Michigan Realtor: Real Estate Team: Michigan Homes: Ann Arbor Realtor Live: #HaydenHill #HauteHomes
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Michigan Realtor: Real Estate Team: Michigan Homes: Ann Arbor Realtor Live: #HaydenHill #HauteHomes

Kerin do our intro… HaydenHill * Haute Homes #HauteHomes That’s H-A-U-T-E Homes hashtag Hi, this is Ker’in and Tanya …and our friend Darren Darren, oh sorry, I forgot about Monty we’re here to ask Darren the hard
questions I’m ready… Um, how’d you meet Tanya? She was having brunch with some of her
clients at the Quarter Bistro and left her sweater and I took it over to her at the
Aut Bar. Yes! great story! Why do you want to be a realtor?
Honestly, I think I want to be a Realtor because I want to add value to peoples lives and sell them something that makes them happy for a lifetime and not just for a moment Have you ever worked in sales before Yea, retail clothing, Auto Sales and I’ve also worked in the food and wine industry. What was your last job? I just moved back. I’ve been an English and
Science teacher in Spain. So, how did you learn Spanish? I went to Spain in high school. You’re a world traveler. so what are some ways that you think that you can help
out team Hayden and Hill well as Marketing Manager I want to increase
online impression and also broaden the results for our clients…
it would be our clients… and I’d also plan to provide adequate
exposure for our sellers on the market and also make it easier for our buyers to
find a place to live and experience the happiness Good Answer. That was really good answer. I think you should be a realtor with… #HaydenHill * #HauteHomes

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