Aren’t all there and I was hanging out with these people that just are all there I wish that I had someone to Push me just a little bit harder probably in the skateboarding world and push me a little bit harder and say hey listen, bro Like you have talent you have goals, push a little bit harder and And and stay in there. Hang in there don’t procrastinate and make it happen. So now Fourth time taking the exam One on my fifth time here in about seven days eight days Going to take my exam one more time This time a dip couldn’t want to pass I’m gonna study. I’m gonna not procrastinate my focus and want to pass this thing And just really been focusing on my real estate career. Like I’m trying to build something here I’m trying to build a legacy. I believe that a lot of people They get stuck because they don’t know where they’re going. A lot of people that don’t know their purpose of people that just Struggle with two daily activities and I’m there I’m with you I I’m with you 100% I understand the struggles of Staying in the zone like tunnel vision and not breaking breaking that tunnel vision I just wanted to sit down and record a video. I just wanted to sit down and speak to you Say, thank you Thank you for being here I’m extremely excited about a new journey that’s ahead of me Starting my my career in the real estate agent world becoming a real estate real tour I’m excited about that part of my life. I think it’ll be good for me. I’ll be in sales I’m only invest inside right now and I’ll continue to be on the investing side Kind of stacked all of my money so I can shove that into a piece of piece of multifamily and commercial real estate deal So thank you for staying in stay tuned more videos to come. I’m here with my dog Kirika. She’s over there Doing everything. All right. Look at you with you guys later. Thanks for joining

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