Meet Dallas Ackley, REALTOR® with ERA Grizzard
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Meet Dallas Ackley, REALTOR® with ERA Grizzard

my name’s Dallas Ackley and I’ve been in
real estate for five years my mom was in real estate and she kind of pulled me in
she’s been in real estate she still is a realtor for 35 years and my dad was an
investor so it’s been in my blood and it’s kind of like what I was meant to do
I love real estate because I love everything about real estate really I
love the freedom I love the flexibility I love helping people
I love touring gorgeous homes and getting to see how they’re designed I
love I love being outside in the fresh air every day I love I love the
challenge of it I love that every deal is never the same why people choose to
work with me is because of my experience in life and my experience first of all
with teaching because I was a teacher for ten years so I think that being in
the classroom and managing 30 needs at once and having to work with parents and
their expectations and then having high standards from working at Windemere Prep
it created the backbone that I needed for real estate I’m teaching I were into
interior design and I did that commercially for a while and I feel like
having that as my background as well gave me the aesthetics that I need in
helping customers design their homes or having the vision that they need when
they walk through a home that needs to be remodeled so
think the teaching and the interior design is kind of what gives me what I
need and why the customers like to learn very awesome I especially love the
marketing department it is hands-down number one and I would say all of the
support system the leadership from Tony – Dan – Gus – Heather they all are such, we’re such a family and that’s where the reasons why I love ERA as well is
because it feels like a family and it’s not you don’t just get lost in the
numbers. When I’m not selling real estate then you can find me in a yoga studio
you can find me on social media so Instagram or Facebook or my website
which is and I’m looking forward to working with you

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