Minecraft Far Lands or Bust – Episode #001 – The First Day

Hey guys My name is Kurt And welcome to my first Minecraft video It also happens to be my first video game commentary So hopefully I’m not too terrible at it But I guess I’ll let you guys be the judge of that As you can see, I’ve definitely played Minecraft before There’s a few worlds I already have going here But for this I want to create a brand new world Just so we can experience it together Let’s call it YouTube world And let’s get going! What is it going to create for me this time? Ooh Snowy Nice little cliff here Oh, pine trees, I don’t know if I’ve seen those before But I’m getting ahead of myself For those of you not familiar, Minecraft… …is I guess best described as a survival sandbox In that there’s really no storyline Basically it just randomly generates this very cubic world So every time you create a new game, or a new world, it gives you a completely new landscape and area There’s snow areas like this, mountains cliffs, there’s always caves and mines, hence the name Minecraft But basically the name of the game is to… …create shelters and objects, and whatever you can think up And also to survive Because, while right now, as I walk around to kind of get the lay of the land Right now it’s pretty peaceful Might run across some peaceful mobs like pigs or cows or chickens When the sun does finally come around and set in the west, gets really dark, and wherever it is dark, bad mobs, or evil mobs spawn These things are like Giant Spiders, zombies, skeletons, and creepers Among other things Creepers are kinda interesting I’ll explain those when I get along to them and actually get to see one Hopefully they won’t kill me Anyway As you can see, I’m kinda just here by myself This is, I’m doing Singleplayer, there’s no other players on this There’s also a multiplayer aspect But I really haven’t played that that much All the multiplayer servers I’ve ever gone on have been used by a lot of people and there’s already cities and stuff like that I kinda like starting in a fresh Wilderness here Just trying to survive on my own First things first you’re gonna need some wood And, for those of you who’ve never played You get wood from trees Just like in real life So basically, I’m just going to punch this wood with my fists And I picked it up And I’m just going to continue and get the rest of this tree Punching wood As you can see I’m collecting them in my hot bar there at the bottom Can’t get up three Going to collect some dirt And with the dirt I’m going to be able to get that last bit of wood There we go And as you can see the trees don’t fall But once you collect all their wood, the leaves will start to deteriorate and end up dissapearing I’m gonna need more wood than that I’ll get this one other tree I also Want to remember where I spawned Because that will be important because if I do end up dying I will end up spawning back exactly where I spawned a few minutes ago So I have to make sure I don’t wander off too far Or else I’ll be completely lost And if I die I won’t know where I am Or where all my resources are Anyway, so now that I have a bunch of wood I’m going to create A crafting bench This is my guy You can apply skins to your player Otherwise you’re just kinda a boring guy in jeans and a t-shirt I’ll give bonus points if you can identify who my guy is Popular TV show I’ll leave it at that Anyway this is my crafting square So from this I can take Raw wood and create wooden planks Just continually clicking on it And with the wooden planks I can create a crafting table With the crafting table, if I plop it down… I’ll get a much bigger crafting cube And with that… I can create sticks from the wood And… If I arrange them properly, I can make a wooden pickaxe and other tools But right now I’m just going to start with a pickaxe With this I’m going to dig into some rock here *digging noise* So I’ve got a bunch of rock And now That I have this rock/cobblestone I can create a stone pickaxe Which is much more durable I’m also going to create a stone shovel Pickaxes are good on the solid items like stone Iron and things like that, whereas a shovel is good for soft things like dirt, sand and gravel It’s about noon As you can see the sun has already moved So I really need to find some coal Which will help me create… Torches, and then with the torches I can create light As long as it’s bright around my shelter, the bad guys won’t spawn So I’m going to venture around, try and find some coal Let’s see There’s one of the friendly mob, it’s a sheep, I’ll show you what he does The friendly guys, when you… Get them they give you useful resources like wool From that I can make various things We’ll get to that in a minute, there’s a chicken He didn’t give me anything, sometimes they don’t give you anything but usually they’ll give you feathers which you can use to make arrows But you need a bow to shoot your arrows And I found some coal! Alright, so now that I have coal I can take a stick, and the coal and make torches I actually want to go back to where my spawn point is, I want to create my first shelter there Because if I do die then I’ll just be… You know, from walking distance to my shelter The first time I played this game I made the mistake of wandering off and creating a… A shelter miles away and then I ended up dying And respawned out in the dark and alone so that wasn’t fun I think I spawned near this area This seems like a friendly little spot to make a shelter The sun seems to be kinda going down so what I’m just going to do Is dig a cave and call that my shelter Just for the first night Surprise surprise, I found some iron Like I said when you find resources, Iron is more durable than stone, which is more durable than wood There’s even things like, if I dig down deeper there’s sometimes diamond, which is the hardest thing to find But it’s the most useful Because it’s the most durable There’s also other items like gold Which is rare but it’s deceiving Because it’s gold, it’s very soft it doesn’t last very long So I’m just going to make a little square here, it’s already starting to get dark I think I’ll make the walls out of dirt for the time being Put some torches in my house Or my cave Put a roof on it, otherwise bad guys will start dropping in on it from above Also want to make a door Also if you hit the snow with a shovel you’ll get snow balls which you can throw But they don’t deal much damage Let me quick put down my crafting table And make a door With a left click you can open and close the door So now I’m pretty much safe from the bad guys Which are going to start spawning at night So while I’m in here I can start crafting things Like that iron I picked up, I can use it until I create iron bars So I need a furnace to smelt the iron Iron ore on the top… and I thought there was some coal over here Grab the coal, put the coal on the bottom And it starts burning The iron ore, and as the progress bar comes across with the arrow It will eventually give me a solid iron ingot/bar. So from that I can create more useful tools But for the time being I’m ok with some stone tools Just because I don’t have much going for me Make another few pickaxes and a shovel And also, I’m going to need to defend myself, in case I do come across any bad guys, so I’ll make a sword Actually In a recent update The wool has become more useful and you can make a wooden bed, or just a bed bed Out of the wool and the wood And with the bed I guess I’ll just plunk it down here. No, not going to let me? Cause the nighttime lasts for about eight or nine minutes Just saying, on this first night I don’t have a whole lot to do inside my house So what I can do, while my iron is smelting and I’ve got nothing else to do Can lay down in the bed Be plunged into darkness And the nighttime will automatically Turn to the morning Therefore there will be no more bad guys out here that I have to deal with, and I can go exploring Kinda neat It’s kinda, well originally, I’ve been playing the game since it’s been in Alpha, right now it’s in Beta if you look in the top left In Alpha and before the update with the beds you had to sit through the night in real time so, if you didn’t have anything to do you just had to wait it out in your little cubbyhole This kinda makes it a little bit easier, I’m not sure if I like it too much, I was just showing you how to do it But I kinda like the challenge of having to survive the night. To each his own. Anyway, now that I’ve got my iron I can make an iron axe, or an iron pickaxe And that will cut through stone much easier and faster As you can see I’m just flying through it here Also certain elements you can’t get unless you have a certain strength pickaxe, like if I found diamond I can’t get diamond without an iron pickaxe So if I was just using a wooden pickaxe or a stone pickaxe It would just deteriorate and I wouldn’t be able to pick it up once I got it So, I have my house I guess my mud hut I slept through the night and now it’s morning I think I’ve gone long enough with this video I’m going to process it and upload it and hopefully all the sound levels end up correctly and you can hear my voice I’m going to cut it off right here.. And we will continue our adventures in Minecraft on the next video Thanks for watching!

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