Morris Invest: 5 Must-Have Apps For Real Estate Investors
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Morris Invest: 5 Must-Have Apps For Real Estate Investors


  • idelmy vazquez

    Because of you guys i have actually got into real estate investing and i wanted to thank you for your videos they are truly motivating !

  • Vance Courtney

    Evernote Scannable is iOS only, however, the Android alternative would be CamScanner which is what I use as well (all the same features).

  • Sandra Coppedge

    PS! sure wish I had known about iFax 4 years ago. I've been paying almost $18 a month for eFax. <sigh> Going to change NOW! Thanks!

  • Ernesto Gutierrez

    Hi Morris Team.
    Just binged watch about 7 hours of your channels videos last night (2/7/2019) between 8pm – 3am PST.
    I had the most profound epiphany on how money really works and how interest can be used.

    I spent a few hours running a couple of scenarios with various interest rates (4.25 – 7.25%) for a 10K HELOC with various monthly payments. I'm presenting the info to my wife at our monthly family financial meeting (yes I'm serious) and I'll be looking for a local bank to work with. Just want to say thank you for putting this information out there and focusing on realistic numbers, emphasizing your expertise, and showing how your partnership complements each other.

    Just ordered the HTPOYM5 (coming this Sunday) and excited to dive in.

    Seriously thank you.

  • Robin Cobb

    This is an awesome video! Gold, I tell ya…GOLD!!! Not only do you guys provide turnkey real estate properties to help beginners. You show the tools you use to manage the real estate. How to use the real estate to lower or eliminate your taxes (Tom Wheelwright). How to protect your real estate assets (Garrett Sutton). This is information most people don't know about and unfortunately, fewer will use (more for me, I guess). You guys are showing step by step how to do it and you've actually done what your talking about! I really appreciate this. Thank you!!!

  • Pat Burch

    LANDLORDY is an app I use. Great for management of property if you don’t have a property management company. It’s got Dropbox inside.

  • K. Hall

    Oooomg you guys should absolutely have an app called DealCheck on here. By far the fastest way to analyze a deal! Check it out

  • T Bran12

    Thanks for the information. Do you use the scanner for receipts? Or do you a different app for receipts? I got receipts everywhere 😬

  • Outa ThisWorld

    App Folio is the best app for managing rentals! Background and credit checks, electronic lease submission, service requests, tenant email portal, direct deposit rent payments, etc. makes management easy peasy! The more rentals you have the cheaper it becomes!!! Look it up!

  • Syreeta Thibodeaux

    Time Saver Stamp: Below are the 5 apps
    1. Evernote Scannable-takes physical mail and cleans it up and makes it look like a high res document.
    2. Drop Box-digital Folder system that you can organize property address by year. And seperate into several folders.
    3. iFax- to fax items digitally
    4. PDF Expert- Convert items and let's you mark up and manipulate pdfs. It can also save signatures and you can use those to sign off for your business partner
    5. Loan calc- easiet way to run numbers in regards to how much your asking, the interest rate , what's the monthly payment and what are the terms. And based on that info it will give you the total expense of loan. Typically only good for amortized loans.

  • Brelyn McCauley

    Do you trash the original hard copies after you scan them on Scannable? I worry about actually needing the original hard copy later. Scanning seems essentially the same so its much better than a file cabinet.

  • Brandon Hooper

    MI, I haven’t bought yet and I’m wondering how I can make sure my lease agreement would be sound but not too complex. Do you have a video of the documents involved in buying, then renting out a property. It would be cool to see a list of what you need in order from offer, through the typical process to marketing to management docs , to background check doc to leasing docs and any other tenant docs. I hope that makes sense. To take it a step further do you sell things like your lease agreement template?

  • BlessedGarciaClan

    Thank you both for all you do. I'm not an investor, yet!, but I am learning so much with your channel. I'm in San Diego Ca. and prices here are thru the roof but my wife and I are buying our home and are in the middle of converting a part of it into a "granny flat" to rent out and bring in more income. Hopefully this will help with paying down our existing loan and preparing us to buy more real estate. I did get your book on paying the home in 5 years with a heloc. I"m eager to start that once we finish the conversion. Thanks again, you two are great. Many blessings to you and your family.

  • Susan Fleming

    I did download Evernote Scannable I like it, however I can’t airdrop until I get a different computer so I’ve been using it to email receipts etc thanks guys! If someone doesn’t want to download it, you can also do sort of the same thing using your “notes” app on your iPhone it scans as well…

  • Flequer Vera

    A HELOC calculator that has worked for anyone? App or website. Free or paid. Thank you for the video. You guys are very helpful.

  • Edwin Rodriguez

    Fax is by far the most secure way of sending documents. Specially those that Contain personal identifiable information, which government entities must treat in a very specific manner. Besides delivering something in person fax is pretty much the safest way to go. My understanding is that not even the NSA can hack into a direct line to line fax

  • Mark Seifried

    I just bought a Panasonic KX-FP215 and use it with my Vonage/cable land line. I use this for faxes and can do my calls with the speaker phone.

  • Florida House Buying

    Great tips. I personally have just used Dropbox's integrated scan to PDF when needed. Mostly for receipts a d home scanner for mail documents. The less apps the better!

  • Danielle Dubson

    I love this. I have been struggling to find the best way to organize where both my husband and I have quick access to any of our documents. This will surely help.

  • DotNetRussell

    OneNote, which has an app for basically every device, allows you to scan in documents. It auto backs up to the cloud and it's made for collaboration. It also automagically OCR's the text off of what ever documents you scan in and makes it searchable. This is what I use.

  • FlowtnWitWalden

    This is great info! Providing insight at the nuts and bolts level.
    I will try the "Loan Calc". I've been using "" in my web browser.
    Couldn't find "scannable" but I found Evernote on google playstore (android user here) – but the first hit when I searched scannable was "Adobe Scan." Didn't install it but can't image it's a bad app. I use Adobe Lightroom which is a wonderful photo editing app.
    Excel is another great app. Took a while to get used to hand gestures and swiping (coming from a desktop environment) but you get the same functionality.

  • Sachs Realty

    Morris, This is a great video! I have a YouTube channel to document my journey of building my business. Thanks for great ideas.

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