Montana Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) 2020
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Montana Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) 2020

Hey all you REALTORS!!
Welcome to 2020 REALTOR Real Talk. Huge event happening in Butte this year. I
know what you’re thinking. St. Patrick’s Day. No Evel Knievel?
No, No let’s talk about GRI. So GRI coming to Butte March 24th to the
27th. Graduate REALTOR Institute is the most comprehensive training for REALTORS. Designees must complete more than 90 classroom hours that cover legal and
regulatory issues technology professional standards and the sales
process. Getting your GRI designation is a three year process. Great thing about
GRI is you can earn all your CE credits for the year in one week. Two CRS
courses are being offered. Increase Your Wealth with Rentals and Other Investment
Properties on Wednesday March 25th. Tax Strategies for the Real Estate
Professional on Thursday March 26. You can register for both or just one class and earn CRS credits. Our GRI speakers this year include Meagan Johnson, Jeremias JMAN Maniero, Chris Byrd and Travis Everett. Now here’s why you need to go to
GRI this year or any year that you can possibly do it. Number one, gain
comprehensive knowledge. The course work provides in-depth training in the
most essential topics, such as market knowledge, business skills and systems tools, risk management, substantially beyond what’s covered in most licensing courses.
Number two, build confidence. GRI graduates say they love GRI because it
gave them confidence in their own skill set and credibility with clients.
Number three, impress consumers. With GRI by your name you’ll stand out in the
market as an agent who takes advanced real estate education seriously. Your
time commitment speaks towards your professional commitment and how you work
with clients. You still not convinced that GRI is good
for you in your career? Well just ask around. I’m sure there’s
someone in your office that has wonderful things to say about GRI
and how it’s helped them in their career. Okay so it’s time to make the commitment. You’re gonna be in Butte March 24th to March 27th. You’re gonna make your
career better. You’re gonna ask all the people in your office that have been
through this that are doing great and you’re also going to enjoy what the
committee has put together for that week. Which is a trade show, entertainment and
trivia. What more could you ask for? And best of all GRI is at the newly
renovated Copper King Inn. Register for GRI
at Montana Realtors dot org and log in to Ramco member portal.
ok everybody enjoy your time at the Copper King Inn in Butte from March 24th
to March 27th so that you become GRI certified, perfect. See you next time! Montana GRI works very hard to bring
top-notch informative speakers wait a second. Montana GRI works. Montana GRI
works. Montana GRI works to bring top-notch informative speakers in
engaging. Montana GRI works. This year GRI. GRI
this year. This year GRI this GRI have I’m having a problem with that.
this year GRI. We gotta come up with a better acronym than that. This year GRI
speakers include Meagan Johnson, Jeremiah JMAN Maniero, this
year GRI speakers include Meagan Johnson, Jeremiah’s JMAN Maniero, Travis Tritt
no no Chris Bird and Travis Everette. Chris Bird, Travis Everett, Meagan Johnson, and Jeremias JMAN Maneiro. Hardest line ever I’ve had in this whole REALTOR Real
Talk is right now and it’s trying to announce your GRI speakers that we’re
having this year. So our GRI speakers this year include Meagan Johnson,
Jeremias JMAN Maniero, Chris Bird, and Travis Everett. Yes I got that out!

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