MLS vs Zillow vs Trulia || Real Estate Explained #48

Hey what’s up it’s J. Lucky Henry and
today we’re gonna answer a big question how to showcase your property and what’s
difference between MLS Zillow Trulia and all those other name brands you might be
familiar with This is J. Lucky Henry —
Keller Williams agent in the Greater Boston area. You won’t believe how many people need to get REAL! R-E-A-L: Real estate Explained Amazingly by Lucky in 90 seconds — give or take. Welcome back it’s Jay Lucky Henry we’re
talking about how to showcase your property in this series so you’re gonna
want to pay attention this is a great series for sellers right no matter what
market you’re in buyer’s or seller’s market you gotta know how to showcase a
property the best so let’s start with MLS and what exactly that is
so actually a better idea I’ll tell you what we use the MLS for it’s called the
Multiple Listing Service right and between the Multiple Listing Service and
KWLS which is the Keller Williams Listing Service we can push your property
out to over 350 different websites that means we literally syndicate it so once it
goes live on the MLS and KWLS it goes out to over 350 sites your Zillow your
Trulia your your Hot Pads your
yeah it’s a website check it out right so these websites you have to each
individually go and say I want my house here there and some of them speak to
each other there’s some synergy between some of them but you gotta plant a lot
of seeds to get a lot of different things to grow when you’re working with
a Keller Wiliams agent such as myself or any agent from the office
you’re able to plant one seed one seed right and watch 350 trees go and now
wouldn’t you like to reap the fruits of that labor this whole series is gonna be
about how to showcase your property effectively
intelligently and you should definitely pay attention if you’re considering selling a
home in near future see you tomorrow This is J. Lucky Henry and
I’m here to keep it REAL with you. Whether you’re looking to
buy, sell, or invest in real estate — call or text: 978 – 712 – 0244 and make sure you subscribe to my channel for more.

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