Mistakes I Made As A New Real Estate Agent… MUST AVOID!
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Mistakes I Made As A New Real Estate Agent… MUST AVOID!


  • izz5946

    … How did you deal with clients that you have shown them 5, 10, 20, homes and they still don't know what they want.. or can't make up there mind.. at what point would you give up on a client ? or would you even get to that level of putting in all this extra work and time for "un-sure" deals ?…. if you made a video on this already just say so and I'll go search for it.. thanks

  • Stan

    I’m sure you’ve had it in your videos and sorry for not remembering but do you offer any service where we can talk over the phone or FaceTime whatever for more specific/personal real estate advice and questions? Thanks

  • izz5946

    I thought that intro was there purposely, it was kinda cool, like different, fuck it, start a new trend.. it could be the signal that your about to say something powerful LoL… many youtubers put it in after but about 30 or 40 sec. in, LoL.. just not 2 min…..

  • Edmond carter

    Bryan what would be a good model for me I'm in a wheelchair and every broker telling me to partner with someone due to the fact I will have problems getting in some properties

  • Sunmin Kim

    Bryan, you're very motivational and inspiring. I've been watching your videos constantly even if I'm not an agent (but I hope to become one). The only drawback is my age at the moment as I'm only 20 years old but I'm thinking of getting my license as soon as I finish my semester of College and giving real estate a 100% go. I've been talking to relatively successful agents in my area, most of them said I should go for it, others said I'm too young. But whenever I watch your videos you give me courage to join the field, so thanks and keep up the vids! They are extremely good quality.

  • Lauro Padilla

    Hey Bryan I have a quick question if you don't mind. Do you think a "good" name is necessary or at the minimum important for a real estate agent? It seems to me like most agents have simple, clean names. Should I maybe use a nickname like Leo? I find that a lot of people find it difficult to pronounce my name so I think that might hurt my Real Estate career. What do you think? Thanks a lot!

  • Trevor Nhan

    Bryan, your videos are EXTREMELY helpful. Not only real estate, but you give great general business, and life advice as well.

    Cheers from a Marketing student looking at Sales and Real-Estate as a career choice.

  • ApartmentManagerTips

    so true about status quo. Looking for a new broker now due to lack of support of my ideas from current broker. Who has been in business for 30 years. Experienced maybe, but not open to new age ideas

  • Aesthetic Vin

    2:30 Wow, my firm told me to do my first few escrows myself and not use a transaction coordinator… first thing that popped in my mind was… Why would I want to go through the headache of my deal possibly falling through because I'm new and spending a buttload of time on something when I have someone INHOUSE that I can have do it for me for a small fee of the commission. So i can continue working on more prospecting more deals… Thankfully I saw this.

  • Angel Perez

    Right now I am a mailman in the area I live in. I feel as if this can translate over well. Only issue right now is time. I work over 45 hours a week and would need to work extra hard on time management. Any suggestions on how to slowly transition over to real estate? I have the money saved to start getting my license. I am a competitive athlete as well (referring to your last video). I was an All American collegiate wrestler. Now I am finished with school, and am working making only $17/hr, max after 15 years $31/hr. I know I can make more and have way more potential, especially that I am only 25. I want to bring my competitiveness to the real estate world like you did from basketball. Your videos are great man, keep them coming! I really appreciate learning through your experience.

  • Aaron Long

    Yo. Your awesome man. I listen to you every morning. I'm in the process of getting my license. I have a flexible full time job right now. If I bust my ass is it possible to get started part time? Or do I need to quit my job and focus every bit of my time towards generating leads. Thank you

  • Michael Patrick McCracken

    Hi Bryan, do you recommend practicing scripts and becoming very proficient at them before going door knocking, or just jump in and start knocking door while practicing scripts and learn by experience. I want to just get after it but don't want to waste time if not knowing the scripts inside out will produce zero result. Let me know.

    P.s. love the videos and I appreciate you doing them. Loida's also. Thanks

    Michael McCracken
    Keller Williams Albuquerque

  • Jeovanny Gonzalez

    BRYAN quick question on your other video I was wondering what you meant by going solo agent don't you need to be under a broke no matter what after getting your sales license? Aren't you forced to work for the broker and get help from him and still have to pay them commission

  • Producers FL

    just want to say you're the man. I sense the jordan belfort program in your videos. sharp as a tack! Alex Colley- broker- Tampa FL

  • kimirv2005

    Hi Bryan…I really love your candidacy…. Didn't do any sales or listings this past year….But 2018 will be different…I have great mentors who've have been more than helpful and patient with me. I'm ready and feel like I'm growing…I've been an introvert forever…I'm changing that and its scary….but the more I do the handing out of cards, door knocking, cold calling…it seems a lot more easier….I'll be watching you guys…thanks for the info.

  • Chris Lakes

    Are there any books that would be helpful in gaining knowledge about real estate and how to sustain a career in real estate?

  • Kelly Vadeboncoeur

    OMG. Thank you! # 5 is what I'm going thru right now. I already "knew" this, but it sure helped to hear it from someone else. Awesome. 🙂

  • Oceana Marie

    Wanting to be a New Real Estate Agent, super scary, but i just got a home that i am renting and i am 18 and feel like i am the source of income and don't want to quit my job now to work in real estate because that is only commission right, but i am really wanting to get into this. i need some advice, could you email me [email protected]

  • amberambrosejah

    Great message.. and great haircut😍😍😍😍😍 thanks for making such #amazing videos 😃😃😃😃🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Bryan Casella

    video with all LINKS TO PRODUCTS, SERVICES and AFFILIATE opportunities


  • Russell Macfarlane

    BC I just started following you. What model do you work in your business? You mentioned Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Do you do something different? Should I just watch all of your videos? I am a new agent and I like your content a lot. Would like to be the type of agent you are.

  • Leo Garcia

    Very down to earth. I appreciate how you set realistic expectations and steer away from all the click bait and non sense. Thank you for all the great info.

  • Maria Castillo

    Hi Bryan, I just passed my exams and I'm really f*king scared. Watching your videos is soothing and motivating at the same time. Even though I'm scared I have the same mindset as you. You are so cool. New subscriber!

  • Andy Green

    Ive made a lot of mistakes in my career too! I love your point on prospecting! Thats so key. Prospecting is so important!

  • superiorconnections

    I agree the cookie cutter approach doesn’t work. I have 8 listings in my first 90 days, I joined a team and learned from them. But I had 15+ years in sales before I switched to real estate. I hate the term because your new your a “buyers agent” thats BS. Besides if you close 25 deals all with buyers, who cares what people call you. Go after listings, just hone your skills so you don’t sound like a rookie. Once you meet the client, its all about rapport after that.

  • Kidanny Vellon

    All of your videos are inspirational! However, what I appreciate is your directness. The last four minutes of this video is what I needed to hear. As always there are negative people out there. It is very important of where your getting your advice from. Thank you!

  • Christopher Gonzalez

    I appreciate your content. It’s a relief knowing I at least have stuff like this to help me out when it feels like I can’t find a good mentor anywhere else.

  • Heather Amakwe

    If I ever think about giving up, I’ll think the famous words of BC…”Stop Being A Little Bitch” lmao.

  • Christina Phillips

    Is going to a swap meet and renting a space to prospect for clients a good idea for new agents. I'm not one yet, I'm just studying to be one. California has swap meets and I was wondering if that is a great place for prospecting.

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