Michigan: Teacher + Realtor = Teachers’ Realtors: Housing: Ann Arbor: Learn about buying and selling
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Michigan: Teacher + Realtor = Teachers’ Realtors: Housing: Ann Arbor: Learn about buying and selling

let’s find you the perfect new home. Hello Friends I’m
Ker’in and this is Tanya and before we were Realtors we were teachers we’re
here today to tell you why teachers make great terrific awesome Realtors. We
understand the way people learn without them having to explain. The basic
learning styles are visual, tactile and auditory, like me, I’m an auditory learner.
Throughout the process everyone is learning we educate one another we
listen to what you know what you want to learn and then we’re able to offer you
direct answers that you are looking for teachers call that the KWL
strategy patience repetition are key we know how to move with our clients at
their pace we are able to explain the process as many times and in as many
different ways as is necessary to be sure that we’re all on the same page and
as teachers we aren’t afraid of the tough cases you remember high school we
can handle anything with johnny on the spot unafraid of a crisis ready to
multitask and rescue a life with the best of them. Like teachers, realtors
change lives our strategy is simple we’re supportive team players we’ve
built our careers by developing trusted relationships with thousands of students
and their parents we have a history of working with individuals and families we
are organized and quick on our feet research and analysis comes very
naturally and every client is different so we expect each and every client to
come with a different problem to solve and we are problem solvers our time in
the classroom taught us attention-grabbing
innovation and we’ll use our innovative and creative gifts to market and sell
your home we are dedicated to service because a good agent will focus on the
relationship and good service instead of their Commission
as teachers we’ve learned that we get the best results by being genuine and
authentic we’re dedicated service. Ker’in, what are some of the biggest challenges
to being a teacher um well situations are often critical
and intense like real estate and we specialize in remaining focus and calm in
these critical conditions yeah remaining calm in the storm and that’s why our
clients and friends enjoy working and being around us during tough times. How
would you define a teacher Ker’in? well patient devoted someone that has
extensive knowledge in an area of specialization. What are some ways that
you would define a teacher? Comment below your comments will be displayed all over
town during our next giving back to public schools marketing campaign as a
Realtor I’ve earned the respect of my clients by always offering candid advice
and we earn the trust of our clients by valuing their stories and offering
extensive knowledge to allow them an opportunity to make the best decisions
for their families. Working with us with on your next buy or sell will feel fun and
easy and stress-free. Fnding a house is the easy part
writing a bid and honoring the written contract with the possibility of
renegotiating at every turn is the challenging part and we make you a whiz
at contract negotiation because we’ll show you how to get it done like winners.
We do it every day. Look for our next video where we’ll be discussing the five
basic contingencies. There are five basic contingencies in every contract among
those the most common include the inspection contingency, the mortgage
contingency (unless you’re buying with cash), the contingency on the sale of your
other house, a title contingency and an appraisal contingency hola Y otra cosa
aqui cialis cuando se que si estoy buscando trakis una Casa propia estamos
aqui para su what he said Hayden Hill Haute Homes


  • Dan Frio

    Great job girls: I just became a lender affiliate for HFH and LOVE what the two of you are doing. I am a lender and have two radio shows in Chicago (The MortgageUpdate with Dan Frio) and would love to have you girls on the show or shows. They are on WYLL 1160 and starting this week also on WIND 560. I would like to see if you would be interested in being on the show: How it would help you? All of the shows are on the radio in Chicago reaching over 8 million people. I also push out the data all over social media (Itunes, YouTube, Spotify, and over 30 more podcasting platforms. Please let me know if interested and we can get you scheduled for either Sept or Oct. You can email me at [email protected] Keep up the GREAT WORK

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