Mojo Introduces Realtor Jim
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Mojo Introduces Realtor Jim

Jim is a passionate real estate broker who loves his job. He’s a real “people person”. But, Jim doesn’t spend most his time with people. He’s confined, to his office.
Organizing leads, returning messages, managing
follow ups, sending postcards.
It’s a constant struggle to maintain and grow his business. It takes away from the
time that he gets to spend with his family. Guard, “keep it down over there.” To escape, Jim needs MOJO.
Mojo’s power dialer makes up to 300 call
an hour so he can prospect leads. And, Mojo’s auto alert system and mobile
apps make sure he never misses an appointment. With Mojo Voice, Jim can make and receive
calls without giving out his personal number.
And Mojo generates new leads with up to date info on just listed/just sold, reverse lookups,
and FSBO listings.
It’s like having a virtual staff who take care of the daily drudgery, so he can spend
time on more important things!
Mojo has helped Jim work smarter, not harder.
Get your Mojo today! }

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