Michele DiBenedetto Realtor Profile – Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

my name is Michele DiBenedetto I’m a
realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New Jersey properties and
the areas I serve are new providence and surrounding communities my primary
market is New Providence I’ve lived there for over 20 years now and the
surrounding area is has many beautiful parks and I do enjoy taking long walks
of my dog chief my main motivation for what I do is really because I love
helping people achieve their dream of homeownership I love working with people
of all stages of life from the first-time homebuyer
to somebody looking to move up into a larger home with a growing family and
then I also have down sizers that I work with people whose kids may have finished
school and now just want a simpler smaller home to live in
working with sellers is a big part of my business I do list a lot of homes in the
area and I pride myself on helping homeowners with my home staging team get
the house looking as great as possible for showings which really helps them get
the house sold for more money in less time once a home has been staged
properly and the photographer has been out the brochures are done digital
photos are online on all the most important real estate websites that’s
really what draws the buyers to actually come out to the house to view the home
that’s when it can all come to fruition and they find the house compelling
enough to make an offer on it my reason for continuing to be in this
business is that I really do love working with people I love to see people
happy buying a home closing day is usually one of the happiest days of
people’s lives

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