Minecraft: Tiny Piston Dirt House
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Minecraft: Tiny Piston Dirt House

Hello, everyone. This is Mumbo and welcome back to another Redstone We are going to take a look at this fairly Unsuspecting little Minecraft dirt hut now what I were you thinking that thing looks rubbish And that is completely the point if someone was walking along traversing this beautiful. Minecraft amplified terrain They’ll walk past this house and go that is the worst thing I’ve ever seen and I’m sure there’s absolutely nothing good on the inside But here’s the deal. This is a piston dirt house, and that means it is got a few tricks up its sleeve so how about we get things started by taking a look at the first redstone contraption of this build and that is of course the Door now, I’ve decided to do something a little bit fancy here, okay I really have gone overboard with the redstone And I’ve opted for the two by one wooden door look at that! Opens fast closes fast nice even got a nice little window So that you can see out, but anyway as far as the interior is concerned. I’ve decided to keep things relatively simple You know I’m a minimal kind of guy so first off We’ve got the large chest this was like stone pickaxes wooden pickaxes leather armor You know all those useful items then in this corner here. We’ve got ourselves a furnace I like to call it the super smelter even though it is just a furnace you know it Just makes it feel like it’s melting the items a little bit faster then over here We’ve got this chest this is for storing things like Cobblestone dirt Torches coal and all that sort of thing and then in this corner We’ve got ourselves the crafting bench which is essential, and then finally we’ve got the bed now This is a Deluxe bed with memory foam mattress absolutely lovely, so that’s all you need to see if you’re an unsuspecting person but if we just head inside here and chuck any old item into this chest you can see that the floor folds away, and reveals a bottom section So if you just pop down to the bottom you can see there are a few bits and pieces at first off We have got ourselves a melon farm and also a pumpkin farm now these things are bud powered meaning that they are fully automatic Whenever a pumpkin or a melon grows, they’re immediately pushed off by these pistons into these hoppers And they end up in these chests over here which means that I don’t have to do anything those add up and over time I’ll get a very large quantity of them then over in this section over here if I flick this [leaver] You can see that the [3×3] spiral door opens up revealing an item armoury now This thing is Incredibly fancy all I have to do is flick or one of these leaves over here hit this button And then all of the items are I’ve requested end up in this [bottom] chest and also if I want to send the back all I have to do is pick them up and chuck them in this chest over here And they will end up in the correct location which I think is really cool and if you want to see the video on this One and I’ll put a link to that down in the description [now] the big [thing] I wanted to focus on with this piston house was Exiting the thing all of the other ones have [been] a fairly simple exit And I wanted to do something [just] a little bit special with this one And of course it does it involve TNT so you just walk over here as you can see we’ve got ourselves a bunch of dispensers little bit water and a fence post Which I’m sure most of you know what that means we just hop onto here hit this button You can see that the tnt is dispensed, and then all I have to do is look up, and I will be launched out into the [atmosphere] that is right ladies and gentlemen we go absolutely flying and We land up back on the surface that little trapdoor is covered up, [so] no one would see it [we] are back on the outside of our nice little dirt hut so there we have it ladies and gents at this little piston house was a little bit more simple than the previous ones if you Do want to check out the videos for those then I’ll put links to those both on the screen and also down in the description [but] anyway, if you have enjoyed this video, please go to that like ban, and if you really loved it Then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys. This is ben mumbo. I’m out. I’ll see you later


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