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Molly Bernard on Social Media Mishaps: Getting Younger Ep. 10 | The Younger After Show

– What’s up Younger fans? I’m Taylor Strecker, and
this is the only place to be for an inside look at each
week’s new episode of Younger. It’s your Getting Younger After Show. (upbeat music) I’m so excited to have the one
and only Molly Bernard here to talk about tonight’s episode with me. Hey girl.
– Hey girl. (laughing) And as you watch along we’d love for you to join the
conversation by sharing your thoughts on tonight’s
episode in the comments. Okay, so the big jaw dropper tonight that I’m still kind of in shock over was Kelsey stepping down as publisher after a very unfortunate
social media snafu. – Uh, yeah. – Let’s take a look. (upbeat music) – Oh damn.
– Guess who got the money honey. (upbeat music)
(laughing) – Guess who got the money honey. – Kelsey Lorraine. – Mmmm, yeah, okay. So, what was your reaction
to this turn of events. – Okay, I’m gonna be totally honest. My reaction to this turn of events was very like Theresa May-esque. It’s a callback to the
first episode of the season where it’s setting women up– – Yep.
– Right? – Yep, I’m the–
– And then they fail. – The glass cliff? – The glass cliff, that’s right. And this episode in
particular broke my heart because she’s come this far, she makes one tiny mistake
and the fallout is pretty big. – I know, as I was like watching it, I knew it was gonna happen, you know? And I hate that. ‘Cause it was like, nooooo. Can you ever imagine accidentally broadcasting a private
message to your stories and having it become a meme? What would you do? – I guess I’d have to make the best of it. I’d probably end up
reposting it and being like, yep, this happened, oops. (laughing) You know, for April Fools
I sent Hilary a text, and I was like, “Why is there a video of
you naked on Instagram?” And she panicked.
(laughing) – That’s delicious. – I know, it’s really tasty. – Have you ever posted
anything on social media that you regretted later? – All the time. I feel like I try to
just go with the flow, and if the flow means it’s
something like awful or, not, by awful I mean, I went off like when the abortion stuff, when the abortion bans happened. – Of course. – I posted I think like 15 videos and things you can do and
I called some senators and I went wild. And I was like, do I regret this or is this actually how I
should be using my social media? – I actually think it’s admirable. – I’m glad I did it. I was a little bit afraid. – I get it. – Like the moments after. – I know, but you know what, when you get a platform, use it. – I completely agree. You have to use your
powers for good, not evil. – It’s true. Okay, let’s talk about
the rest of the episode. On a much–
– Is that what we’re here to do? – That’s what we’re here to do. Not talk about politics. Although I could.
– Keep going. – Cute nails.
– I could girl, I could. On a much happier note, Lauren and Liza helped Diana
shop for a wedding dress. – I know, sweet.
– I know. You shot at the famous Kleinfeld. How fun is it?
– Oh my god. It was really fun. That’s where Sutton, so Sutton was there, and Sutton said yes to
the dress at Kleinfeld’s. – No way.
– Yeah, Sutton was like, “Right here is where I said
yes to my wedding dress.” – Oh my god. Would you get your dress at Kleinfeld’s? – No, you know I want some like female independent fashion designer,
ethically sourced and made. – Yes.
– No. – But wasn’t it fun
shooting at Kleinfeld’s? – It actually was really fun. I tried on a bunch of tiaras. And I kept going to the like the racks like looking at the dresses. Like, mmmm, no, too much
bigs, too many feathers. – Well not if, but when you’re gonna shop for a wedding dress, who in the cast would you take with you? – Hilary, definitely.
– Yeah. Because? – Oh, because she’d be like, “No.” Or she’d be like, “Yes,
definitely, how can you?” She, sometimes when
she really likes things she does this sweet thing like,
“How can you not love this?” (laughing) So, in the episode Diana doesn’t think that she wants to go all
out for her second wedding, which I understand, but
then Liza helps her realize she really does wanna celebrate
getting it right this time. Do you agree that Diana should go big? – Yes.
– Yes. – Absolutely. – So you’re like, who cares
if it’s a second wedding, just do it, girl. – Yes, I feel like the
argument that Liza makes about getting it right is actually really moving and compelling. And I think, I mean it’s
expensive to do that, you know? But she’s Diana and the show
is a fantasy, so go big. (laughing) Do you think Enzo really
is a perfect fit for Diana? – Totally. She needs him.
– Right? – She was such a mess and now she’s like, so cool. – He makes her just level.
– Yeah. – And that’s the way to be.
– I know. – So Liza is really troubled
by the Infinitely 21 ad that features her and Josh
looking like a bit too smitten. Do you think she’d be worked up if she actually wasn’t
having feelings there? – Hmmm. No, I guess she wouldn’t. I don’t think she’d be as
desperate to reach out to Charles. – And she wouldn’t feel like so caught. ‘Cause if there was nothing to catch. – Right she does feel caught. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Like exposed. Like oh my god, they saw
us looking with love eyes, heart eye emojis. But if she didn’t feel that way, eh. – It wouldn’t be a big deal. – Well she spends most of the episode worrying about Charles seeing the ad. And she actually flies to Chicago, which ends up being like
the bigger issue to him. So, do you think Liza did
the right thing by going to Chicago? Or do you think that that
was like her ultimate tell? Like if he saw the ad without her coming, would he have seen the love in their eyes? – Yeah, I think it was too dramatic that she goes to Chicago. – Mmhmm. – But she’s clearly panicked. I think because, you’re
right, she does feel caught. – Do you see where Charles is coming from, being like, the big issue here is that you flew here about this. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – How would you feel? – I would feel the same. I’d feel like wait, what? This is weird. None of this makes sense. – But then again, if I saw like my partner looking lovingly into
her ex-partner’s eyes, I’d go crazy. – Yes, but what if your partner was like, truly, this is ridiculous. This happened on set.
– You’re right, making a big deal.
– This is so crazy. I didn’t even call you.
– Is why it’s so bad. – Because this is like a non-issue. I love you, let’s go to
dinner and talk about it. – Yeah, play it cool. Word to the wise. Lessons learned. (yelling) – You could do that, too. – That’s a reenactment of me. (laughing) – Honestly, same, it’s me.
– Right? – No well–
– Wait, are you like a little jelly in relationships? – Oh yes.
– I am crazy. – It’s bad, I mean I’ve
gotten so much better, so much better. With my partner I behave so well. But in the past I was an asshole. – Do you have like a little story to tell? – Not, I mean, not unless you wanna be here for a couple hours. (laughing) I’ve behaved really badly, but. – Me, too. – I outgrew it I think. – We can join a club.
– Yeah, Bad Girls Club. – Support system.
– Bad Girls Club. – I think that one already exists. Liza declares she’s not
going to see Josh anymore. How do we think that’s
gonna work out for her? – Poorly, also that’s so dramatic. You can be like, listen I
need to see you a little less. – Yep. – I’m with Charles, I love him. I like, you can’t be like my best friend. You can still be in my life, but I, you know, there’s, it could have happened
a little differently. She’s panicked, clearly. – She is, yeah. Her actions are like showing her soul. Girl, play it cool. Act like you don’t give a fuck. She’s not. When Clare gets a job offer in L.A. Maggie advises Josh to leverage the Infinitely 21 ad campaign so Clare doesn’t have to
move away with the baby, and he pitches Inkburg Midtown. What do we think of seeing Josh
maybe going a bit corporate? Do we like it or are we freaked out? – I think it’s pretty weird. I don’t love it. – It doesn’t feel like Josh. But then would he move to L.A.? – But now that he has a
kid, he’s gonna do things that aren’t so Josh like. – And that’s actually a, that’s real, that’s reality. You have to do things that are outside of your comfort zone for the kiddos. So Josh has a baby and is
franchising his business. But he’s not the only one of Younger’s younger generation who’s
growing up a lot this season. Kelsey’s obviously running company. But Lauren has found her stride as a social media strategist. How do you approach playing
Lauren as she matures but still retain that wild side to her? – Good question. The easiest answer is I’m doing
what’s written in the script and I think it’s really logical and it makes it easy for me to be present. So this year, this season I
feel like Lauren is so focused on Kelsey and Diana and Liza, and it’s all about lifting these women up and making them the best
they possibly can be. Like she’s their champion
in this crazy way. Like we should all be so lucky
to have a friend like Lauren. – Oh my god, she’s the best. – And she’s taking it really seriously. And I, you know, her ideas are still
as wacky and zany as ever, but she is like, this
is for my best friend so this has to be perfect. – Do you think she sees it as a job or as like a friendship,
I don’t know, perk, in a way?
– I think it, it’s definitely her job. And she like idolizes Diana, so it’s very cool to be working for her. – Yes, her diva. – Diva. Diva all the way.
(laughing) But, yeah, she is really
focused this season. And that’s been, it hasn’t been a lot of work. It’s been like a joy. – Ah, you’re a joy to watch. I’m just, I, just, I adore
Lauren and I adore you. – Thank you. – Speaking of you, how would you say that you’ve grown over
the six years of Younger? – Girl please, I have grown so much. – [Taylor] I know. – It’s wild. It’s, I don’t even know
how to talk about it. I feel like a very different person. When I first got this job I
was fresh outta grad school. I had just left Yale. I didn’t know, you know, I thought it would be like
a downtown theater girl. Working in TV was the last thing that I thought was gonna happen, so, it’s pretty wild. – How did you manifest that? Or did you even manifest it? Is manifesting it not manifesting it? – No I knew what I wanted, I just thought it would
be very long game for me. I would have had no idea that I would have got this job
like right out of school. – And you did. – I mean, thank you, Darren Star. – And also ’cause you’re super talented. – Thank you.
– You really are. Okay, guess what, it’s game time. So we have a game that’s
called, Oh Lauren. – Oh my! – It’s called As I Live
and Breathe Lauren. Okay, so. Lauren is so much fun but she can also be a little bit of trouble. So let’s revisit some
things Lauren has done to her friends on Younger and I wanna know how you would handle it if your actual friend did
this to you in real life? – Obsessed.
– Okay. Spiked your drink with ecstasy and told you after you drank it. – Uh, just as I said, we all need a friend like Lauren, L-O-L. I’d be furious.
– Furious. – I get really, I have a lot of anxiety. If it was Molly I’d be like,
how could you do this to me? (laughing) – When I watched that
episode I had anxiety. – Yeah, it’s really fucked up. – Like if I’m gonna do
molly I’m gonna do molly. – Yes, it has to be your choice. You gotta work up to it for weeks, talk to your therapist,
talk to your parents. Be like listen, if I
die tonight, you know. Yeah, anyways, moving on. – In the same theme, offered you ayahuasca she made from an internet recipe. At least she offered it this time. – I’d be like, nah girl, I’m good. (Taylor laughing) Thank you. – Put up a profile on a dating app for you without consulting you
first a million times. – A million times? After the 10th I’d be
like, you gotta chill. But I wouldn’t be so mad about that. – How many times has she
done that for Kelsey? A bunch.
– I, she’s had to have done it constantly. Yeah, it’s gotta be like a hobby of hers. Like perfecting Kelsey’s
dating, many dating apps. – What about dating an ex? – Wait, if I dated an ex? – If your friend dated your ex. – Oi, I’d be really unhappy about that. – That was Malkie, I had
to be reminded of that one. – Oh, shit.
– Yes. – Yes, yes, yes, yes,
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. – Nah–
– No I wouldn’t be into that. – Turned your bedroom into a
weight room for her boyfriend. – I’d be furious.
– Furious. Furious. – Lauren is kinda
sounding like a dick, man. (laughing) But she’s so, we love her. You love her like you love
like your favorite poodle, your high-energy poodle. – Miniature.
– Yes, but yes, a tiny little.
(laughing) – Tail, tail, tail, tail, tail. – Showed you the porn
your significant other secretly made years ago. – I’d be grateful. – [Taylor] I would be grateful, too. – Yeah, I’d be like thank you. – Created an Instagram account for your baby without telling you. – I’d find it cute. – It’s adorable. – It’s cute. – You can just say, take it down. – It’s really cute. – Plus free stuff. – Exactly, free swag, that’s
what that whole thing is about. – Molly, that’s it. We’re outta time. – Awwww. (laughing)
– Awwwww – Awwww.
– Awwwww. – I can’t.
– Awwwww. (laughing) Before we go Molly,
could you please give us a one-word teaser for next week’s episode? – Hummer. – Ooooohoohoohoo. Molly, thank you so much for joining us. – Thank you so much.
– You’re the best. (kissing) – You’re the best. – Kisses all around. And a big thanks to all of
you Younger fans out there for watching and sharing your comments. I’m Taylor Strecker, and
this is Getting Younger. Join me again right here,
right after next week’s episode for more behind the scenes stories and insights from the cast. Until then, take a sneak
peek at what’s comin’ up. Bye. (upbeat music) – Wow, your tomatoes
look plump, supple even. – Why thank you. You have to work? – Yeah, I was hoping to go in with Kelsey. You know, help soften
the blow of her demotion, but she hasn’t replied
to my many, many texts. – Give her time. Hey, you know, you should
stop by Josh’s new space. It’s in Midtown right near your office. – Yeah, I can’t do that. I need to keep our
interactions to a minimum. I told Charles I wouldn’t see him anymore. – Oh, Chazz give you an ultimatum? He’s full of surprises. – No, not exactly. It was my decision. – Well, that’s rigid. I mean I’m friends with all my exes. Well, except Hangnail Helen and Libby who had the frog tank next to her bed. – Josh is more than my ex. And as much as I’ve tried we
are not really friends either. Every time I’m around
him I get these feelings that I don’t wanna be feeling
and I don’t trust myself. – Well that’s called undeniable chemistry. – Something like that. (upbeat music) – Subscribe to Younger Uncovered. – The podcast dedicated
to all things Younger.


  • John Forbes

    Sad more people aren't commenting. Love these interviews and was devastated by this episode. Kelsey made a very relatable but fatal mistake. 😪

  • Barbara Rosene

    Love Molly. Totally enjoy her performance. I love all the women in this show. I am absolutely sick of Charles- (not Peter Hermann) – kind of triumphing. White, established men. BYE. And I don'[t want Josh going corporate. sigh.

  • Aleksandra Maslennikova

    I am so frustrated by the triangle story line this season. I am such a hardcore team Josh fan and obviously I hope they find their way back to each other, but now I got a feeling that Liza prefer Charles over Josh and just mislead Josh constantly 😭

  • TheFrenchGardener

    What is with this outfit on Taylor? It's awful and not flattering at all. She's way too cute for this matronly, gaudy look.

  • Arnesis Z.

    Liza was in this episode awful. Everyone around her has some serious problems in their lives, yet she makes it all about herself.

    "Hey, Kelsey, you have one shot on saving the company? Well, divide your attention by solving my problem with booooi."

    "Hey, Diana, you are picking your wedding dress? Ye, I am leaving to chase after my boiii."

    This was such a useless story line.

  • DocMari

    Molly's awesome!!! She brings so much life to Lauren's character. The after shows are great and gives the fans more insight into the actresses and actors.

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