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*the most epic silence of doom that will kill everything that you love* You know… It’s not everyday that i’m able to make a video about some fantastic new find in Minecraft and believe me, if some ground breaking glitch or discovery turned up every single day… *tiny laugh* You can bet that I’d be making a lot more videos like this one. But today, I have a discovery that was discovered and brought to my attention by MuzikBike on reddit. and that discovery is how to move where the far lands generate in modern versions of Minecraft You can even bring them THIS close to spawn 0_0!!! It does require a very small mod that I covered in this video to reenable them in Minecraft release versions 1.8 and higher Wanna know how it’s done?? Well, that’s what i’m here for 🙂 So let’s go ahead, and let’s check it out! *intro* It feels like quite a few videos that i’ve been making lately have been far lands related. But honestly… I just love breaking Minecraft in any way possible So, how exactly do you allow the far lands to generate so close to spawn That you can actually see every edge of the far lands all at once? Well, first off, you need the small mod that i metioned before But afterwards, All you have to do, is mess around with a very specific custom world generation setting Let me explain *darkness* What MuzikBike on reddit discovered is that the default value for a number called: Coordinate Scale, is 684.412 That number is actually divisible by 171.103 and as i explained in my: ”How did the far lands happen?” video 171.103 is a number that is used in shaping the noise map of Minecraft terrain so the way that i see it The idea he had was: if i mess around with this number a whole bunch, what’s gonna happen? So i was curious about that too Let’s check that out!!!! *darkness 2: the return* According to the Minecraft wiki, When you decrease the coordinate scale number Overall land generation is stretched outwards If what MuzikBike is saying is correct at this point It would cause the far lands to generate further away than their default value of 12.55 million blocks away Which is not ideal for this case But increasing the number causes to squish inwards And what also likely cause the far lands to generate closer Awesome! That’s what we’re after So let’s double the default coordinate scale value of 684.412 and set it to 1368.824 since we’re doubling this number, let’s assume that the far lands will generate twice as close as they normally would or instead this time, at 6 275 412 blocks away from 0:X and 0:Z and sure enough they do! *darkness 3: the darknessening* Alright, so MuzikBike’s theory is correct Increasing the coordinate scale brings the far lands much closer to spawn. Now, let’s bring the far lands right TO the spawn point Since doubling the coordinate scale cuts the far lands distance in half, If we double the default coordinate scale number 18 times It’ll cut the distance of the far lands in half 18 times Which brings the far lands to just 47 blocks from the spawn point *darkness 4: the doom* And that ALMOST wraps this video up But keep a lookout for the next video Where we mess around with this phenomenon some more And check out a WHOLE new set of far lands THE SKY FAR LANDS!!! *darkness 5: dark’s new found powers* So yeah… If you enjoyed this video PLEASE let me know by leaving a like on the video Because it really does help out myself, the channel, and the video quite a lot But anyways guys, i hope you all enjoyed My name is AntVenom, and i bid you all farewell. Thanks so much for watching


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