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German owns many properties in Arlington.
He is a shark. His newest property has been freshly-renovated, has a Viking Stove, custom
granite counters, and is a colossal 1550 sq ft 3 bedroom corner residence. It is the best
renting deal in Arlington. I have had lots of action, But if I don’t
get a deal across the finish line soon, I could lose this listing. I hope you have good news for me Matt
I do. I have an offer that you need to consider. Oh, no. This is not the number we talked about.
They move-in next month. In this market, it’s as close to list price as we’re going to
get. I don’t want close to list price. I want
list price. Make it happen or I find someone who will. “I am a closer. Nobody out-hustles me. Nobody
works harder than me What is this amateur hour in A-town? Get it
done Today I got a really exciting call. It is
for a listing in Fairfax County. Now, I don’t really go out to Fairfax, but when I saw what
street the property is on, my eyes lit up. Lakeview Drive is literally what it sounds
like. It is a secluded road on Lake Barcroft, one of the most sought-after neighborhoods
in all of Northern Virginia. In the summer, it is the place to be. We’re talking white sandy beaches, pontoon
boats cruising, German au pairs playing volleyball on the beach, and has amazing fishing, And
here’s the kicker, it’s only 7 miles to DC. Are you kidding me? I’ve never run more
red lights on The Pike than I did getting to this appointment. “This has got to be it” Now usually I meet with the landlord for a
tour, but these owners run a prominent business in Arlington and were unable to meet me today.
Hopefully I can get them on the phone to discuss my thoughts and come up with a price to make
this property move. ”My first thought was wow. They did an amazing
job on the renovation. They bought this house last summer and have renovated their first
level to rent out. The owners have put a tremendous amount of work into not only the layout, but
also the quality of the finishes. There aren’t many properties that leave
me speechless. This was definitely an exception. When are you going to get the opportunity
to rent 1500 square foot on the water…Never. So the difficult part for me is going to be
how can I price this with no comps in the area? Hello?
Lorrane, it’s Matt Leighton Oh Hi Matt how are you.
I’m doing great, I’m on the balcony of your property right now, it looks fantastic.
When can I move in? Haha…….
I’ve got good news, I’m going to get this property leased for you.
That’s great So let me ask you, what price are you thinking
for rent? I’m thinking around $2400 + utilities of
$200…so I guess $2600. Here’s the deal, properties at complexes
down the street start at $1700. Even renters looking for Metro access have options available
under $2200, and a lot of times they can get that deal with 2 months free. Now are they
direct comps? Of course not. But we are seeing a surplus of inventory. Landlords are much
better off coming in at an aggressive price rather than try to outprice the market. It
is for this reason I am recommending $1900 utilities included.
Matt…are you serious. I hope you are joking. You know we can’t do that.
My concern for you is that if we price it on the higher end of the market and it doesn’t
see traction, we will slowly have to lower the price and work backwards to the price
that it should have originally been listed at. That means a longer time vacant, and less
money for you. Ok.
If we can’t do $1900, let’s put it at $2000 even. I can send you over the paperwork
and we can get it activated right away. Are you sure you can get this rented?
Supply and demand. We’re the only ones. And when we’re priced right, it will move.
….Ok $2000…..pause…utilities $150 extra Ok great. I will have my secretary Bryan send
you the paperwork. I’m really excited. Okay, get it leased Matt. Do you hear me?
Absolutely Lorrane. We’ll get a deal done. Ok
Okay talk to you later Ok bye At the end of the day the goal is to add value
at both ends of the deal. I want to be able to educate my sellers and
landlords on the market while providing background so everyone knows the gameplan. Moving forward we have a clear timeline and
expectations that need to be met in order for a successful and stress-free experience. So what are you thinking tonight? How did
your appointment go? Went well. Productive. Good meeting.
Great. Let’s celebrate. A couple friends are going to Ultra Bar to get a VIP table, you
want to do that? Ultra Bar? VIP table? No not 18 anymore. My
counteroffer is Jay’s Saloon, we can get a picnic table outside on the patio. First
pitcher on me. You can’t lose on this deal. What do you say?
Alright, sounds like a plan. Ok see you tonight
Ok bye Love the deal. For the past 6 months, I have been working
with the daughter of a very high ranking official in the Hungarian embassy. She is looking to
buy, but part of me thinks she is looking to window shop. I am running out of properties
and running out of patience. You know I really like it but i don’t know
there’s just something about it. I got an offer here
If I can make this deal happen, it will not only make month, it will make my year.
30 day close. All cash. It’s a solid deal. I want this deal to happen, your offer is
very good….but

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