Mortgage Marketing Technology – Close More Loans Without Spending More Money on Marketing

Hey it’s Andrew Pawlak here, Co-founder
& Chief Marketing Coach @ I assume if you’re watching this video you’re: …trying to figure out what this is all about,
and whether or not it’s relevant to you… …as quickly as possible. I don’t blame you. I’d be doing the same.
Let’s get right into it. If you’re in the mortgage business and looking
to consistently close more loans without spending more money on marketing… Then the answer is YES – this is relevant;
keep watching. I want to talk to you about Conversion Optimization… What that means is: working towards getting
the best results possible. It can be applied to anything – a website,
an email blast, direct mail, search engine marketing, social media, a conversation with
a Realtor – you name it. It involves testing, technology, psychology,
and strategy… …and it’s absolutely IMPERATIVE that you
do it… Conversion Optimization allows you to take
full advantage of the opportunities and low-hanging fruit that are ALL around you. That’s the good news — the opportunities
are everywhere and you could be doing more business – IF YOU WANTED TO. Now for the bad news… On the flip side of that, by NOT optimizing
to convert… You’re literally costing yourself thousands,
if not tens of thousands of dollars, in lost business and wasted opportunities. And that’s happening on a DAILY basis. And it will continue UNTIL you OPTIMIZE all
of your efforts to convert qualified leads for your business.
Especially if you’re currently doing marketing – whether it’s online, offline, or even
referral marketing… Conversion optimization could be life-changing
for you and your business. So… If you are doing marketing… I’m obviously not going to tell you what
to do… but… I URGE you – UNTIL YOU ADDRESS THIS — …do not send out an email blast… ….don’t put up a social media post…. …don’t print that mailer… …don’t go talking to Realtors… …pause the PPC campaign… …tell the search engine guy to take a break
for a couple weeks… Not that he really needs it, right? Just kidding… well not really… Anyways, we’ll save that for another day… I could keep going, but I think you get the
point ☺ Run; don’t walk; RUN to a CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION
EXPERT Have them do a S.W.O.T. Analysis where they
can look at your STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES, THREATS BEFORE you put anything else out there. It doesn’t have to be me… Just do some research on the topic… Learn about it See for yourself who’s doing it besides
our clients… …and companies like… …Bankrate
…and LendingTree …and Zillow
…and Amazon …and LinkedIn
…and Apple …and even companies like WalMart and Tiffany… You don’t need a million dollar marketing
budget. You don’t even have to have a website. What can conversion optimization do for your
business? It can be a game changer. It can be a life changer. Once you optimize to convert… …you’ll look at all your marketing differently. …and you’ll understand it better. When it comes to stuff you’ve tried that
didn’t work, this will make it crystal clear as to WHY. …and in the case of your current efforts… …especially if you have stuff that IS working… …there is no doubt, optimization can help
you get better results… And that’s EXACTLY what conversion optimization
is all about. Getting better results without making any
major changes or going in a different direction. …constant and never-ending improvement… Through conversion optimization, you can rest
assured that anything that you do moving forward… You’ll know you’re getting the most out
of every dollar that you spend… You’ll stop losing out on clients you should
be doing business with. And, you can start doing all of that — right
now. I’m so confident, I’m giving away a FREE
30-day trial of our leadPops™ Relationship Building Technology and marketing strategies.
All the goodies… …we have over 25 mortgage lead generation
funnels… …powered by our Relationship Building Technology…
…along with proven traffic and marketing solutions to help you close more loans.
It’s the same stuff we’ve used to generate over half a million, high quality, exclusive
mortgage leads for our clients in just the last couple years.
And one last thing: I wanted to offer this because I’d like
to make it as easy as possible for the right clients to give this a real shot.
I’m offering a 1-year, 100% ROI guarantee to those who qualify.
If you stick around and work with us for 1 year and you don’t see a positive ROI
…we’ll give you 100% of your money back, GUARANTEED. Again, that’s how confident I am in what
you’re about to have access to. Give it a try, there’s no risk whatsoever.
Keep in mind, the guarantee is set in stone – that will always be there…
But we’re definitely not going to be offering a free trial for long.
It’s not going to last. So, sign up…
Get your FREE trial …and get on the path to closing more loans
consistently RIGHT NOW!

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