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Welcome to another addition of neighborhood spotlight
today we will be taking a look at Maywood one of Arlington’s oldest
neighborhoods. Or as a kid say is days, ‘Mayhood’. Actually I don’t know
they say that. One of my biggest fears is being like an old guy saying the
wrong slain wrong terminology so let’s get back to it Maywood was established
in 1909 it is located just north of Lee Highway. It has I 66 on the east and it is bounded by North Nelson and/or
North Oakland Street on the West. Maywood is one of Arlington’s oldest
neighborhoods it is Historic. With a capital H. It was originally one
one of the first trolleys suburbs in the area. Thrifton Junction which is now Lyon Village Shopping Center used to be a
major hub in the early 1900’s. The Great Falls and Old Dominion Railroad. In fact when Maywood Arlington Virginia was first being plotted, it was advertised as a one car fare from anywhere in DC. that’s what it was like then. What is it like
now? Well it’s a small community. Small in its geographical sense and small in a
neighborhood sense. Everybody knows everybody. Fun fact
today is that the current ambassador to Ecuador at on Obama resides in Maywood he moved there in 2006, but for the most
part most people that live in Maywood Arlington VA have
been there for at least 20 to 30 years if not longer. And why would you want to move? You’re
walking distance to two grocery stores tons of restaurant’s, the metros close
by you’re right next to 66. Actually When Interstate 66 Arlington was first
being built, many residents were up in arms about.
As were most people in Arlington VA Real Estate. but Maywood residents had a tough time with it because it was literally being built in their
own backyard in fact a couple houses had to be demolished in order for
the interstate to go through. As for the style of houses there is a good
mix of Queen Anne, Colonial Revival some bungalows and even a few Sears
catalog homes here and there Maywood homes for sale. This means that you will usually get a front porch as well as a medium sized
backyard of course it’s going to vary. Garages a little bit harder to find in Maywood but
it’s not going to be the norm two-car garage that you see in other
neighborhoods a lot time to get off street parking lot in driveway maybe
a detached garage at the end but garages are definitely a luxury. now
let’s take a quick look at inventory besides single-family houses
Apartments you have the Cherry Hill Apartments for rent complex managed by Dittmar that is gonna be the largest
apartment complex the neighborhood across the street and Morene apartments
that is going to be a very small part in dealing with just 29
units in that complex. Looking at condos you have Maywood Mews a townhouse style
condo complex located in a courtyard-like setting and finally
you have Dominion Heights condo Arlington completed in 2013 a luxury condo complex built along Lee Highway. All right let’s take a
look at the top three things you need to know about living in Maywood Arlington VA. Number one, Maywood is historical. Maywood is not the
neighborhood then go and there buy your plot of land and build your 1.6 million dollar dream house.
I’m looking at you every other neighborhood in Arlington VA.
Maywood is restricted by the historical guidelines you have to play the cards
you’re dealt a lotta residents will say that is
actually a good thing keeps the characteristic of the neighborhood alive. So what that means you’re not gonna have
a lot of teardowns in the neighborhood there some neighborhoods they are
driving through and we’ll see million dollar house million dollar
house six hundred thousand dollar house 800 out million 5 house. Maywood Arlington VA is not one of them. Whether you are renovating your current
home a little early or looking to buy a houses for sale in Maywood Arlington VA and then make some upgrades be sure you read the fine print
before you do anything it is extremely strict number two is a small town feel. These
residents and neighbors know each other they like each other they like getting
together for socially events and block parties. Just recently they got together
to celebrate a new look four-way stop. yeah
celebrating two new stop signs say what you will
about at that intersection was long overdue Imation a much safer and the residents
happier Number three is the Italian store where
to begin? The Italian Store is one of the best establishments in Arlington to grab a
bite They have everything, sandwiches, tubs of Nutella that are bigger than you could ever imagine. I was up in beer they could ever match up in philadelphia couple years ago at
Koch’s Delhi a great deli and all the wall they had top 100 sandwiches in the United States you know Hodges highlighted where
there’s were and sure not a closer look in the top five was the Italian store it
may be nationwide top 5 sandwich a huge ass call ahead of
schedule I have to be honest I don’t really like this one out but if you do you’ll have to be there about
20 minutes before closing a handout free canolis and free bread so there you have it the top
three things about Maywood homes for sale. Just to recap number one its historical. Number two a
small-town feeling a number three the Italian store thanks very much for
watching until next time creating a productive day take care

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