McMansions: The houses that people love to hate
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McMansions: The houses that people love to hate

There’s a certain type of house that people love to hate they’re called mcMansions. That is like So really it looks like perfect McMansion hell material. God these are all pretty stupid though, Kate Wagner Runs The architectural blog my banchon hell, she’s on a mission to explain to the world what so uniquely awful about these buildings What separates a McMansion from a normal house is 99% of the times its size? It’s a house That’s usually over 3,000 square feet which is 500 square feet above the net highest national average the designs are sloppy They don’t take into account things like scale and balance and the basic rules of architecture most big mansions are Amalgamations of different architectural schools borrowing a gable from here a window shape from there with no rhyme or reason some even co-opt an entire regional style and transplant it like placing a Southwestern style tile Roof on an east coast home all this things sort of combined together form this thing that’s really easy to dislike because It’s it’s pretentious Mcmansions are generally built by developers in Suburban housing developments these homes are designed from the inside out to satisfy certain Luxury requirements that help it meet its hefty price tag like Cathedral ceilings in a bathroom The first design casualty is usually the homes roofline the nub is what happens when Roofers or designers are lazy and you know instead of doing the logical thing which is to square out a Roof or to have like a nice like you know hipped roof or a nice light gable They decided instead to just combine the two into like this this hunch that kind of sits on the top of a house and makes Really like no architectural sense there are degrees of Novenas I think on a scale of 10 of like 1 to 10, I think this house is like Maybe a seven on the nub scale I’ve seen some really heinous gnomes in my life other hallmarks of the McMansion include mismatched windows Turrets a Two-story entry way that kate likes to call the lawyer foyer and columns lots and lots of columns here We have some columns that are like Carriers, so you’re forgetting a visual weight right? And they’re holding up nothing, but like a slab of foam It’s been The McMansion and a lot of the little attributes to it like the big columns and like the huge two-story entryway Are like a direct metaphor for a bank? Like you think about how a bank looks like you have this stately like this is where the money is kept and so it’s like This is where my money is this is my money none of the columns are actually load-bearing It’s all it’s all decorative a lot of them are hollow a lot a lot of them are literally just pasted on There have always been really large houses in the United States But historically the people who owned them were wealthy like really wealthy think Roosevelt and rockefellers Mcmansions first began to appear in the United States in the 1970s as people fled City centers for the suburbs The 90s saw McMansion boom is the availability of cheap oil allowed for people to keep massive homes and drive everywhere mortgage reforms under the Clinton administration made McMansions accessible to even more buyers than ever before But kate doesn’t lay the blame solely with cheap energy and policy changes you have to think also Popular Media at the time with MTV cribs. Oh, I’ll just focus on on other people’s money and people Translated this idea of like I have a lot into I have a big house Thompson Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome and TV I was always an HGTV kid like I’ve been fascinated with houses my whole life probably a little too much HDTV started mostly is like an arts and crafts kind of channel like things like shabby chic like how to like upscale upcycle a dresser how to make cute like outfits for their cats that all changed in 1999 when house Hunters premiered that took off this is part of the reality TV craze of the 2000s I’m Gonna do something kind of radical I’m gonna go buy a house and if you look at like those old episodes of HGTV you can see the sort of economic Bubble even in its prime form as a primary source I’ve done all my numbers, and I know I’ll be fine as long as I’m responsible and I am responsible So it’ll go very well when we look back on these things. It’s like. Yes We were documenting them the whole time but not from the angle that we thought we were The Legacy of the McMansion maybe is the poster child of the housing bubble in 2008 but trends say McMansions aren’t going away anytime soon They offer a high return on investment for developers and even though it might be maddening to readers of McMansion health people are buying them My favorite emails to get are people who are realtor’s who are like? I want to say these things so much it tears my hair out. This is like giving me like a reason to continue on But it turns out like everyone hates McMansions And I think that giving people the freedom to be like I actually hate that and then giving them the vocabulary And the sort of knowledge to say I hate that and I know why I hate that if you give people the power to Express Why they don’t like something then it? Creates a discussion and I had no idea so many people hated these houses as much as I hate them and now Everyone has to suffer alongside of me because now they will forever notice that the shutters won’t actually close over the window you


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