Meet Gabby Grijalva | A Chinowth & Cohen Realtor
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Meet Gabby Grijalva | A Chinowth & Cohen Realtor

You know when you walk in the house and you see a client make that face that they’re in love with the house and that’s
their dream home. So that’s why I got into this business. My name is Gabby Grijalva and I’m an agent with Chinowth & Cohen. So every client is different, every client is unique. I try to prioritize their needs so I can
help you meet them. I can be myself, I can be fun and personable with my clients. That’s how I find out what they like, what they don’t like. Buying real estate it’s not easy and sometimes it can be very stressful. But I like to make it fun, painless and I keep my clients very informed. One of the reasons I chose Gabby was because I knew she had my best interests at heart and
she knew what I wanted and she knew what was on the market. So she went out and
found what I was looking for and was able to negotiate with the seller with ease. It was convenient because she would take the time to drive me to each location. At many times she seemed more excited than I was, which was fun. I’m Gabby Grijalva. Let me guide you home.

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